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The Nautilus: MIssion Start

Commodore V'Airu

Captain's log, stardate 240006.18. Commodore Ossa V'Airu, commander USS 'Oumuamua reporting.

Following our previous classified mission and extended shore leave in the Sol system, the 'Oumuamua has passed back through the Bajoran Wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant. I am pleased to find, in the aftermath of the loss of the USS Caboto, that Starfleet has assigned a full task force to the Gamma Quadrant indefinitely. The Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force includes sixteen ships, and will operate in addition to the 'Oumuamua and other vessels assigned to the region. The United Dominion of Planets has apparently welcomed this force with open arms, and although the flotilla has yet to find a permanent base, I doubt such an establishment will be far behind.

Our first mission back in the Gamma Quadrant will not see us directly involved with the flotilla, however, which for the moment is preparing to disembark from Port Coray. Our task is to respond to a distress call from a sapient species called the Esh-o. In fact the Esh-o approached the UDP first, but in an apparent gesture of goodwill, the UDP shared the call with us, and informed that the Esh-o that they had done so. Therefore, while the Esh-o are not yet warp-capable, they are aware of our presence and the UDP's, and so Admiral Egan Manno has informed me that the Prime Directive does not apply to this situation. Whether or not I agree with this assessment would seem, for the moment, to be immaterial.

The Esh-o report a strange stellar event, thanks to the arrival of a phenomenon similar to a mobile nebula. This "micronebula" has engulfed the Esh-o's home system, and is causing chaos with communications, sensors, and shield systems. At least, that is the UDP's assessment, though I expect our experience will be similar. The micronebula's center is currently located near the system's fourth planet, and is nearly too dense to navigate -- though there is a strange and unidentifiable radio signal coming from this center.

The 'Oumuamua has been dispatched to meet with the Esh-o. Although the Esh-o are not warp-capable, they have advanced sublight engines, and can easily outspeed any Starfleet vessel outside of subspace. As such, they have been running near-lightspeed courier services between the three inhabited planets, moons, and trade hubs in the system. No subspace signals can penetrate the micronebula, and since the initial distress call and the UDP's response, the Esh-o have been cut off from any external information -- which is, coincidentally, the most profitable commodity in the system.

As the 'Oumuamua enters the system, I have commissioned three teams of senior officers, two that will leave the ship and one that will remain. I will remain with the 'Oumuamua, and I have asked Lieutenant Katsim and Ensign Herrick to join me on the bridge, with Doctor Kel remaining in Sickbay on standby. Our goal will to be understand the micronebula will all the sensors available to us, and from outside the dense center.

The first shuttle team will set a course for the center and its strange radio signals. Commander Etan will lead this team, and he will have Ensign Dahlquist with him for science support. Should this team encounter anything untoward, I've also insisted that Etan take Lieutenant Richards and Ensign Tyber.

The second shuttle team will interface with the Esh-o directly, and act alongside a courier to get a sense of their culture and the impacts to the same. Because the problem is so strongly based in an upset to standard systems, I have asked Lieutenant Corelli to take command, with Lieutenants Promontory and Kessler for support, and Junior Lieutenant Arlill as primarily pilot. I'm sure this team will learn everything we need to know about the Esh-o in order to fully understand the magnitude of their problem.

Our goal is the successful research of this phenomena, along with the presentation to the Esh-o of a way to remove the micronebula from their solar system. I will update with additional mission details as they occur.

End log.

Act I

The Esh-o Micronebula


A flotilla is deployed to the Gamma Quadrant after the loss of the USS Caboto, but while they depart from Port Coray, the Oumuamua receives a call from the UDP who pass along a distress signal from a pre-warp people known as the Esh-o.  Since the UDP and Starfleet’s existence is already known, Headquarters indicates the Prime Directive does not apply.  Commodore Ossa V’Airu takes the bridge along with Lieutenant Katsim Peri and Ensign Josh Herrick.  Lieutenant Kammus Corelli takes on a different role, and he along with Lieutenants Jack Kessler and Avander Promontory and Toxin Arlill are to accompany him as they make first contact and act as a courier.  Meanwhile, Commander Etan Iljor, Lieutenant Anton Richards, and Ensigns Lina Dahlquist and Charles Tyber will search for answers to a mysterious radio signals at the center of this nebula which is not only much smaller than usual, but also moves an has engulfed the Esh-o’s planet, hence their need for assistance. 


V’Airu asks if Katsim or Herrick have seen anything like this before.  Herrick has not, but finds the view calming, while Katsim, an astrophysicist, gives some theories as to what they might expect as far as makeup.  As she runs some initial scans, she manages to get some information despite the interference, including the makeup of the gases, which include helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen as well as sirillium and detects some strange energy readings.   She inquires as to whether or not the makeup of the nebulae would give insight into its nature. Suddenly V’Airu feels a wave of anger, which passes quickly, but makes her wonder what caused it.  Because of this and because of Herrick’s reporting that he feels calmness, she decides to call a medical officer, Ensign Enzo Solari to the bridge, then asks Katsim to elaborate on the readings she registers.

Before the scientist can explain, another flash is followed by another wave of emotion, and Herrick comments on a correlation between them while Katsim notes the most recent was a little more intense and lasted a little longer. Herrick runs internal scans but can not detect anything that would be causing it from within the ship, and wonders if the away teams are experiencing the same, but there is no way to tell without supporting data from them.  As another wave comes and goes, she discovers that they are coming at regular intervals, Solari arrives on the bridge and runs scans, then discovers increased neural activity in the amygdala of everyone present, especially after another wave occurs where he experiences a rush of excitement.

V’Airu asks Katsim if she can determine the length of the intervals.  Solari says he wants everyone to come to sickbay for scans, but V’Airu asks him to stay in case they need his expertise.  Solari brings up a concern of addiction to the emotional waves as he also reads higher levels of dopamine in their systems. She also wants to find a way to stop the emotional surges and, thanks to shutting off the image earlier, has determined there is no visual cause, and also wishes to know if the teams are still following their flight plans.  Katsim confirms the intervals are a little over two minutes apart, and the teams are still on their original paths while Herrick notes the ship is getting hit with x-rays at the exact same interval, when another wave his them.  As the scientist observes the reactions of her empathic animal companion, she turns to the Commodore and states it’s a heartbeat.  Herrick suggests they recalibrate the hull sensors to see what unknown elements may be present as well as send out a class IV probe which is specific to stellar encounters.  Solari suggests they calibrate the sensors to look for neural patterns.  He then suggests they replicate a neural scanner to add to the probe’s sensor package and compare it to their neural patterns to see if there’s a telepathic component.  He sits at the console next to Katsim to help monitor the neural scans from the probe.  

V’Airu orders to send a warning to the Nichols, and then asks if there was a way to tell whether or not the nebula was alive or simply mimicking life.  After doing some research, Peri finds records of a similar creature discovered by the crew of the USS Voyager.  V’Airu wants to find a way to block the effects and asks for options.  On an independently acquired vessel, Lieutenant V'Len Kel and Crewman Rox Queen have been searching for the Oumuamua.  When they finally arrive at the strange nebula, they experience the strange waves of emotion, then contact the ship.  They answer, but as the conversation progresses, the Commodore suddenly feels that she can no longer function as the commanding officer and puts Katsim in charged.  Initially taken off guard, the Science officer gathers her wits and tells Kel to report to the bridge and Rox to Sickbay.  The two get into transporter range and transport to the ship, Kel reporting to Katsim.  Herrick asks if the devices could pick up any readings from the last wave that hit, then a call come sfrom the Commodore.  She indicates she has information about the Nebula and asks sfor someone to come and evaluate her so she can return to duty.  

Solari does so, and by that time Doctor Kel has come aboard and to the bridge.  Since someone in Sickbay created a ‘cocktail’ neural suppressant, he starts innoculating the bridge crew.  Before he injects Katsim, the doors open and V’airu returns to duty, then dismisses the others so they can have a break.  Katsim remains behind and states while she won’t fight the Commodore’s reinstatement, she also refuses to leave the bridge.

Shuttlecraft Nichols

On the Shuttlecraft Nichols, Etan, Dahlquest, Richards, and Tyber make their way toward the nebula’s center.  After noting the increased particle density, he orders Dahlquist to monitor the nebula’s composition, Tyber to watch long range sensors, Richards to analyse the radio signal. As the officers fall into their tasks, Etan sees a sudden burst of emerald light at the center just as Richards registers an uptick in the radio signals.  Dahlquist finds the nebula is made of helium, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, but also a higher than usual level of carbon.  She is unable to determine how that would influence any radio signals, but notes that radiation, such as electromagnetic radiation, can cause distortion, then discovers there’s been a spike in X-ray radiation at the same time Richards noticed the tick.  Certain phenomena can naturally produce X-rays, but the Esh-o have not reported the existence of any in the area that would.  Proceeding deeper, Etan orders the officers to scan for any further X-Ray spikes and see if they can triangulate their source.

Suddenly, a bright, blinding flash of sickly green light closer than before.  As they look outside, the nebula seems distorted, as if they were looking at it from inside a bubble, and Richards observes that that the ‘Nebububble’ is moving with them and matching their speed, and actually moving them further into the nebula.  With the flash of light, Dahlquist experienced a wave of emotion, but remains silent at first.  She detects that there is some sort of energy field around them, and can not register the X-rays, then theorises that they are being shielded from them by the bubble.  She then inquires if anyone else has felt unusual emotion, Tyber says no, but Richards and Etan both do, and Dahlquist states she sees characteristics of a life form. Richards cautions they need to also find out why, and that it could be a trap.  They are still uncertain it is an actual creature and Dahlquist suggests they could trigger a reaction to prove it.  Etan orders Dahlquist to get as much data from the sensors as possible to support that theory, while he asks Tyber to see if he can figure out how to break free of the bubble if necessary, but reminds them they have to tread carefully and if it is a living creature, not to hurt it.  Dahlquist realises the bubble could be a reaction from the creatures immune system, if it really is a creature, and they could be seen as outsiders.

Etan tells Tyber to double his efforts and that he will assist Dahlquist in hopes of finding a way to plot their course. As he theorises how they might reocgnise and immune response, another wave of emotion hits them.  Etan tries to call the Oumuamua, but communications are offline, so the commander orders a level 4 diagnostic.  Tyber theorises the emotions are perhaps in time to a heartbeat and the bubble is akin to a human white blood cell.  Richards wonders if a biological system would consider them waste or food, and Tyber suggests they could be considered a virus.  He then points out that the emotions could be some sort of defence. Dahlquist wonders if the emotions they are feeling are actually emotions from the life form and suggests they use X-rays, something common and familiar, to try and communicate with it.

Etan receives a message to try and find out more information and determine whether or not the nebula is alive from the Oumuamua. He asks Tyber to continue to find a way out of the bubble and for Dahlquist to search for omicron particles - particles the USS Voyager found in a nebula like lifeform they encountered.  Dahlquist suggests more power to the shields, Tyber complies, and she notes there are more bubbles out there.  As they break out of the bubble which held them, they come across a ship, an Esh-o named Vishtex on board.  He transports over and greets them.  Taken by surprise, Tyber and Richars point phasers at the newcomer and Tyber tries to arrest him.  Richards tries to calm him and asks Vishtex what he knows about the nebula. Another wave hits them, Dahlquist begins to cry and Tyber thinks she’s upset and reassures her that the newcomer will not harm her.

Vishtex indicates he had received a challenge from his god, but also states that he believes Aphis, his god, sent them to rescue him.  As he observes their emotional reaction, he insists he is not a threat, then comes to the conclusion that Aphis has sent him to assist the officers.  Dahlquist scans and finds more information that leads her to believe the Nebula is not alive, and there’s a higher carbon concentration closer to the center and Vishtex notes that he has not been affected by any emotional dissonance, then declares there is something greater waiting for them. When another wave comes, Dahlquist endures a hallucination of her late brother after going unconscious.  When she comes to, she shares what happened with her crewmates.  After Etan scans her with a tricorder, he states she has acquired new memory engrams, which should be impossible.  He makes the decision to turn around and head back to the ship, but also requests Vishtex to share the information he has gathered during his stay there.

Dahlquist continues to suffer from hallucinations, Tyber gets irritable and is still suspicious of Vishtex, but tries to turn the vessel around.  Vishtex suggests they are being challenged by his god and they should delve deeper into the nebula. Etan sends a text message to Richards and Tyber to not take their eyes off of Vishtex Dahlquist has a volatile reaction, lashes out.  Etan barks out a reprimand, tells Vishtex they are going back to the mother ship and he can either stay or go.  Then the group return to the Oumuamua.

Shuttlecraft York

Corelli meets his team in the shuttle bay in preparation to launch the Shuttlecraft York and inquires if anyone has any experience in diplomacy before ordering that they prep for launch.  Arlill begins the prelaunch sequences after inspecting the vehicle. Promontory gives what information he has been able to glean about the Esh-o and theorises they might have been able to develop warp, but simply chose not to, then gets enthused when he realises this is a first contact situation  - at least for him. Corelli wonders why the people didn’t wish to leave their home system, and asks for updated charts systems before noting their first stop is a trade hub. Uncertain how warp would affect the nebula, he elects to have them travel at warp 1 to determine that.  When they try, the warp field collapses, but the computer can’t determine why, and he asks if they are able to glean *any* information.  Kessler points out a change in gravity distortion within the nebula around the shuttle which jumped significantly and caused the field to destabilise.

Kessler adjusts the sensors while Promontory reroutes auxiliary power and they try again. The field immediately collapses, and the gravity wave continues to prevent formation of the field.  Unable to determine if it is the nebula causing the problem, Promontory theorises that if such a situation is natural to the area, it could be why the Esh-o didn’t develop warp, and also ruminates over the possibility of an inhibitor would require one that is massive, and would be a technological feat, but could also be used as a powerful weapon.  The group moves at full impulse toward the station, the Comerchumaba, where they witness ships about the same size as their shuttle aimed for the station.  Arlill requests permission to dock, then proceeds to do so, and notes how precisely the other ships move, and indicates they are doing so according to the station’s commands.  As they descend, Kessler takes continual readings. When they land, Kessler and Promontory arm themselves with phasers just in case, Arlill grabs a comms tricorder, one that is specially outfitted engineering tricorders with image processors and advance language algorithms, then head out to meet the Esh-o

As they disembark, they find the Esh-o, tall humanoids with large, bulbous eyes and elongated , tapered craniums, a distinct lack of hair, wearing long robes, and many of the residents sporting headpieces with displays in front of their eyes. Fahrs Nrex, conductor and administrator of the Esh-o station, hears of the arrival of the Starfleet officers and goes to meet them.  Corelli notices him and a couple of other Esh-o that give off auras of authority, then approaches and greets them.  As Corelli displays knowledge of the Esh-o’s capitalist ideology, where knowledge is worthwhile but charity unprofitable and asks for a better place to talk, Fahrs is impressed asks them to follow and begins introductions. Kessler discreetly scans as they walk and asks about their people, discovering they are not native to the system.  Arlill compliments them on their docking management and flight system and states they are amicable to exchanging information.  They exchange information about themselves and learn more about the Esh-o.

Once in quieter room, Corelli asks for more information about their problem in order to better assist them, and they find that the nebula isn’t affecting the Esh-o, but it is affecting those who visit the system. Kessler openly asks to take more scans, and theyreveal that allf of the visitors are all being physiologically affected by the nebula, but after questioning Fahrs, it seems the Esh-o are unaffected, and some believe this is the work of their goddess, Aphis, or even Aphis herself. Kessler suggests the nebula could be a life form and that they connect with the Oumuamua to see if they have found anything, then Fahrs then shows them a live stream of the Esh-o’s sick bay.  

In three beds lay non Esh-o in a catatonic state.  He informs the officers that they patients experienced bouts of extreme emotions before they became unresponsive within three of their days, then asks if they can help. Corelli says that’s what Starfleet does and Promontory suggests it’s a good time to check in with the Oumuamua as Kessler mentioned.  Corelli asks if there’s a communication station he can use, concerned his combadge might struggle with all the ships in the area plus effects of the nebula.  His attempts, however, fail.  Arlill suggests using the subspace transceiver from the shuttle to tune to a frequency beyond the nebula’s effect and that might allow a transmission.  Using his tricorder, he connects remotely to the shuttle, ties the transporter’s annular confinement beam to the subspace array and attempts contact, but that too fails, but he perseveres.  Corelli suggests they use standard radio waves and attempt to contact the ship utilising them.  They transmit and wait for a response and Kessler shows them that their neural activity is moving to the same wavelength which should be impossible, and will eventually leave them in a catatonic state.  

Promontory suggests they try to shield themselves somehow.  Corelli takes some shielding from the shuttle to fashion a hat in an effort to shield them from any of the effects.  Thoughts of those he cares about negatively affected by the waves frighten Kessler who indicates he needs to get back to the ship as quickly as possible.  Arlill agrees and requests permission to depart.  Corelli goes along with the decision and the team head back to the Oumuamua, but without thinking, they take the administrator Nrex with them.  As they head back, they also try to figure out ways to use the shields to block whatever is affected them rather than just slowing them, Kessler suggesting they could adjust the harmonics to help.  As they fly, an energy burst from the direction of the Oumuamua is detected.  Corelli tells them to let him know when they’re in comms reach and works on a program for ‘foil hats’, or rather, “Framework On Interleaved Hemispherical Attenuated Tetraduranium (F.O.I.L.H.A.T.)”, which might help because they’re so close to the brain.  Another wave hits and Kessler gets angry at Corelli, then apologies and hopes for a quick solution.

Nrex resigns himself to the situation and tries to ask questions, particularly about the way they make livings, but is interrupted by an alarm.  The Oumuamua tells them to head back to the ship immediately.  When they get there, Corelli puts in a replication for the foil hats for everyone.  

Lower Decks -> Sickbay

On deck 8, PO2 Tan Perez walks through section 23 and feels overwhelmed with sorrow.  Others share in the same emotional state and he tires to contact sickbay before he succumbs and joins the chorus of wailing that has already started with the others.  Commander Lia Rouiacet receives the call and realises other medical personell must be occupied for it to route to her.  A feeling of elation washes over her as she takes it and heads down below decks.  By the time she arrives, it has faded and she feels emotionally hung over and a little sad.  When she finds Perez and others waiting, she calls 1st Lieutenant Michele Winters and requests the combat medic to come and assist with a medical emergency.  CWO Gemma Flinch is also there with Perez, and listens as Perez asks if she thinks he’s a failure.  Rouiancet and Winters remain there to assist, but suddenly, the emotion dies away, leaving everyone in the corridor confused.  A scan shows elevated neutrino levels.  Rouiancet asks if anyone around is in biosciences, then suggests they get to sickbay to check everyone and figure out what to do. Winters notes the neurological readings she gets from the scans are unlike anything she’s seen and reiterates the idea of going to Sickbay, so the group gathers themselves and heads there.

In sickbay, Rouiancet suggests they utilise the aid of those who have telepathic skills that can help them resist the emotional outbursts. Winters’ scans reveal activity in the amygdala as a side effect of the emotional bombardment, and everyone submits themselves for scans. Rox arrives, snaps at Winters, then realises her readings are off and asks what’s going on.  Rouiancet indicates it’s indicative of intense cognitive engagement and the officers continue to discuss the situation to find a solution, and Winters wonders if a neural suppressor will help. Flinch agrees and offers to help doling them out to people.  Rouiancet notes they need to test some things an asks if they can do so on Flinch and Perez.  After some tests, Rouiancet works on creating some neural suppressants and Rox warns they need to watch for side effects. They inject themselves, then set about working their way through the decks to do the same with others.

Lower Decks - Deck 4

Meanwhile, in her quarters, Lieutenant Indah Nirid, a congenital telepath, suddenly finds herself unable to control her ability, is inundated with all the emotions and thoughts of all the crewmembers aboard the ship, then passes out.  She’s discovered by Lieutenant Brzezinski who, when unable to get an answer for medical, commands the computer to take them both to the Neurology lab on Deck 8.  Lieutenant Nesre Salo also starts off on Deck 4 and, after experiencing the emotions, heads ot Deck 8 and toward her officer when she sees Brzezinski and an unconscious woman.  She follows them in to offer assistance.  Brzezinski runs a scan and notices the high levels of engrams and beta & theta waves from the patient.  Placing a neurolytic suppressor on Nirid, the levels improve, Nirid awakens, and both she and Salo introduce themselves.  When Nesre finds out the woman is a congenital telepath, she asks how the woman usually copes.


After receiving an order from Ensign Herrick, Ensign Kovacs heads to engineering to find all but two people catatonic.  Lt. Sasha Johnson addresses him, and he passes along Herrick’s request to turn the plasma constrictors temperature up to 3 million.  Shocked, Johnson complies knowing the other engineer must have a plan and indicates Kovacs should help just before the one other engineering officer collapses.  They release the burst and wait, but there is no reaction, which negates the lifeform theory. Johnson calls for backup from engineers not on duty but still functioning when another wave hits and the two almost kiss as a result, but break free of the influence just before doing so. They receive word of people coming to assist in engineering, but Johnson asks Kovacs to contact Sickbay and ask if they have the capacity to take more people so they can get those collapsed in engineering medical assistance.


Doctor Kel calls Lt. Salo, Lt. Winters, and Crewman Rox to discuss ways they can improve testing of emergency protocols before dosing crewmembers with untested medications.  Winters feels like Kel is berating her, but Salo tries to reassure her that everyone understands they did what was best considering the circumstances. Rox continues the argument by commenting against Winters, but Kel shuts it down and they try to find a more permanent solution.  Winters suggests they scan an Esh-o since they are not affected by the emotional waves, and Salo agrees it’s a good idea.  Kel indicates there are actually a couple on board and Sal suggests they ask if the Esh-o would be willing to help.  With Kel having to report to head over to a colony that is in distress, he gives orders for Winters and Rox to work together on the problem and asks Brzezinski to check the bioneural gelpacks to see if they’ve been affect.  After Kel leaves the room, Rox ignores orders and leaves.

Act II

Once all the teams are back on the Oumuamua, crewmembers are given ways to combat the emotional extremes experienced due to the waves from the Nebula.  While they have determined the nebula is not alive, they still have not found a solution to relieving the system of its effects on visitors to the Esh-o, an its continued movement poses a threat to an Esh-o colony located on an asteroid.  On Tidbitter, sources say Zet separatists present on the trade hub have started rumours to discredit the Esh-o, which could devastated their commerce.  Lieutenant Katsim, Junior Lieutenant Arlill, and Ensign Tyber will accompany Commander Etan in effort to establish ties with any separatists and resolve the issue diplomatically.  Lieutenant Corelli, Ensign Herrick, Doctor Kel, and Lieutenant Richards are sent to the colony in an effort to limit damage from energy spikes.  With Rouiancet on the bridge, the Oumuamua will head directly to the core of the nebula while Commodore V’Airu,  Lieutenant Kessler, Lieutenant Promontory, and Ensign Dahlquist work to understand the nebula and find a way to stop it’s detrimental effects.

USS Oumuamua - Science Lab 3

V’Airu meets Kessler, Promontory, and Dahlquist in the lab.  The group take a look at maps and layouts of the Esh-o system as well as flights plans of the shuttles in relation to the nebula’s layout with the hope of gaining a better understanding that help them find a way to move it.  They know what it isn’t, but not what it is.  Dahlquist gives a briefing on information that had been gathered initially, including an increase of carbon as one moves toward the center of the phenomenon and the strange bubbles that surrounded the shuttle.

Dahlquist claims the only precedent for such a phenomenon is artificial in nature and Promontory concurs.  Kessler asks if there could be something intelligent *at* the center, and Promontory suggests it could have been something started then released by some ancient civilisation. The science officer indicates there must be a source to the energy and the power needs are immense, but also wonders if there’s a way to get more data but remain at a safe distance.  Kessler suggests a class 9 probe with a full sensor pallet, communications network and shielding, but Promontory thinks they need something stronger.  Another options he suggests is using the ship’s sensor pod and configuring the array to get a more detailed look in the nebula and carbon reading, but that modifications would take some time, but the next question is - how far in do they go?

V’Airu decides to split them up and sends Promontory down to coordinate the engineers for modifications while she, Kessler, and Dahlquist work on the most efficient flight plan to get to the center with minimal risk.  Unfortunately Dahlquist is called away.  Kessler shares ideas on how to use the ship's optical targeting scopes to help compliment the sensor pod’s scans.  After getting details on what modifications would need to be made, the duo head to the bridge.

There, Johnson joins them and they discuss the best way to achieve the desired result.  As they work, an Ensign who had just recently joined, Lhandon Nilsen, arrives and Johnson brings him up to speed.  He then accompanies the Commodore down to Torpedo Launch Control, where they are met by Kessler,  and the they discuss the best way to take the launchers offline. Nilsen gives his advice and the trio work to safely disable the launch systems.

Once done, they head back to the bridge and the commodore asks if Nilsen will pilot.  He admits to his involvement in a shuttlecraft accident during the academy, but V’airu states she will make her own decisions and base off the now not the past.  They make their way to the bridge and the call from Corelli comes through with some difficulty, but Nilsen helps clear up the signal with Johnson.  Corelli tells them of the situation on the colony, and V’Airu calls 1st Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell up to the bridge.  Kessler warns him that they may have a Zet threat, but Johnson notes they aren’t certain whether or not the Zet are involved, but it’s better to be careful.  Maxwell takes a position and the ship moves deeper into the nebula.  Sensors pick up a strange signature that Johnson states isn’t natural. Just then, Nilsen receives a call from Katux who had boarded a ship to go after the Administrator once he found out he was on the Oumuamua.  He calls the ship and finds out the Administrator hasn’t been kidnapped but is a guest.  They transport Nrex over at their request, then resume working on the nebula issue.  It’s then they pick up a transmission from a Federation vessel and make contact with the Nautilus which is deep inside the nebula.

Another signal has been following them, but it not the Federation ship. The signal matches course and speed, but is not identifiable.

The Inkhawmna, Yansamin Anchorage, Outskirts of the Esh-O star system

Etan is joined by Arlill, Katsim, and Tyber to investigate the rumours of Zet separatists…well, spreading rumours to discredit the Esh-o.  They make their way to the Yansamin Anchorage,  a trade hub used by the Esh-O and other species in the local star cluster. Independently administered, it is a vital waypoint for merchants, entrepreneurs- and wanderers.  Because of the rumours, they have threatened to completely sever ties with the Esh-o.  Etan insists on given names only, though indicates Tyber can simply use Tyber.  

The group make their way and Tyber realises they’re being followed.  Rather than reveal themselves, they decide to continue as planned, and head to a bar.  Once inside, they meant a female Boslic who bartends and welcomes them.  Immediately smitten, Tyber orders a water, then explains he refuses to drink on duty.  When he realises their shadow has entered the establishment, he rushes over and lifts him into the air by his neck.  The man fights back and after the owner stops the fight, while Katsim indicates the man is their contact.  Heading to a private back ground, the stranger reveals himself to be Commander Roger Hartmann.  He indicates someone is pulling strings behind the scenes.  As the group talk, Tyber quietly goes to the door and opens it.  Nanjjii the bartended falls and tells them she knows they’re starfleet.  Arlill’s tricorder warns of incoming guests, and Etan warns Nanjjii anyone coming after them won’t leave her or her bar alone, so she tells them how to get out via a back way while telling them to go to the exchange and ask for Jenklar because he knows everything.

The group head through some underground tunnels Nanjjii directed them two and Hartman informs Etan that he has heard of the man and knows how to get to the exchange.  As they come to a junction, Hartmann choses one direction and heads down it.  A minute later, Arlill calls for him to stop for he discovers and disables some sort of alarm, and thinks he got it before it sent an alert.  Further down, they find a hatch, but another device is attached it.  Arlill disables it, but the tricorder registers a transmission was sent before he could do so.  The group quickly gets to the surface and finds themself in a food court.  Hartmann leads the way and they move only to have someone shout at them.  Tyber holds off their pursuers as the rest of them head toward the Exchange.

SS York -> The Colony

After installing a miniature industrial replicator, raw material storage unit, and additional empty storage shelves on the shuttle, Corelli greets his teammates. Cheerfully, he exclaims he doesn’t know how they’ll solve the nebula problem, but seems undeterred by the magnitude of it.  Richards takes point as the pilot, though he notes something is off about the shuttle.  He starts to navigate out of the bay, but the shuttle suddenly jerks, though after a moment, he gains control - evidently it’s different from the holodeck.  Kel wonders if the Esh-o citizens are as open to Starfleet’s help as the government is, then the shuttle suddenly shudders, and Herrick discovers the main feed to the primary deuterium tank is damaged, though the cause is unknown and he switches to backups.  The computer beeps, indicating more problems, Corelli gives directions on to correct them.  

An hour later, they arrive at the colony on the asteroid, and it looks as if the nebula is dissolving the asteroid at a molecular level.  Herrick notes there’s some strain on the shields, but they’re holding.  Because the colony is took big, they are unable to extend the shields to protect it, but suggests they might be able to adapt Starfleet tech to theirs - but Richards comments that could be risky, and offers an alternative - pulling the asteroid out of the nebula.  With 10,000 colonists making evacuation impossible the group have to come up with another plan. Kel suggests cutting off the affected part of the asteroid, and alarms indicate something might be wrong with the diagnostic assembly.  With alarms going and a compromised fuel line, Richards crash lands the shuttle into a colony’s arboretum inside one of the dome structures on the surface of the asteroid.  Minor wounds are sustained and Kel tends to them.

The hatch opens and they hear voices as residents gather.  A grey Zet pushes through and tells them what regulations they’ve violated by crashing their shuttle there and insists they pay or forfeit their shuttle. An Esh-o by the name of Naphresh also approaches and asks if they’re monsters.  When Herrick wonders who the head of the colony is, Naphesh gives them the name Engish-go-ondesh and he can take them to him.  As they leave, Corelli tells the Zet to put it on their bill.  After approaching Engish-go-ondesh, who addresses Naphesh as his nephew, Corelli tells him they’re there to stop the nebula monsters from eating the colony and to do so would require splitting the asteroid.  English asks for more details, especially on how to keep people safe, and gives them information on where explosives can be placed to accomplish this.  

Unfortunately, there are over 9,000 lives on the asteroid and only the ability to evacuate 2,000-3,000 of them if necessary.  Herrick ask them to share any and all information about the asteroid that they have, such as composition, density, etc.  Engish-go-ondesh tell them about the tunnels that run throughout, and they can have explosives used within them, but such steps would disrupt the mining industry.  In addition, even between the capabilities of the Esh-o and the capacity of the Oumuamua, over 2,000 people would be left behind should evacuation prove necessary.  Kel suggests they call the Oumuamua in case they do have ot evacuate, but Corelli notes the York is down and doesn’t think a transmission would make it to the ship.  Engish motions to a panel which Corelli uses to try and call the ship while wondering if anyone in the area, like the Zet, would have a larger ship.

Taking a look at the tunnels of the mining operation, Engish brings up a hologram of the network to show where explosives could be placed.  Herrick notes the nebula is forcing through the shields which could explain power fluctuations, but it’s also slowed the nebula.  Kel asks questions about the specs of their buildings and tech, and states they need to shore up the power systems.  Engish escorts them down into one of the mining tunnels so they can see firsthand the situation.

As they go into the tunnels, Corelli asks if they’ve had any strange sensor readings lately.  He then asks for a detailed map of mining work done and for any willing miners to place explosive charges, then asks Herrick and Richards to check the core reactor for damage.  They split up.  Engish introduces Frolotdesh who confirms strange power fluctuations as we as unusual and often fatal accidents.  Survivors mention tall, slender biengs, and Corelli thinks they’re the Zet.  Folotdesh offers to find wayfinders to assist in setting charges, but notes people will be concerned considering recent events, then asks if they have charges with them. Kel heads deeper, finds several people, and convinces some to assist, then asks if anyone needs medical attention before they begin.  

Meanwhile, a wayfinder named Boggarsh leads the group, but prevents them from entering into the room with the reactor.  According to him, there are supposed to be several people in there at all times monitoring it, but upon their arrival, they find no one.  Herrick starts scanning with his tricorder and gets a strange reading that shows a tall, slender figure.  Corelli calls out for the figure to show itself, and it phases into visibility, something that looked like a Zet but much longer.  Corelli tells Boggarsh to place the charges while they deal with the creature.  Using electricity, he heats up the end of a pole to use as a weapon.

Confusion ensues as Boggarsh tries to set charges but is almost paralysed by fear.  Corelli takes an offensive stance while Herrick wonders if the creature is just frightened and whether or not they should try a less violent approach.  They manage to corner it and when Corelli shines a light upon the creature, it collapses.  Kel tells the others to set the charges while he tends to the creature.  Once the charges are set, they have to deal with how to get the creature somewhere safe.  They eventually leave it in the control center with a regeneration field to help it heal.  The group then head off to place more charges and meet up with a minor named Klinex.

Main Engineering

Promontory meets Lieutenant Nijal and PO2 Perez in Engineering and explains they need the ship and some probes prepped as they move closer to the centre of the nebula.  He suggests the FOILHATs for extra shielding and Nijal comments on how silly they look.  Perez mentions he’s worried about the CEO’s strange behaviour, then starts to have a meltdown.  Nijal tries to get him to focus on helping them to calm him.  Moving forward, Promontory mentions he can help with reprogramming as they prepare the ship to dive further into the nebula.

Perez makes recommendations on how he would prepare, and as he checks the systems, finds a memory error which they’ll need to wait for the computer to fix or they could go ahead and prepare a class 9 probe.  They continue still with the plan to turn the entire ship into a probe at the same time, disabling systems they can do without for the short term, but Nijal insists they keep Oumaumua’s shields intact.  Perez transports a probe and begins to work on it.  Promontory offers guidance and encouragement, then contacts the bridge once they are finished.  Perez offers to remain and monitor the sensor pod.


Brzezinski and Rox talk to Nrex who agrees to allow himself to be scanned in order to see if they can figure out why the Esh-o are immune to the nebula’s emotional manipulation.  He indicates his people (though not he himself) believe in a goddess and they are hardier than other peoples they have met.

They asked to take an fmri, but Nrex is claustrophobic, so they make do with biobed and neuroscans.  He offers a little more information about how his peoples' bodies function while expressing amazement at their technology. As they talk, Rox suggests they use a neutron microscope as an alternative to the fmri which makes Nrex nervous.  They set himon the bed and take several scans, and Rox discoveries the Esh-o amygdala is far more complex than other humanoid species.

They discover a link with the way the Esh-o body processes sugar and their ability which is the catalyst to a process that allows them to resist the emotional waves.  They feed him some ice cream so they can scan and see if the hypothesis is correct.  Word comes that the Esh-o are there for Nrex, and he’s transported to his people’s ship, but not before they get the scans they wanted.  


Katux discovers the Administrator is nowhere to be found, then goes to find the Commander and let him know of the situation.  When he discovers the Administrator was taken off to the Oumaumua, he reports to the Commander, Toylt-Wah'Ter, and both then board a ship to visit the Oumuamua.  Katux is uncertain how to speak to the Federation ship, but Toylt-Wah'Ter takes a more hostile approach.  When the Oumuamua transports Nrex over, Toylt-Wah'Ter is almost disappointed to learn he had not be tortured but treated well because it means more people will likely be invited to the Esh-o system.  Deflated, he orders them to return home.


Officers on the colony and USS York remain diligent and dedicated to their tasks.  Meanwhile, Commodore V’Airu splits up those on the bridge.  Tasking Lieutenant Promontory to take charge of the bridge, accompanied by Ensign Nilsen and 1st Lieutenant Maxwell, they will guide the ship deeper into the nebula.  Lieutenant Kessler, along with Crewman Third Class Katara Elaryn, a medic, and Nurse Rox, the three have been taxed with planning a potential rescue of Nautiuls officers.  Meanwhile, the commodore heads down to Engineering to meet with Lieutenant Johnson, Lieutenant Cabrillo, Lieutenant Nijal, and Petty Officer Tan Perez to get as much information about the Federation ship discovered in the nebula, and how it came to get so deep into it.

The Bridge

Promontory takes command and tells the officers to set a course for the heart of the nebula and to boost the scanners while asking Max to find out as much as he can about the Nautilus, the ship trapped in the nebula.  Nilsen pilots and nervously jokes about space horror holo-novels and this is how they start, then registers something on the sensors.  He puts them on screen and wonders if it’s just a glitch.  Maxwell brings up information about the Nautilus, and reveals it had been working with experimental weapons, and it’s been missing for twenty years.  When he plays the last transmission, they can clearly hear a robotic voice say, “Resistance is futile.

Promontory calls for yellow alert, orders scans to look for Borg signatures as well as Starfleet, answers to proceed but with extra caution.  Commodore V'airu horizon the bridge and asks for a report.  Scans remain unclear, so they need to dive further into the nebula and try to boost the comms so they can have real-time communication with the Nautilus.  V’Airu puts out a call on a broadband.  The Nautilus responds, and Nilsen lets Sickbay know the other ship needs medical support.  Nilsen then realises they haven’t checked in with the away teams recently. Maxwell announces that the marines are on standby and waiting for orders if needed.  A few minutes later, they come into visual range of the Nautilus and it looks as if it’s been in a fight with a scorched hull, flickering lights, and is bleeding plasma from a nacelle. Maxwell registers the weapons systems and warp care are offline, several decks suffer from power failures, and scans registers 279 life forms. Max calls for a couple of marine regiments to get ready to enact rescue operations.  Promontory alerts Kessler to let him know his team should be ready to provide medical assistance.  Teams are ready and Promontory suggests they have a live video feed rom the lead team.

Nilsen calls the Nautilus and someone named Edvardo  answers and asks for codes in order for them to prove who they are.  When Nilsen sends the information, Edvardo says they do not match the records.  V’Airu asks them to confirm their current year as they are concerned about temporal displacement.  Then, they get a surprise - they find out the Nautilus is the source of the nebula.  Maxwell warns the marines of potential environmental and structural hazards and tells them to deploy to assist with the situation. Promontory warns Kessler the medical team will need EV suits and realises they’ll need all of the Oumuamua’s power to stabilise the Nautilus.  

Nilsen mentions that the signature from the ship is coming up as an NX, meaning it’s experimenta.  Maxwell notices and notes something isn’t right. Nilsen picks up the signature of the pod that houses Etan and his team along with Hartmann and Nanjjii and beams them aboard, sending Arlill and Tyber to sick bay.  Maxwell coordinates with the marines and tells them to keep to visual recon only, while V’Airu asks what to do with the Nautilus.  It’s then Max is able to see the ship better and notes that it looks like an Akira, but with some differences - emphasiing the fact that is’ an NX class, an experimental design.  They also receive word from Etan that Katsim has a theory and they will be in touch with some information.  Promontory sends them data they have gathered.

Nilsen finally speaks up about another signal that he had registered, a second Nautilus, and admits his fault in not bringing it up sooner, but V’Airu reassures him. Meanwhile, Promontory considers that there could be a transdimensional confluence or multidimensional rift.  V’Airu tells Nilsen to inform Kessler to get off the ship, and thinks the second Nautilus might be able to help.  The second Nautilus calls the Oumuamua, and Nilsen patches them through. Commander Daiki Shirakawa offers the full services of the Nautilus to assist Commodore V’Airu and assures them that Corelli and his team are safe aboard their vessel.  Kessler’s team gets aboard the Oumuamua safely and the bridge reads an energy spike which looks as if it’s about to go critical.  The Oumuamua prepares to destroy the vessel, but before it can, everything drops back to normal.  A rift opens up which causes the Nautilus and the nebula to disappear, and V’Airu says to signal the all clear.

Main Engineering

V’Airu gathers with Johnson, Cabrillo, Nijal, and Perez to find out both how a Federation ship got trapped in the nebula and how to get it out.  Perez states it must have sophisticated shielding to survive in the middle of the nebula.  He then throws out the question: What if the Nautilus is the cause?  Johnson thinks they need more information and both she and Nijal suggest communication more with the Nautilus.  Perez indicates they can send a class IX probe to assist.  V’Airu asks how long it will take to establish a link, and the team set about preparing and launching the probe.  As a yellow alert is called, she heads back to the bridge while the engineers finish their preparations and fulfill their task.

Perez goes to Nijal because wants to launch a workerbee and try to rescue the crew of the York.2nd Lieutenant Tobias Flint and suggests he go with them.  Nijal agrees hesitantly, and Perez prints off three workerbees, which tend to act as mobile tractor beams, and at least two will be required to tow the York. As they print, Perez asks Nijal if they can put the cargo hatch into maintenance mode or have some other way to obfuscate it so the bridge isn’t alerted.  Flint leaves briefly to gather supplies, and when he returns, hands Nijal a grey container.  As they get into the pods, Flint suggests they stay in a tight formation to help mask their launch from the sensors, and hopes the interference will also assist in hiding their departure.  They head out, and are able to see the York’s transponder.  Flint states they need to get the shuttle off the asteroid immediately.  

The original away team hurry into the shuttle and suit up, then the workerbees pull it out.  Despite the crash, it mostly seems to be working.  The bees keep the tractors on the shuttle while it uses its thrusters to try and push the pieces of the asteroid apart.  Suddenly, a ship appears, one that Perez had registered and belated informed Corelli about.  It brings the shuttle into its cargo bay.  Other officers greet them, including Chief Science Officer Eileen Grey and says they are on board the real Nautilus. Strange, milky substance moves through pipes and aren’t standard Starfleet issue, but before more can be explained, the away teams tricroders beep and Herrick asks what Kardashev tachyons are while Nijal asks how they can help.  Baker indicates everything is going to be fine and that they are manipulating reality. He takes them across the hall to meet their engine, a giant tank filled with fluid and pink creatures.  A moment later, they flicker away, simply a hologram and the real engine is revealed. Baker then tells them the transcendimentional aspects of a creature on board the imposter Nautilus is causing havoc with the hologram systems, that they are quantum locked with the imposter, and they believe the other ship is trying to create a star.

Suddenly, the energy levels from the imposter go critical, then dissipate.  In communication with the Oumuamua, V’Airu states they believe it will return to its own universe, and once it does, Kel asks if they can get back to the Oumuamua.

Sickbay (Away Team Prep)

Kessler receives a private message with some intelligence and that his family name was mentioned among it.  Setting it aside, he calls Winters, Elaryn and Nox to sickbay.  Together, they must consider all possible situations and how to prepare for them, both on the ship and on the ground.  Winters inquires about number of casualties, but Kessler can only suggest they could be high.  Rox goes over what they would need for a rescue mission.  Elaryn suggests they set up a triage on site and gives an overview of what the most likey injuries they can expect are and asks how they are priortising.  Kessler expresses concern about not treating someone, even if they are dying, and Elawyn notes they don’t have the luxury of ethics.  Kessler assigns Rox and Winters to severe injuries, and Elawyn to stabilising those less severe. He then asks the crewman to tell him more about herself.  

After getting to know her a bit better, the team decide to set up a patient station in cargo bay and how to utilise marines to help get people and supplies where they need to be.  That done, they figure out who to station where.  It’s decided Rox and Kessler will triage then report back to the ship while Winters and Elaryn remain in the field.  The ship goes into yellow alert, Kessler tells Rox to order medical personnell to Cargo Bay six where they will set up a medical area.

Once in the Cargo Bay, Rox and Winters gather their supplies.  Elaryn finds a crate with medical kits and notices that one has been opened before, but it’s possible it was simply due to an inventory check, then suggests they look at the serial numbers to be sure they’re still good.  They receive notice from the bridge they’re ten minutes out and will need medical support.  The group wraps up their preparations quickly.  With the number of possible casualties, there is concern they will be overwhelmed, and Kessler mentions they can use the holodecks if need be, but Elaryn mentions they would require massive resources and they couldn’t afford to be taken offline should an emergency arise.  Instead, she suggests the school or gymnasium, and then indicates she is ready to move out.

USS Nautilus - Away Team

As they pile on the transporter PADD, they receive a message from Promontory that they’ll need EV suits, so they take a minute to acquire them.  They transport over and find themselves on a unique vessel and some unconscious forms on the ground in a large hallway as well as others running around at the very end.  Rox wonders if anyone else has seen a Starfleet vessel like that, then asks what Kardashev tachyons are. Marines arrive and Kessler tells them to report in.  Winters starts to remove her helmet since the people on teh ship weren’t wearing EVA suits, but both Rox and Kessler stop her.  Winters tells a private to locate any injured and get them to cargo bay 3.  Kessler steps up to a Nautilus crewmember and introduces himself.  Winters orders a private to bring any injured to Deck 3, and Elaryn tells the marines to call in if they need medical aid. A Vorta appears asking for help, when suddenly Rox sneezes and confetti appears.  Kessler contacts the Oumuamua to warn them about the Kardashev tachyons contamination and recommends they get people back to the Oumuamua quickly as Nautilus officers are suffering from poisoning from it.  Elaryn scans herself and realises she’s being affected by the tachyons, but refuses to leave so she can offer medical backup to Kessler who will remain on the ship.  

Kessler sends Elawyn, Rox, and Winters back to the Oumuamua, while Pvt. Thomas O'Reilly asks Kessler for orders.  Kessler tells him to have the marines move the injured to the area they are in, then sets up pattern enhancers.When O’reilly receives reports there are areas inaccessible for triage, he asks if the marines should force their way in or stand down.

The Colony

After sedating and helping the creature with its wounds, Kel and Boggarsh continue to set charges.  Kel registers an extra life form and it gets closer.  Deciding to use a minecart that the Esh-o have to help with transportation, Corelli says to put the charges into the cart and he will set them personally.  Kel and Herrick get in the cart and go with them, and the doctor registers the life forms again and they’ve changed course.  Once the cart stops, he encourages them to move quickly as the life forms are coming.  Herrick realises they are set to short times and suggests they use their communicators as remote triggers.

They get back in the carts and start speeding away from where the charges were set.  Corelli thinks he see something, grabs Herrick, and asks what the other officer sees in the light.  V’Len spies two red lights which aim for the cart and strike it.  The vehicle rocks, but doesn’t derail, and they finally come out into another chamber, and V’Len urges them to set the next group of charges quickly.  As they work, he hears sounds from some kind of animal.  Looking upward, he sees some sort of movement on the ceiling, but can’t identify it, and asks the others what it is.  Boggarsh tells them that it’s no longer completely barrier proof and the green shimmers mean someone can slip in undetected.  Herrick sets the charges and uses a commbadge as a trigger mechanism, and then two figures appear, telling everyone to ‘kiss the floor’.  

The aliens are canine like, then shift to more avian features, and Kel realises they’re shape shifters.  Kel grabs a rock and hurls it at the ceiling, which sends a flurry of alien bat like creatures scattering throughout the mine.  The group hurry and climb back into the cart, then head back toward the colony so they can set off the charges remotely.

When they arrive, the sky is filled with green and gold clouds there’s a long line of people where a Zet has started charging residents to see the crashed shuttle like a tourist attraction.  HIs combadge chirps, he kicks over a holoemitter, and suddenly the colony shakes as the charges go off. However, with the shuttle damaged, they aren’t sure how to move the separated section of the asteroid away. Herrick registers three workerbees coming their way, but Kel doesn’t think they’ll be enough to move the cut piece of the rock.  Perz contacts them over the comms, then informs Corelli that they have registered an experimental ship signature.  Herrick suggests they either wedge the hatch door (which won’t close currently) shut to the shuttle so they can use it to move the asteroid chunk.  The other option is to have the workerbees wedge the shuttle in between the pieces and use the thrusters to separate them. Suddenly, Corelli’s tricorder sounds an alarm and the NX signature shows up again.

The Exchange - > Escape Pod - > Science Lab 1

They get there and find themselves in a large room.  An Esh-o brings them inside a smaller room with a fountain, and finally a door opens to reveal Nanjjii, who is actually Jenklar.  The revelation shocks the officers, but they don’t get much conversation in when an explosion rips through one of the walls . A birdlike/reptilian creature attacks, and Hartmann gets the attention off of the others and on to him to give them time to escape.  With grave wounds, Tyber and Arlill are assisted by Etan and Katsim, who use torn strips of Nanjjii’s dress to bind them quickly before limping away.  They get into another room only to be faced with several Zet who have beamed in.  Tyber manages to take care of two of them, Arlill one, but their injuries are too grave to allow them to continue.  Hartmann manages to shake off the creature and rushes in, then comes to a sudden stop in surprise.  Hardly missing a beat, he stuns the last of the zet.  Together, they group makes it to Nanjjiis tiny escape shuttle.

Hartman pilots them out and Katsim asks for a med kit.  Nanjjii directs her to one, but it’s permitted in comparison to what Starfleet has.  Still, bandages are swapped out, but a Zet interceptor.  Tyber says he has an idea and wants to pilot, though Hartmann protests.  Etan allows it, and Tyber uses the older ship’s more compact hull to crash into the interceptor’s cockpit, killing the pilot.  Hartmann takes back over and the smaller ship limps away.  Katsim tries to get the injured into a prone position and keep them awake, when another ship starts to come after them.  Hartmann tries to find a place to hide, and Arlill suggests the nebula if they’re close enough.

They aim for the Nebula in the pod and Katsim points out a stellar veil, a dense cluster of baby stars that are so close they make a sort of ‘curtain’ and will help hide them.  Nilsen suggests they shunt all power to life support.  Hartmann reluctantly complies, Etan orders those with tricroders to get them out and start scanning.  Arlill uses Nanjjii’s scanner and, with the use of combadges, is able to utilise a little used frequency to cut through the interference and get a rough estimates Zet ships’ locations so they can avoid detection.  Hartmann requests use of the device, and Tyber notices several crimson stars close together, one blinking.  

They realise the lights belong to a ship.  Hartmann uses Arlill’s device to get closer and avoid the Zet.  They find an unknown Starfleet vessel along with the Oumuaua.  The Zet ships appear, but they don’t seem to be after the pod, but more after the Starfleet ships.  Nilsen contacts the pod and beams the people aboard.  Arlill and Tyber are sent to Sickbay, but Etan orders that Hartmann and Nanjjii should be escorted to quarters, then heads out with Peri.  As they enter a turbolift, Peri commands the computer to go to the deck with the science labs.  Confused, Etan goes with her, and as they go into the lab, she explains that she thinks the ship is the cause of the phenomena.  Peri brings up scans and includes a thermal map of the ship and points out a massive energy build up in one section.  Etan contacts the bridge to let them know they have a theory, and Promontory sends them information they have.  

Deep in the mines:

Swarlish and Pharlisnex grumble about life’s difficulties when Pharlisnex suddenly stops talking.  Swarlish turns around, and the last thing he sees is a pair of wings.

Neurology Lab:

Rivka Brzezinski finishes writing a report on the findings from the scans she made of the Esh-o, both the administrator and hte visitor who had been stuck in the nebula for some time.  She includes pretty pictures in her report, then goes about her work as the yellow alert sounds.   Eventually, all officers with medical training are told to report to Sickbay, so she complies.

Sickbay (Medical Response)

Tyber and Arlill are transported to Sickbay where Lt. Nesre Salo and Brzezinski have reported to assist with medical needs.  Brzezinski gives Tyber a sedative to calm him down, and Nesre states to work on Arlill when Rox arrives. Between the three of them, they get blood replicated and set up a transfusion.  Trying to calm Rox, Nesre states they will put Arlill in stasis so he can have life saving surgery when Kel returns.  

USS Nautilus

Captain Akadon reflections over the struggles the Nautilus has endured and their struggle to complete their mission.  Realising time is short and they only have one more chance, he orders all injured and unnecessary personnel to transport to the Oumuamua while he goes below decks to try one last time.  There, he comes to a bay where a device had been built - one that he hoped would save the Kaelon world. He orders it to run one more time in a last effort to birth a new star.