Oumuamua Room Assignments

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Oumuamuaicon.jpg       “Huli ke alo i ka paia” -- “Turn the face to the wall (for there is nothing to fear)"
- Hawaiian Proverb

On the USS-'Oumuamua, quarters are split across decks D through 9.


View a detailed cross section of 'Oumuamua with deck, hall and compartment numbering.
Detailed Breakdown of Living Areas
Deck VIP Guest Marines CO/XO Officers Enlisted Family or Civilian
3 X
4 X Senior Senior X
6 Junior
7 Junior Regular/Junior X
8 Junior Regular/Junior


  • VIP Quarters are typically issued to foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, and visiting Starfleet personnel holding the rank of Captain or higher
  • All Marines are housed together on Deck 3; regardless of rank
  • Junior officers holder the rank of Cadet to Lieutenant Junior Grade; senior officers hold the rank of Lieutenant to Commander
  • Senior enlisted crewman hold the rank of Sergeant First Class or higher; Enlisted crewman are Corporal, Sergeants or Staff Sergeants, Junior Crewman are all ranks below corporal

Floor Plans

Room Numbering

Format: D-H-CCC

  • DD (A-17): deck letter or number
  • H (0-9): the ship's halls are divided in an oval fashion, starting at 0 at the widest point, and increasing inwardly to 9 which it the centre of the ship (0-9)
  • CCC (000-999): numbering:
    • Increases from bow (front) to stern (back), 000-999
    • Is odd on the port (left) side, and even on the starboard (right)
    • Is always represented as 3 digits.

For example, 4-9-201 is a room on deck 4, hall 9 (near the center), and compartment 201 (upper port side).