United Dominion of Planets

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The United Dominion of Planets is a tentative confederation of powers, species, and planets that formed in the late 2390s, nearly two decades after the end of the Dominion War. The UDP took its name from the United Federation of Planets, whose example -- and success, as illustrated by its wartime victory -- its hopes to emulate.

As of 2399, the UDP counts among its allies some members of the Cenobians and the Karemma, a few Vorta, and the changeling/Founder known as the Lost One, along with a handful of other allies. However, the UDP is not (yet) above contracting with privateers and pirates, and one such deal led to the near-destruction of the USS Thor in 2399.


  • Major Species: Confederation of allied powers, species, and planets, including Cenobians and Karemma
  • Location: Gamma Quadrant
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Worlds: No full alliances yet
  • Sovereignty: Not yet declared
  • Capital: Single remaining Dominion battlecruiser
  • Government: Federal republic (embryonic and intentional)
  • Chief of State: "Vessel council" aboard battlecruiser
  • Head of Government: "Vessel council" aboard battlecruiser
  • Legislature: "Vessel council" aboard battlecruiser
  • Military: Alliances with various starfleets, including Cenobians
  • Currency: None established
  • Language: None established

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