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Crew of Amity Outpost

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Lieutenant JG Torvi Ylvor

Lieutenant JG Torvi Ylvor is a Joined Trill, currently serving as a Security and Tactical officer aboard Amity Outpost. After applying to the Academy as a Flight Control pilot, an emergency on her training cruise resulted in her abrupt joining with the Ylvor symbiote. Changing majors due to immense changes in her self, she took up the Security and Tactical path.

Torvi's initial post after the Academy was the USS Gorkon, however transferred to Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant.


Basic Stats

  • Name: Torvi Ylvor (formerly Torvi Endez)
  • Nicknames: Torv, Spots, Tor-Vor
  • Born: 237604.25, Alkenzi Minor
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 1.68m (5'5")
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair: Blonde / Brown
  • Eyes: Blue

Torvi has a petite build and is slim for her height. She maintains her physique with regular exercise and holodeck programs. She wears her hair quite short. Unlike other Trill, her spots cover over parts of her ears.

She has an odd ability to wear more lesser-known items of clothing from the Starfleet Standards of Dress. On duty is more comfortable wearing the ankle high field boots with her pants bloused into them, or the Skirt/Dress uniform options.

Off duty, is either in Starfleet fitness attire or , usually with a matching pair of heels. In many of her holodeck programs, she immerses herself in the program, wearing a variety of uniforms or clothing matching particular eras. She has amassed a small collection over the years.


Ensign Torvi Ylvor
Ensign Ylvor relaxing off duty
Many years before she expected to, Torvi was thrust into being a joined Trill, and is still exploring the implications. Having to balance the memories of the Ylvor lineage and her own, blurs the line between her experiences and those of the symbiote. She also feels an obligation to those who had been a Ylvor before her, to someway leave behind a legacy for those hosts of the future. The uncertainly creates an internal struggle which influences Torvi's perspective on her own memories, some of which have been changed due to the merging. She is now trying to shape her understanding of the new situation she has found herself in.

Having had her Academy experience interrupted, she found herself experiencing difficulty in many areas, switching majors to Security, losing her fellow classmates as she took a year away, and not making friends as easily as she used to. Even strange tastes in food, drinks, clothing and in people. A new interest that has fascinated her to no end is observing people and enjoys sitting quietly with her own thoughts in a public space. This could be ascribed to the first host Roban, being an Anthropologist. A heightened awareness has also given her a set of skills that have helped her adjust to a life in Security and Tactical, things like examining exits in a room, watching for body language signs, reading a room's mood and trusting her gut. Torvi is also known to be a great listener with a kind and genuine demeanor. Not exactly following in the predicted plan she put in place for herself, going from a Helm officer major to Security/Tactical instead, Torvi has had to let go of her love of flying. Having experienced trauma with her most recent host Cirila, a shuttle incident has caused long lasting post-traumatic stress from being in shuttlecraft. This became prevalent during her flight training, wherein she lost her natural ability and was prone to panic attacks during training. Mild insomnia has also become an affliction that haunts her, in most cases either not being able to fall asleep or being woken by a nightmare she never remembers. Despite this she is becoming a proficient officer, and strives for efficiency in her work. The occasional ruthlessness in getting tasks done showcases her commitment to duty, with an occasional visible display of concentration as she bites her lip. This blend of determination and focus exemplifies her dedication to excellence in her role. She does have some trepidation regarding her own performance and is still unsure she is doing the right thing. Several previous hosts of the Ylvor symbiote have been in combat roles in the past, and encountered much violence, this has honed Torvi's instincts in her role as security, with many of her combat abilities working like muscle memory. Not requiring much thought, Torvi is competent at many forms of combat, but is still open to learning new skills. The Ylvor symbiote has had many relationships as both male and female and as such has a fluid approach to relationships. Something now Torvi has inherited, finding attraction in any gender and is more attracted to a person's mind and personality than physical appearance. Her occasional flirting reflects a playful side, suggesting that even amidst her responsibilities, she finds moments of levity. She does also enjoy the occasional sarcastic comment or joke, when the situation calls for it.

Ambitions and Goals

  • Wishes to command her own starship one day, however in the short term would be interested in becoming a Department head or transferring to Strategic Operations.
  • To be rated to fly most if not all current Starfleet Auxiliary craft, and some of other races - if she can overcome her fear of flying.
  • To complete the Zhian’tara ceremony at some point, but it is early stages of her joining yet.



BernaricAmeleiEndez.png Bernaric and Amelei Endez

Raising Torvi on Alkenzi minor, her parents had chosen to leave Trill years prior, to support Bernaric's vocation as an anthropologist. Alkenzi minor's proximity to many worlds to be studied kept her father away for some time. Her mother was always there and encouraged Torvi's love of exploration.


Miaxdiso Avoi.png Ensign Miaxdiso Avoi
Friend, Age 31

A new arrival to the Gorkon herself, Miaxdiso and Torvi hit it off on the trip and subsequently in their acclimatization to the new assignment. Torvi appreciates 'Max's' outlook on life and extravagant tastes.

Xandria Cain.jpg Ensign Xandria Cain
Friend, Age 28

A new arrival to the Gorkon herself, Xandria and Torvi hit it off on the trip and subsequently in their acclimatization to the new assignment. Xandria's no-nonsense attitude on duty, but fun side off duty has Torvi and her becoming fast friends.

Romantic Interests

2nd Lieutenant Wakefield.jpg 2nd Lieutenant (SFMC) Dalton Wakefield
Romantic Interest, Age 25

Born in Durham, UK, on Earth, Dalton came from a long line of Starfleet officers, and as such signed up for the Starfleet Marine Corps. Dalton has now graduated and is serving as a Platoon Commander to a Marine Platoon at Camp Killigrew, undertaking training and will deploy into the fleet upon the next rotation.

Dalton and Torvi crossed paths during a simulated exercise between Starfleet Security cadets and Officer Candidates from the Marine OCS. After engaging in simulated combat, the two hit it off over drinks in San Francisco. They frequently communicate with each other and are still in the early stages of a romance. Torvi is still undecided whether it would be something she wants to pursue, given the distance.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Tinkering and designing holodeck programs
    • Fitness Program 3 Bravo: A fitness program that allows her to jog/run/walk through several differing biomes selected at random. Gym equipment and Phaser practice stations within.
    • Tactical Training Xandria 2: Created for her friend, this scenario pits the user against adversaries in outright combat, but changes every run through. One run through Torvi had to attend sickbay to have several injuries.
    • Relax 101: This program features an isolated tropical island beach, with a resort built by Torvi.
  • Collecting old and new uniforms
  • Reading historical fiction from many planets, including Earth
  • Has a fascination with blacksmithing that she cannot explain
  • Continued fitness and training in her spare time, such as yoga, running and swimming.


- Aldhani Spiced tea: A native tea from her homeworld of Alkenzi Minor, served hot or iced, depending on preference. This most often than not calms her nerves.

- Fruit Sorbet: Any flavour, the ice cold food is often her go to after physical training.

- Icoberry Juice: Another favourite, is a good accompaniment to a meal.

Personal History

Host: Torvi

Originally born as Torvi Endez, she has had an ordinary life on the colony of Alkenzi minor. An established colony of over 15000 colonists on a lush M-class planet. Her father’s profession caused him to travel frequently and often Torvi would accompany him travelling to different planets. Travelling to core worlds of the Federation, she was exposed to seeing Starfleet at a young age and was fascinated by the colorful uniforms, starships and shuttles. Noting this interest, her father taking her on a trip to the Starbase orbiting Andoria. Entering the main shuttlebay of the base her face lit up, asking the nearest Pilot, a young human Ensign, about all the different shuttlecraft types and their capabilities. Patiently he answered all her questions before having to return to duty. The Starbase was an amazing new place for Torvi to explore and whenever possible would ask for tours of Starfleet facilities.

Seeing a Federation Frontier Day celebration cemented her desire to become a pilot, seeing the formation flying of the shuttle formations, the fly pasts of Federation starships, especially the historical craft from decades past. At this point she knew almost each and every one of the craft's class and details, to which she would enthusiastically inform her father. She had a wish list of craft that she would love to see, and ticked them off as she grew older, attending more events such as airshows and Frontier days.

Joining Starfleet was her ultimate goal becoming a flight control officer, starting off in shuttles and then moving up to starships. She also had aspirations to become a joined Trill, to experience previous lifetimes in addition to her own was something that she longed for and expected it to happen once she had established herself in Starfleet.

At the age of 13 she decided with all the trips to the Starfleet facilities, she would enter Starfleet as a Pilot, her interest had taken over most of her life, in addition to attending air shows, she had taken up holo-photography to capture her favourite craft. As much as there were performance aircraft of many types, racers, aerobatics and purpose build vessels, but strangely the ones who attracted her the most were those utility craft used by Starfleet and other organisations. Their designs were much more interesting to her.

Alkenzi minor being a colony, didn't have infrastructure to handle private holodecks, so her ability to access her interests were limited. She tracked down the young Ensign who was still assigned to the Starbase around Andoria, about getting into Starfleet Flight Operations, the man, now a Lieutenant was more than happy to help and allowed her to familiarise herself with a couple of the Shuttles in the Hangar. Afterwards Lieutenant Rohman took Torvi to a holodeck and introduced her to one of his favourite flight programs, a historical flight in an F-14 Tomcat from the 1980's. This opened up another world for Torvi to explore, vintage aircraft. Lieutenant Rohman coined the phrase relating to Torvi, 'pouring jet fuel on the fire,' of her interests.

Keeping in touch after several years and on a surprise visit to Alkenzi minor, now Lieutenant Commander Rohman provided his support as Torvi's academy sponsor, which absolutely blew Torvi away. She was overwhelmed that she had lucked out with meeting this man many years ago, she now considers him family.

Symbiont: Ylvor

The Ylvor symbiote has been joined eight times and has been around for 280 years. The hosts have ranged from Anthropologists discovering a feudal world and accidentally becoming a member of their society, to a Starfleet Marine who fought in multiple engagements.

Most uniquely, one host disappeared for 15 years and had little recollection of why or what occurred, it is still unknown. Recently the previous host passed in a training accident involving a shuttlecraft and Torvi was the only Trill in range to assist. Taking a year off from the Academy, she was tasked with undergoing training to fully accept the Symbiote. It is still fresh in her mind, and she is still having issues finding herself.


Adding two Alkenzi Minor native plants, and various personal effects, namely:

Character Gallery

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-cadet3 red.png
Cadet 2395 - 2397 Starfleet Academy
Major: Helm/Nav
Minor: Security
PICstyle-cadet1 gold.png
2398 - 2400 Major: Security
Minor: Helm/Nav
PICstyle-ens gold.png
Ensign 240005.25 - 240101.25 USS Gorkon
USS Gorkon-logo.png
Security / Tactical Officer
240101.25 - 240103.12 Amity Outpost
PICstyle-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant JG 240103.12 - Present

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 240005.25
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet Medal of Commendation.png
Starfleet Medal of Commendation 240103.06
USS Gorkon
"The next foursome used their own means of transportation to distract the inhabitants of a scavenger camp, all to rescue a group of captured tourists. With a risk of their own lives, they ventured into the camp and freed those trapped people. It is with great pleasure that I present the Starfleet Medal of Commendation to Admiral Reynolds, Lieutenant Commander Sevo, Lieutenant Gnaxac and Ensign Ylvor, for their bravery, courage and fortitude." -Samira Neathler
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation

Fun Stuff &Trivia

QOTM Lines July 2400: (Ylvor) She could see it now 'On Today's Edition of the Fleet's worst Ensign... All the way from Alkenzi Minor.. please welcome Torvi Ylvor!' She winced.
November 2400: Ylvor: If we perhaps get killed, then we will probably have a bet to see which one of us gets a better looking host next time around. I'll have to get a new wardrobe... again.

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Torvi Ylvor
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