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Four Letter Code VRTA
Federation Status Peace Treaty - 2375
Planet of Origin Gamma Quadrant
Encountered DS9: "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Unknown
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The Vorta are a humanoid species genetically engineered by the Founders of the Dominion to act as field commanders, administrators, scientists and diplomats.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Gamma Quadrant
  • Location: Kurrill system
  • Proper Name:
  • Star: Binary stars (type G yellow and type F yellow-white)
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions:
  • Moons:

Home World

  • Proper Name: Kurrill Prime
  • Diameter:
  • Gravity:
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period:
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate:
  • Terrain: Expanse of forrests[1]
  • Population:


The Vorta previously existed as small, timid, ape-like creatures living in hollowed-out trees to avoid the many predators on their homeworld. A group of Vorta hid a Changeling from an angry mob, and in return the Changeling promised that one day they would be transformed and placed at the head of a vast interstellar empire. The Founders fulfilled this promise by genetically changing the Vorta into humanoids and employing them at the highest level of the Dominion.



Vorta have pale skin, violet eyes, and elongated earlobes.


The Founders altered the Vorta genome to include a sense of hearing greater than that of most other humanoid races, including Cardassians, but they have comparatively weak eyesight. Vorta also have an immunity to virtually all forms of poison -- as diplomacy is often a dangerous occupation.

Vorta only have a limited sense of taste and aesthetics. They enjoy kava nuts and rippleberries, as they did before they were genetically engineered, but little else.

Like the Jem'Hadar, Vorta do not reproduce sexually, but individual Vorta have achieved a virtual state of immortality through cloning. However, there are both male and female Vorta in service. If a Vorta is killed, they can quickly be replaced with a clone, retaining the memories of his or her previous incarnation. Vorta clones can occasionally become defective, taking on different personality traits to their predecessors.


Vorta regard their previous incarnations as distinct individuals from themselves, referring to previous clones by number or as "my predecessor". Even non-defective clones will exhibit slightly different personalities to other incarnations of the same Vorta.[2]


Perhaps the most important of the genetic alterations made to the Vorta is an intrinsic belief that the Founders are their Gods. This ensures the Vorta's absolute obedience to the Founders.




Vorta generally have no appreciation for art.


In the event of capture, Vorta are expected to commit suicide via their termination implant. Vorta are told that this death is quick and painless but this has proven not to be the case.



Vorta act as the commanders of the Jem'Hadar. Each Jem'Hadar ship is commanded by a single Vorta, to whom the Jem'Hadar First is directly responsible. The other Jem'Hadar are responsible to the First. The Vorta are tasked with the distribution of ketracel-white, the drug that ensures the loyalty of the Jem'Hadar (although it has been indicated that this is not entirely necessary).

Starfleet Intelligence Files

The USS Victory encountered a Vorta when they were ordered to the Basaf system where a Klingon Bird of Prey disappeared. After destroying a cloaked Jem'Hadar vessel, the crew again encountered Jem'Hadar soldiers on a planet within the system, with a limited supply of Ketracel White. The crew would eventually hold their Vorta commander hostage.[3]

The USS Denali once lured a Dominion battleship into the Shoals during the height of the Dominion War - the Vorta in command of the battleship had lacked knowledge of how tetryon emissions would affect the large ship. It's presumed the vessel became banked after attempts to jump to high warp failed.[4]



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