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A Reaper ship captained by Dodhun, The Third. His "second" was Ritar, The Fourth and the ships engineer is Lonsad

The ship includes components from many cultures, including Cardassian, Bajoran and Klingon. All the components appear to be out of date by modern standards, although the (Cardassian) Deflector Array is "as new" and lacks the erosion that would be present had the device been used. The vessel also appears to have newer Romulan Plasma torpedoes.

The hull is partly constructed from a diburnium-osmium alloy which is difficult for Federation sensors to scan through. It is also twice as thick as for most vessels of a similar size. In addition to torpedoes, they have beam weaponry similar to Starfleet Type-VII phasers.

The vessel was in the vicinity of the Snow-on-the-Hilltop system in 2385.

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