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Midway Station

Production Information

  • Manufacturer: various
  • Class: n.a.
  • Model: Unique; modified asteroid consisting of interior excavated areas and exterior salvaged ship hull components
  • First Production date: n.a.
  • Expected Lifespan: n.a.
  • Modified By: various

Technical specifications

  • Size
    • Length: 450 meters
    • Width:
    • Height/Depth:
    • Mass:
  • Movement
    • Maximum Acceleration:
    • Maximum Speed:
  • Primary Power Plant:
  • Secondary Power Plant:
  • Crew
    • Standard: 70
    • Minimum Crew:
    • Passengers/Inhabitants: 3000
    • Maximum Capacity: 15000
  • Cargo Capacity:


  • Offensive Capabilities: none
  • Defensive Capabilities: Starfleet Deflector Shield
  • Sensors:
    • Long-Range: 2 ly
    • Lateral: 1 ly
  • Communications:


  • External Docking: None
  • Internal Bays:
    • 2 primary internal docking bays each able to hold 10 Danube-class ships or smaller
    • 3 secondary internal docking bays each able to hold 5 Danube-class ships or smaller.
  • Transporters:
    • 6 personnel
    • 10 cargo
    • 12 emergency
  • Tractor Beams: 8 smaller spaced evenly around the stations perimeter and docking bays
  • Craft: 1 Type-6 Starfleet shuttlecraft (belonging to Dr. Grattan)
  • Other Features:



Inaccurately named, Midway Station rests inside the Jenatris Corridor about six hour's travel from the Federation end, at warp 2. Constructed on an asteroid, which must have been pulled inside the Corridor at one point, the station is a combination of rock and scavenged technology from several different races. Pieces of starships and shuttlecraft can clearly be seen on the outside of the asteroid, comprising an "outer hull" of the station at places where tunneling inside the asteroid breached into space. The majority of the habitable area exists in the hollowed out sections of the asteroid, with docking arms and landing pads spotting the station's external surface. Midway Station has no weaponry with which to defend itself, but her half-dozen fusion reactors not only power the station's systems, but a series of scavenged or purchased deflector shield grids of starship grade.

Midway Station supports numerous bars and taverns, shops and stores, and accommodations for visitors. Its medical facilities leave something to be desired, but in its hey-day, its security force was not to be trifled with. Nohgra, a Klingon expatriate, was in charge of station security. In fact, Nohgra ran Midway Station, mostly by the might of his forces, but with the administrative assistance of an underling, the Bolian Mol Haran.

Midway is not like any Federation starbase or outpost station. Originally, it was inhabited and run by criminals. Everyone found at Midway Station was a convicted criminal, or one fleeing their respective authorities, with two notable exceptions. None of the Ferengi encountered at Midway were criminals. The Ferengi were there because they will do business with anyone. The other exception is Dr. Maeran Grattan (who is still there), a Centauran and Federation astrophysicist. Nohgra allowed her to stay at Midway to study the Jenatris Cloud. She keeps to herself, spending all her time in research, emerging from her laboratory only to eat and sleep, and sometimes not even to do that. Nohgra had always kept a close eye on her, but she was far from any kind of threat to him or anyone at Midway.

Midway was believed to also be the base of operations for "the Paaran," a notorious terrorist who operated in Federation space. In 2382 the USS Atlantis was assigned to capture the Paaran, and infiltrated Midway Station. Unfortunately, though, the Paaran escaped further through the Jenatris Corridor and into the Par'tha Expanse on the other side of the cloud. Starfleet chased after and, in the process, discovered the inhabitants of the Par'tha Expanse and began establishing a presence there to aid in diplomatic relations. An old, derelict outpost underwent extensive renovations to become what is now known as Deep Space 26.

With the amount of Starfleet traffic moving through the Jenatris Corridor, Midway Station very quickly lost its appeal as a hideaway and refuge. It was almost immediately abandonded by the criminals, and Starfleet sold it off to a private Federation investor, who is maintaining the station as a depot for merchants, traders, and Starfleet traffic moving through the Corridor to and from the Par'tha Expanse.

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