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Defiant Knockoff

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The Skiptrace is a Federation civilian registered freighter and, originally believed to be a relic of the Battle of Gamorae a knock-off, stripped version of the Defiant Class. During the brief scuttle of the class development in 2369, its original owner, Captain Mov’na was able to acquire a stripped version of the hull design and focused primarily on developing its engineering and defense systems for the purposes of freight trade.

Mov'na sailed as its captain from 2370 through 2374, when the ship was bought out by a man going by the name of Gersh Nathan, although it was later determined it was a former Starfleet officer, LtCmdr Michael Blade of the USS Centris and later the USS Ranger.

The vessel has sophisticated tracking and engineering systems, but is unable to support offensive weapon capabilities. Recent photographs snapped by the USS Bonaventure show a slight modification to the hull's bottom side, theorizing it may have something to do with its ability to avoid sensor detection.

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