SS Shining Star

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S.S. Shining Star
Production Information
Manufacturer Adnama Transports, Inc.
Class Byzantine class cargo freighter
Modified By Yaren Tol
Technical specifications
Maximum Acceleration
Maximum Speed
Primary Power Plant M/AM warp core
Secondary Power Plant fusion reactor
Primary Propulsion Type Warp engines (2)
Secondary Propulsion Type impulse engines (1)
Crew 5
Minimum Crew 1
Maximum Personnel
Cargo Capacity
Hull duranium
Consumables 1 year
Offensive Capabilities
Defensive Capabilities
Communications standard subspace radio
External Docking
Internal Bays
  • 1 personnel
  • 1 cargo
Tractor Beams 1 aft
Craft escape pods
Other Features
Role cargo freighter
Affiliation licenced Federation freighter
Destroyed n.a.
Present for battles/events
Known Owners Nalor Drotham, Yaren Tol
Known Crewmembers Corvin Rym

The S.S. Shining Star is an aging Byzantine class cargo freighter, currently owned by Yaren Tol. Its Federation civilian frieghter registry number is NGL-56842. At one point the Shining Star operated out of Deep Space 9, and more recently Duronis II. Lately she has been spotted in and around the Par'tha Expanse and Deep Space 26.

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