Pirates of the Shoals

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The Shoals
No starships >2,000,000 metric tons Maximum speed limit of warp 5 Quantum slipstream inoperable

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Numerous pirates and pirate factions roam the Shoals in search of profit and dangerous adventure.


The largest pirate faction in the Shoals. Dealt a serious blow with the arrest of their leader, the pirate king Jilor.

  • Jilor, former leader, arrested and in Federation custody

Shadow's Teeth

Other Pirates

  • Yolanda Madrid, captain of the Lady Emerald
    • Crawford, Madrid's first mate
    • Douglas, a member of Madrid's crew
    • Li, a member of Madrid's crew
  • Silas Finley, a newcomer on the scene that has quickly found himself among Starfleet's Most Wanted
  • Snorlan, captain of the SS Pon’Fire
  • Elliot McClellan, aka "Captain Crimson," captured by Starfleet in 2391
  • Henley Marths, captain of the SS Wildfire