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Havley's Hope is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition, located in the Havley Sector.[1] As of 2395, the population of this world is 167 million.[2]


Havley's Hope is a colder world than most, with the average temperature during the summer months much cooler than most other M-class worlds. The radiation on the world was, however, a bit higher than normal.[3], much to the point where it was considered Federation Medical policy for mandated yearly testing for radiation damage [4]


Havley's Hope

Originally little more than a wildcat mining outpost, Havley's Hope has since grown into more or less the centre of heavy industry for the area. Thanks to modern methods, this has not had the sort of impact on the local environment that it might have in earlier times, but that hardly matters much since Havley's Hope has the worst climate and most generally unattractive scenery of any Class M world to be found for parsecs in any direction - and even more so in storm season. Those that live on Havley's Hope don't seem to mind, however. If anything, they take a perverse sort of pride in making a go of a world that most of the softer, more namby-pamby folk of the region would cheerfully steer clear of, especially inner Federation types, whom they tend to see as far too used to comfort to ever actually get anything done.

In late 2395, the USS Veritas arrives at Havley's Hope with Detective Sidney Ripley following a string of missing persons at a local mining operation in Frosthome.[5] Many of the locals were apprehensive of the Veritas's presence, blaming Starfleets operation in the Shoals as a potential cause for the disappearances.[3] Starit Proz, the CEO of one of the largest mining corporations in the Federation, was arrested and detained, accused of acquiring and hiding slaves, and covering the existence of a newly discovered alien race that lives beneath the surface of Havley's Hope - a hostile faction of which was responsible for the missing miners. The Veritas engages in first contact with the Malacosladae, some of whom are genuinely interested in establishing a meaningful relationship with the Federation. With their assistance, the missing miners of Havley Mining Corporation are returned, and the Havley Mining Corporation closes all mining operations within the Malacosladae area.[6] The Starfleet ship remains until a rendezvous with the USS Montreal, at which point Commander Mei'konda Delano takes command of the ship.

The government of Havley's Hope began testing ways to clear up communications in the area, though standard range only increased half a light-year with powerful communications aides.[7]

Planetary information

Settlers of Havley's Hope are known to have an accent that differs from Federation Standard.[8]

Known settlements

  • Frosthome[9]
    • The second largest city on Havley's Hope, Frosthome is considered an engineering marvel. It houses most of the Havley Mining Corporation executives and miners homes.

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