SS Wildfire

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SS Wildfire

The SSWildfire is an ex-Starfleet Akyazi class starship, the former flagship of the pirate Henley Marths. It was accompanied by it's smaller sister ship, the SS Rampart which was used for raids and quick boarding actions.

Crew Roster

Elliot "Bonus" Manstead
  • Henley Marths, 59 yo Human Male, born in San Diego on Earth. Captain.
  • Peregrine Tygin, 23 yo Bajoran Female. Helmsman.
  • Elliot Manstead. 25 yo Human Male, born in Freeland, Earth. Engineer. Last known location: Brig, USS Veritas
  • Zaphoid. 29 yo Human Male, born in Coober Pedy, Australia, Earth. Communications.
  • Jock Donovan. 39 yo Human Male, born in Glasgow, Scotland, Earth. Chef. Former CCMS Marshal and owner of "The Crowded Star", a fine dining restaurant on Ketar V.
  • Roland "Roller" Duckworth-Lewis. 37 yo Human male (surgically altered to have the appearance of a Tellarite-Human hybrid), 218cm tall, birthplace unknown. Ship's Cell Keeper and Nurse. He is known to torture cell occupants by singing Gilbert and Sullivan songs, and hitting them with a Klingon Painstik when they complain.


The ship, originally the USS Newcastle, was stolen from a Federation Surplus Depot Z-twenty-one, a scrapyard for decommissioned ships. The ship has been completely "scrubbed" as much as possible of its previous registration details, which has made it difficult for anyone to identify the ship using sensor scans. There are no registration markings on the ship.

It's theft was eventually discovered by the USS Veritas using statistical probability to identify its warp core signature.

Lighting and Power Draw

Henley has all crew on permanent transporter lock, as an "insurance policy". To cater for this, extra power storage has been added to the ship, but even so non-primary systems such as lighting have been reduced to compensate. Henley considers this preferable, as he "prefers to work in the dark" and considers it to be "bad-ass" like the interior of a Klingon ship.

Early on in the ship's history, Marths tried to save as much power as he could. Initially, he assigned each crew member a replicator ration. However, this led to many violent and sometimes bloody confrontations between the crew. Marths then removed most of the installed replicators, and made one of the existing crew a cook. When the cook was seriously burned from a cooking oil fire, Marths replaced her with Jock Donovan, a fine cuisine chef that specialises in poultry.

Ship's Computer

The ship's computer has been renamed from "Computer" to "Baby". It can silently perform commands without any confirmation tone when addressed as "Oh Baby" by Marths.

Emergency Strategic Hologram

The ESH "Jezebelle"

An Emergency Strategic Hologram was installed by Marths in his ready room/personal quarters. It was re-programmed and renamed to "Jezebelle".


After the Veritas apprehended Marths, the system's computer was reset back to Starfleet settings.

Deck Layout


  • Main Bridge
  • Captain's Ready Room/Quarters: Complete with jacuzzi installed in the floor.


  • Crew Quarters: 6 crew to a room
  • Impulse Drive Systems
  • Galley/Kitchen, Head


  • Main Engineering
  • Computer Core
  • Shuttle dock: Reduced in size from original Starfleet design. Houses one unnamed high warp shuttle for 12 people, but the door and controls are permanently locked, and only accessible by Henley.
  • Transporter Room
  • Large storage area: Formerly was part of the larger shuttle bay


  • First Aid Room (3m x 3m): What's left of the original sickbay
  • Small storage area: Formerly most of the original ship's sickbay, but repurposed to stow pirated items
  • Brig, Holding cells (2m x 2m)


  • Photon Torpedo Launchers
  • Long Tom