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The central star of the LSSR-102919 system

The LSSR-102912 system, located in the Shoals and deep within the tetryon fields that mean it is only infrequently accessible from the wider Shoals, was once thought to be a protostar nebula. A survey mission done by the USS Veritas revealed it was actually a planetary nebula, with a dominate violet main-sequence star of 1.6 Sol masses.[1]

The main star, named Kalion[1], was a point of interest for Federation scientists, due to the tetryonic reactions changing the light emitted by the star. The system itself was of interest due to having two inhabited Class-M planets.

The first one, Kalion-IV, was inhabited by an Industrial Age society [1], and the other was settled by the rescued members of an ark asteroid, and later, was named "New Reborbht"[2][3]

As of 2497, this system had regular trade and communication with the wider galaxy.[3]

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