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Lord Jilor, 2394

Jilor is a Federation prisoner. He was formerly the pirate king and leader of the Kos'karii, the largest and most powerful pirate faction in the Shoals.


Jilor was once a Klingon warrior of great standing who achieved the rank of fleet admiral and who even held a seat on the Klingon high council for a number of years. During the Klingon-Federation War of 2372, Jilor presided over one of the greatest military defeats in Klingon history, resulting in the loss of 20 warships and most of their crews (approximately 10,000 warriors) at the hands of a lesser defense force surrounding a Federation outpost. Jilor was the only flag officer to survive the massacre and was taken prisoner by the Federation.

When the Dominion War began, Jilor was released back to the Klingons as part of negotiations to restrengthen ties between the Federation and the Empire. However, rather than reinstate him, Jilor became a symbol of weakness and cowardice. Though the amount of true responsibility for the loss he bore remains a matter of historical debate, Jilor had become such a maligned figure in Klingon society, that the Council had little choice but to punish the man. Following his discommendation, he was sentenced to fifteen years on Rura Penthe. Upon release, the former fleet admiral and his family were exiled from the Empire with only a single ship to the name of their once proud house. They eventually found their way to the Shoals where they founded a pirate faction known as the Kos'karii.

For the last decade, Jilor and his family have been consolidating power, and through force and diplomacy they've successfully forged an alliance between several pirate groups, with Jilor himself at the head.

Jilor considers Lenik to be something of a rival.

War for the Shoals

In 2394, he announced a new war against the Federation and the Colonial Coalition[1]. Later that year, he and the Kos'karii claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on Antor II, the capital of the Colonial Coalition. In early 2395, Jilor led an attack and raiding mission against the USS Astraeus after it became stranded in the Shoals. In the aftermath of the ensuing battle, Jilor and most of his most loyal followers were captured by the USS Veritas.


Jilor's ultimate goal is to bring order to the Shoals by means of force, with a particular focus on Shadow's Edge, a colony and member of the Colonial Coalition that serves as a haven for piracy. Either his actions will cause the existing structure to strengthen and refocus on what's needed to bring order, or he will seize power and do it himself.

Additional Info

Jilor is played by the writer for Evan Delano.