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Meridian is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition. It is the largest colony in the Coalition.



Originally always in the shadow of Ketar V, with the Mother Road leading right to its doorstep, Meridian soon became the Coalition's new center for commerce. Passenger and freight transports regularly travel between Meridian to Esperance and beyond. Despite Antor II's status as the capital of the Coalition, the Federation and other business is often conducted on Meridian because of the ease of access and amenities. Due to its sudden wealth over the last century, a rift has grown between Meridian and the other Coalition colonies both in terms of social status and even culture.

The USS Veritas spent a significant time within Meridian space between 2391 and 2392, combating piracy in the area.[1]

Rajel Tutoatasi gives a public address about his challenge for the position of Governor of Antor II in hopes to reaffirm the planet's position as capital of the Colonial Coalition, claiming that the political situation of the Shoals is not of benefit to the colony worlds. Representatives of both Meridian and Karakka were claimed to share Tutoastasi's view.[2]

Early in 2396, a plague was declared on Meridian[3]. Officers of the USS Montreal assisted in finding a cure, while attempting a diplomatic outreach to the Klingons stationed on the planet. This was later revealed to be a terrorist plot by Lenik[4], who also attacked the Crescent View Research Facility[5]. While the Montreal was able to resolve the plague, and force the terrorist force to leave orbit, it has left the planet a little uneasy.

Key locations

  • Crescent View, named for it's placement on a large plateau near the top of a crescent-shaped mountain range, is Meridian's capital city.
  • Juk'Iian slums can be found outside the capitol city. Largely due to their notorious reputation for being pack rats that will steal anything and everything most Federation colonies within the Colonial Coalition have adopted a policy of segregation in regards to the Juk'Iians. Especially as most of them consider work to be a dirty 4 letter word.

Klingon Embassy

The Klingons maintain a semi-permanent embassy facility 13 kilometers outside the city limits of Crescent View. This facility has a 3 kilometer protected zone around it that is constantly monitored and protected by the embassy security staff. Under normal conditions they do not allow anyone with in this compound which boasts a massive Klingon style castle within a 50' tall wall completely surrounding the facility. This wall has massive towers ever 250 meters and 1 single large reinforced gate that secures the entrance.

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