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USS Constitution
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Alexander Morningstar
Position Intelligence
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236711.16
Age 33
Birthplace South Central,USA
Writer ID C239312FR0

Disciplinary Record

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“Never Always Do What Your Told. It Takes The Fun Out Of Freedom!”

- Alexander Morningstar


Alexander's Appearance '.
Alexander as of '2394.


Alexander Morningstar is a human male and is considered to be one of the Federations most controversial Media personalities, and elusive white collar criminals. Extremely crafty and cunning, famous for his ability to find information through the most seemingly impossible means. He currently serves aboard the USS Constitution as an Asset to the On-board Intelligence Department under the strict supervision of Lieutenant Solaris McLaren.

Early life and Childhood

Born into a dirt-poor dysfunctional family in the south-central United States, Alexander worked hard to overcome his upbringing as one of six children.In ( ), Seventeen-year-old Alexander despised the imprecations of poverty so much he dropped out only a few weeks into his first semester finally leaving home and becoming his own man. Little else is known about Alexander, other than the fact he didn't finish high school, and that his extensive knowledge of various subjects is self taught. From then he became a resident in New York.

Sometime after arriving in NYC, Broke and unemployed, Alex became a moderately successful con man, who found that his charismatic personality gave him an advantage in accessing information, not easily available. Utilising this he began selling illegally obtained information to the media and outside organisations for a profit. The release of this information lead to the beginning of a private investigation in locating the source of the leak, and unknowingly began his recognition as a white collar criminal.

Life Of Crime

When he had a brush with the law after disembarking a auxiliary craft during an investigation, he feared that his cover was compromised and fled to San Francisco, where he got a job as Fact checker for the Federation News Service. With his skills as con artist and his alibi confirmed, Alex continued his acquisition of information both for money and the progress of his career with the FNS, becoming obsessesd with know gaining the credibility his family had lacked. In ( ) he gained an internal promotion despite his lack of education. Morningstar used 'Underworld' contacts to gain the documentation required to become an accredited journalist with a degree in Journalism and Literature from Yale, gaining the position and later his controversial fame, with people often wondering 'How could he possibly know that'. In the background the investigation into illegal information access continued and in the months that followed, Alexander became a suspect.

In May 2393 , at 25 years old, Morningstar was arrested in San Francisco when an Assistant to Vivan Laxyn (A trill Ambassador ) recognised him, as being the one to release information regarding her employer's health, The ambassador having had a heart attack in 2393, and reported him. Investigators and Diplomats from a number of Federation Planets, oversaw his sentencing and Extradition to the New Zealand Penal Colony for which the Federation Judicial System found and commit Alexander on Multiple crimes.These Crimes include but are not limited to: Money Laundering Blackmail ,Bribary ,Insider Trading ,Forgery ,Racketeering ,Theft ,Breaking And Entering ,Fraud and Counterfeiting.His sentence was set at six months.

Asset Reassignment

Morningstar's time in prison was unsettled for the first few weeks, but quickly changed when he began to understand the balance of power that made up the facilities status quo. Seeing its manipulation as a stepping stone to an easier and more comfortable lifestyle, and as a result gaining further fame after becoming moderately successful at doing so. This however lead to the possibility of an extended sentence. As it is reported in the documentation of the official hearing, 'He just couldn't be trusted yet'. Though many of the investigators argued that he would never change, fearing that his personality was to heavily dependant on his own success.

It was during this time and for as of yet unknown reasons that Starfleet Headquarters accepted responsibility for him and he was assigned to the Constitution as an intelligence asset. It is here that he now resides. Begging the question does Alexander Morningstar have any redeeming qualities?


Alexander is portrayed as sophisticated and almost charming with an annoyingly sarcastic overtone. Beneath his charisma, however, Morningstar is a relentless and Machiavellian character, with no real regard for those around him, unless he is able to exploit them to make situations more advantageous to himself. He is incredibly patient and appears to understand the value of results over the speed in which a task is completed. Despite his egotistic, narcissistic and often criminal tendencies, he does follow his own code which he out rightly suggests should not be compared to virtue, though many of his actions are always for his own benefit. A copy of this code has been found and recovered as piece of evidence linking him to his criminal tendencies which have been defined in his psychological profile (Though this is currently classified).

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