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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code LNRA
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Leron IV
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Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Proper Name: Leron System

Home World

  • Proper Name: Leron IV
  • Notes: Leron IV always lies in the shadow of Leron II
  • Climate: Cold


Linara live in a dark planet without sun, so they have developed a high sensitivity to any kind of light. Their skin and hair varies from white to gray shades, their eyes are either light blue, white or light red. Off planet they are never without protection, meaning they wear long robes, gloves, head-scarfs/hoods and veils at all times. As well as seeing visual spectrum they can see in infra-red (Source).


Like other species they have a complex psychology, including mental illnesses, temper and the like.

ESP (Telepathy, Empathy etc)

Linara are not telepathic or empathic.


While Linarans communicate through words, their mimic has adapted to their circumstance. They had become physically expressive with their emotions as a matter of necessity after they started veiling their faces. For example a conspiratory motion, akin to a pointed glance or a devilish smirk is expressed by a head-weave coupled with a shrugging motion of his shoulders. (Source)

Relation to the Federation

Linara have just recently joined the Federation.


They are warp capable species with their own discoveries and inventions in the technological sector. Unlike most planets that get there light from their suns radiation. Linaran gets its energy from geothemal activity caused by tidal flexing due to it’s linked orbit with Leron II. They have developed unique technologies to use this thermal energy to produce power and to redirect lava flows to create farmland and to give them access to important resources that are rare on their planet. (Source).

With limited resources they started to collect dis-guarded eggs shells of energy creatures living in the Lembatta Cluster to use as power sources. Minister Ohain ordered a mission to try to collect an egg before hatching (Source). As the energy creatures are believed to sentient, the Linarans are now working with the Federation to try to communicate with the creature to negotiate the use of their dis-guarded egg shells. (Source)

Flora & Fauna

Leaves are rare on the sunless planet, where the most numerous things to grow were tubers and roots and fungi, which as a matter of course, were staples of their peoples' diets. Ohan is a plant only to be found on Leron IV. (Source)
Isvicre Maties is another plant only growing on Leron IV. (Source).



Ohan leaves are special, special even more so than their rarity due to the sunless environment. They can bring euphoria and calm in equal measures to people who often felt little enough of either in recent times. The leaves are placed on the tongue and the feeling is near-instantaneous. The taste of the leave is bitter. Due to its rarity, it is expensive to get hold of them. They only grow on Leron IV. (Source) Ohan is a plant native to Leron IV of the Leron System. This psychoactive drug is used recreationally among the Linara, who chew ohan leaves to release the leaf’s empathogenic properties. Psychoactive properties induce increased empathy, euphoria, and heightened sensations. The ohan leaves produce adverse effects when eaten whole and metabolized, even at low dosages. Symptoms include hyperthermia, dehydration, tachycardia and related illnesses. Long term effects could include cognitive impairment and brain lesions. Ohan leaves have a mild bitter taste when chewed, comparable to edible, non-poisonous plant products widely available.(Source)


Different Veil colours, patterns and designs are fashion-statements. In contrast to the robes worn. Robes serve both as an expression of one's individuality, and also status. It can't be seen in the pleats and folds of the robes.


This is a species invented and developed by the crew of the USS Constitution-B.