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USS Constitution-B
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Lara Grayson
Position Helm Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human/Vulcan
Gender Female
DOB 236903.24
Age 32
Writer ID C239403LG0

Ensign Lara Grayson is currently serving as a Helm Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Green


  • Parents: John Grayson (60), Lesai (68)
  • Siblings: Shana (Older Sister) (34), Solkar (Older Brother )(31)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


Lara is the youngest child of John Grayson and Lesai of Vulcan, who were both scientist working at the Starfleet Research and Development Facility on Earth. Her father was a Human who taught their children to respect both sides of their heritage. As time went on, she struggled dealing with her Vulcan side and always felt emotionally stifled around full blooded Vulcans. Her parents understood her struggles and always provided a safe haven for their daughter. She grew close to her human grandmother who told her stories of her time in Starfleet something that made quite the impression on the young girl. After two years of studying at the Vulcan Science Academy, she decided to follow her dream and enroll into Starfleet. With her knowledge of engineering from her time in the Vulcan Academy she saw herself on the fast track to a good position once she graduated. She was a diligent student who often came off as stiff and cold to her fellow cadets. Her roommate Susan Cho, always got her relax and time went on they became quite close. After a while she found a small group of classmates who she was able to seek companionship with and gain better understanding on expressing her emotions.

Personality and Traits

At first glance Cadet Grayson can come off as a typical Vulcan, which can be characterized as secretive, withdrawn, and aloof. However she is quite capable of showing her true feelings with people she trust. Often letting out strong comebacks to people who dare stereotype her. Lara can be quite protective of animals, she has a pet bird which she got as a birthday present from her Academy roommate.

In her off time she likes to read, write and exercise; usually she likes to practice her marksmanship with either a phaser or a classic bow and arrow.


Cadet Lara Grayson is fairly tall woman with flowing long brown hair reaching her mid-back, green eyes, and athletic body. She has forgone the typical Vulcan haircut, preferring to have her hair long. When on duty she hair is usually in a bun or a ponytail.

Service History

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Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239403.04 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering
STO Ensign Red.jpg
Ensign 239403.05 - Present USS Constitution-B Helm

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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