Open Your Mind and Say Ahhh! (Andaris Task Force)

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Season 1, Episode 2

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ATF Mission History

Act One

The mission got off to a rocky start; Captain S'Ranna of the USS Atlantis was accused by the Korri of the destruction of one of their ships and was escorted to Deep Space 26 in disgrace, with Commander Brell in temporary command. Meanwhile, the USS Blackwell was on a diplomatic assignment. Rear Admiral Renos was accompanied by Lieutenant Pandorn and Lucia Maria Aquilina to Burellion, for a diplomatic function.

While the Admiral and escorts were wining and dining with diplomats and corporate executives, the Blackwell decided to do a bit of exploring. They set off into an asteroid field that was unnaturally dense and, in true Blackwell fashion, were forced to eject their warp core. The Blackwell, now in critical condition, was towed to safety by the mysterious CSS Tempest. Who was the CSS Tempest and why did they appear just at the opportune moment? Only time would tell.

As if that wasn't enough, at a staff meeting to discuss the state of the USS Blackwell, the crew learned of a virus afflicting the members of the crew with telepathic abilities, including the possibility of Captain Zaekia being affected. Commander R'Ven, Lieutenant Junior Grade G'renn and Councilor Didrik Stennes were tasked with identifying and curing this malady before it drives the telepaths out of their minds. And as a precaution, on the suggestion of Councilor Didrik Stennes, Captain Zaekia transferred command of the USS Blackwell to Commander R'Ven.

Also, there is a possibility of a computer virus being transferred from the USS Atlantis to the USS Blackwell after the incident with the robots on the USS Atlantis which may have caused helm control failure, leading to the almost total destruction of the USS Blackwell. Can they isolate and eradicate the virus before it does anymore damage? Time will be of the essence.

Rear Admiral Renos, not to be dissuaded from investigating The Consortium, will return to the planet with Lieutenant Pandorn, Petty Officer Aquilina and Ensign Sarjak to meet with the mysterious Negrid, who Admiral Renos believes has some information on The Consortium that can shed light on the corporation's activities. What will they uncover?

Act 1.5

After arriving at the predetermined meeting place near Burellion's spaceport, Admiral Renos' group received a data chip, without incident, from Negrid along with a cryptic 'You'll see.' Wonder what is on that data chip? Research that Negrid claims were stolen? A computer virus? A recipe for plomeek soup? As Negrid said, 'We'll see.'

A device was found near the Blackwell's deflector dish and Dr. Kaylessa Yesna, Lt. Commander Randal Shayne, Lt. Jarred Thoran and civilian engineer Charlotte Farnsworth went on an Extravehicular mission to remove said device. The device was found to be attempting to transmit a virus code to the Blackwell and the quartet prepared to remove the device intact,if possible.

Meanwhile on the Blackwell, the holodeck was being converted to a medical lab to find a cure for the virus afflicting the telepathic members of the crew. CMO Lieutenant Junior Grade G'renn, Councilor Didrik Stennes and Acting CO Commander R'Ven began to screen the crew by species. Will they be successful?


With the repairs to the Blackwell just about complete, the crew prepares to get back underway towards the Valcarian front and their primary mission. Lieutenant JG Pandorn and Petty Officer Aquilina were tasked with pulling whatever useful data they can find from the data Negrid passed on to them. What they will find will take quite a while, as they decided to manually go through the data as to protect the Blackwell from any viruses that may be lurking within. New crewmembers Ensign Tya Dirsye and Ensign Asha Sodhi were assigned to the Blackwell during their time in space dock.

The telepathic virus, which has yet to be named, seems to have been cured by the medical staff, led by CMO Lieutenant Junior Grade G'renn, Councilor Didrik Stennes and Acting CO Commander R'Ven, much to the relief of Captain Zaekia. The cure will be dispersed shipwide through the ventilation system. The consensus is that it should not harm the non-telepaths among the crew.

The device that was planted on the Blackwell's deflector dish, one that was transmitting a virus code, was to be removed via transporter by newly assigned engineer, Dr. Kaylessa Yesna, Lt. Commander Randal Shayne, Lt. Jarred Thoran and civilian engineer Charlotte Farnsworth, but was destroyed during transport by some unknown reason.

The crew prepares from some needed shore leave, the highlight of which is the impending wedding of Lt. Commander Nathaniel Wilmer and Charlotte Farnsworth with Admiral Renos officiating.

Lieutenant JG Pandorn and Petty Officer Aquilina may have found a tenuous connection between Allita Systems and Taventa Robotics in the destruction of the Korri vessel in the minefield. An even more tenuous connection between the Consortium and Taventa Robotics was uncovered as well. Will further investigation bear fruit on this news? Will this lead to the exoneration of two Starfleet officers? What will the two intrepid investigators find?

More crew join the USS Blackwell during this time. Ensigns Zoe Cade, Na'Lae Mandak and Sakur arrived on the Freeworlds civilian shuttle along with Lt. Commander Cayden Aydr ready to join the USS Blackwell on its primary mission.



  • PNPC Charlotte Farnsworth, Civilian - played by Nathaniel Wilmer
  • PNPC Petty Officer 3rd Class Lucia Maria Aquilina, Intelligence Analyst - played by Jarred Thoran


  • Petty Officer 3rd Class Subothan Eriss, Betazoid Botanist - played by Tu'Peq
  • Captain Raella Dar, CO, CSS Tempest - played by Krindo Pandorn
  • Negrid, Role unknown, - played by Renos

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