Andaris Task Force Missions

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Sleep Tight
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239401-239402
    • A plant that was being studied by SB26's botanists has grown beyond all expectations and has roots getting into places it shouldn’t, disrupting systems as a result. Something is released into the air and circulated through the air. Everyone on the station is put into a deep sleep to include the new command staff of the ATF fleet. Varaan only barely manages to call for aid before he too falls unconscious.
The Bulls vs the Rams
  • Episode 2: Stardate 239403-239404
    • The USS Blackwell and USS Atlantis have a desperate situation to attend to that threatens to spiral out of control at any moment. One of the two major continents on Kiros III is undergoing seismic disturbance which have caused the death of thousands and many more are injured. The inhabitants are threatening to go to war!
In Sickness and in Death
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239405-239406
    • Debin VII - A small mining outpost ran by one of the Freeworlds Mining Companies has been under quarantine by the Freeworlds Navy for several weeks with an outbreak of an unknown virus/plague and The Blackwell has been called in to investigate. Meanwhile, on SB26 a top diplomat’s husband was found dead in mysterious circumstances. It’s the third victim since Starfleet returned to the station and it’s always the family of Caraadian diplomats from Aelann. It seems there is a serial killer on the loose who may be trying to scare or get to the diplomats themselves.

Season 1

A Test of Loyalty
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239407-239408
    • Having started earning the trust of the Freeworlds Council and the population of the Par'tha Expanse Andaris Task Force solidifies it's position in the region.
ATF Open Your Mind.png
Open Your Mind and Say Ahhh!
  • Episode 2: Stardate 239409-239411
    • With the Blackwell once again repaired and underway, the crew heads to Burellion for a meeting with the leaders of the Consortium.
ATF Kam'Jahtae.png
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239502
    • The Blackwell has finally arrived at Arndall where a Valcarian fleet is laying siege to the planet. Tensions are rising and the Blackwell has been tasked to provide aid and supplies to both sides, but are under strict orders not to involve themselves in the dispute.
P-409 Sigma
  • Episode 4: Stardate 239505
    • Mysterious sensor readings from a planetoid in the Rettan Province prompts Starfleet to send the Blackwell to investigate and retrieve probe data from the surface. They will also be accompanied by a Klingon battlecruiser, also ordered to investigate by the Klingon High Council on the heels of the re-emergence of an ancient enemy.


Throne of Fire.png
Throne of Fire
  • Stardate 239412 - 239502
    • The captain has invited the crew for a team building adventure in the holodeck. The catch - it's a fantasy themed role playing adventure. What could go wrong?