Verato Sarjak

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Andaris Task Force
Verato Sarjak
Position Diplomatic Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Trill (Joined)
Gender Male
DOB 235608.04
Age 44
Birthplace Trill
Writer ID A239403LA0

Ensign Verato Sarjak is currently serving as a Diplomatic Officer for the Andaris Task Force.


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  • Weight:
  • Hair: Dark Brown (Coffee)
  • Eyes: Chestnut Brown
  • Build: Muscular

Physical Description: Verato has the standard leopard like markings of a Trill, and is armed with haunting roasted-chestnut eyes which show both a depth of calm wisdom and a wild, untamed nature. He has dark coffee colored hair of medium length and style, with a wavy, tousled look. He sports a short, rugged beard on an otherwise smooth and clean face. He is tall and lean, and proportionally muscular. Verato moves with a commanding gait and an energetic “lift” to his step. He is solid enough of frame and stature though perhaps he seems in both mannerism and action to be a man inwardly torn between both a life of learning and doing.


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Family Life

  • Parents: Varus and Enwei Tojak
  • Siblings: Ehlo Phir (married to Johr Phir) and Tahn Tojak
  • Spouse: n/a
  • Children: n/a


Verato is mostly known for being quiet and cool under pressure, not devoid of emotion but seemingly purposefully restrained. He is friendly enough and charming at times, but there is the sense that with his symbiotic relationship and wealth of experience afforded him, there still comes a counted cost upon his person. He is relatively close to the chest and slow to present his emotions, but when he does, it is for certain it will be felt in one form or another by those around him.

“If Verato Tojak was a quietly determined and furtively optimistic pupil, now joined with the wild and passionate Sar Jonn, Verato Sarjak is a true force of nature.” - Deen Tarr, a close family friend, former tutor, and advisor to the Tojak family.

"There is something just as comforting as it is troubling, about the young Sarjak. He seems a trill fighting desperately for balance between two sides of an ancient coin. In short, he seems torn always between the notion of war and peace." - Havers Shanns, Fellow Diplomat in the Corps



  • 235608.04 Born to Veras and Enwei Tojak
  • 237707.21 Successful joining with symbiont, Sar Jonn
  • 238410.02 Ehlo’s wedding to Johr Phir, family strife, and conflict with Tahn Tojak
  • 238501.05 to 238904.08 Served in Trill Diplomatic Corps
  • 239008.21 Enlisted in Starfleet Academy
  • 239410.07 Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 239410.08 Assigned to the USS Blackwell and Andaris Task Force as Diplomat.

Verato’s father and mother (Varus and Enwei Tojak) were esteemed members of the Trill Diplomatic Corps. Varus and Enwei met each other during their working career and were wed several years later. Enwei gave birth to their three Trill children, the bright and pensive Ehlo, the raucous and charismatic Tahn, and the stoic and discerning Verato. Of all three of their children, it was Verato who, though youngest, would go on to bring the most honor to the family as having been selected to become joined with the well sought after and respected symbiont Sar Jonn. Taking on the last name of Sarjak after undergoing his joining ritual, Verato quickly continued in the tradition of his family as part of the Diplomatic Corps, serving that needs of his people for approximately 10 years. Growing increasingly restless, Verato eventually left the Corps, and enlisted in Starfleet, before graduating to become a diplomatic officer assigned to the USS Blackwell as part of the Andaris Task Force.

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