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Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Wilmer was an officer within Starfleet. He was born on stardate 235502.21, and is father to Kael Wilmer. Wilmer is also the owner and civilian commander of the USS Longshot FRC-1017, a Peregrine class starship.

As an Ensign, Wilmer served aboard the USS Excalibur-A as an intelligence officer between stardates 239107.15 and 239109.06 before transferring to the USS Apollo-A.

As the Apollo's acting executive officer, Wilmer led an away team of four crewmembers to Saporra VII to find criminals Jonathan Flint and VeeVee.

On stardate 239205.28, he begun service as the USS Constitution-B's executive officer, and would continue until stardate 239208.15. On stardate 239305.08, Wilmer would return to the Constitution-B and serve as the ship's helm, communications and operations officer, where he would work and become friends with Necessity James.

On stardate 239307.15, he transferred and served as a mission specialist aboard the USS Darwin-A, arriving with his daughter Kael. He would share a fleeting romantic relationship with Emery Rhyn, but transferred away on stardate 239310.10 to the USS Blackwell, effectively ending their relationship.

In late 2394, Wilmer became injured in the line of duty aboard the USS Blackwell, and is treated by Anath G'Renn. Later, Wilmer prepared for his wedding with Charlotte Farnsworth, to be officiated by Admiral Renos.

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