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Nugra has experienced many adventures since joining Starfleet. Here is a chronological order of his adventures.


First years in Starfleet

  • Episode 07: Stardate 238008.01 - 238009.13
    • Cardassians make a move against the Victory and one of their own goes missing.
The Hunt for Hapgood
  • Episode 08: Stardate 238009.19 - 238011.02
    • Hapgood has yet to be found and the Victory will not give up!
The Lycanthropes
  • Episode 09: Stardate 238012.05 - 238103.18
    • Victory must face Tholians and a vampiric species to protect the galaxy.
  • Episode 10: Stardate 238104.26 - 238106.08
    • Plague sweeps a planet and the Victory is their only hope.
Victory Times Two
  • Episode 11: Stardate 238106.10 - 238108.16
    • The crew of the Victory must face their own evil duplicates.
Battle the Kentic
  • Episode 5: Stardate 238205.24 - 238209.13
    • A mysterious enemy threatens the Federation.

The Era of Duronis

The Brotherhood
  • Episode 9: Stardate 238112.05 - 238202.09
    • The Klingons invader Duronis II.
Antares Freighter.jpg
Freighter in Distress
  • Episode 10: Stardate 238911.20 - 239002.05
    • The journey of the USS Canis Major to Earth was interrupted on course for Betazed, when the bridge picked up a general distress call from the SS Galactic Hauler.
Thrallian Station
  • Episode 11: Stardate 239004.13 - 239006.25
    • TBA
Laundean Woman.jpg
Laudean Unrest
  • Episode 12: Stardate 239004.13 - 239006.2
    • When it came to the civil unrest on Duronis II, the situation for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A had not improved. After the loss of Lt Cmdr Jaxon Mc Ghee and his team, the Thunder was able to re-locate them in an unusual place.
Invasion of the Bluegills
  • Episode 13: Stardate 239007.01 - 239009.14
    • The truth about the unrest on Til’ahn has finally been revealed for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. An infamous parasite long kept secret from everybody, but those in the upper echelon of the Federation has surfaced again moving quickly to infest the inhabitants of Duronis II

Testing the Slipstream
  • Episode 14: Stardate 239010.25 - 239012.13
    • The Vitruvius mission was to install a brand new slipstream drive to the USS Thunder-A giving her the chance to sail farther than she had ever gone before. Installation went according to plan with a quick work and prep for a shakedown cruise. It would not remain peaceful though for the drive malfunctioned and hurled the USS Thunder-A 30,000 light years at the edge of the beta quadrant. With the drive down, the mission to find a way home has begun.
The Haunting
  • Episode 15: Stardate 239102.09 - 239104.01
    • An ancient book discovered in the tomb of Hapha Myn, written in ancient Til'ahnese tells a story of an ancient winged people who shared the planet with the people of Til'Ahn and took pity on them when succumbed by a plague.
Future Lost
  • Episode 16: Stardate 239105.05 - 239106.01
    • Four ships had been lost in space, one of them being a Laudean freighter. A garbled distress call was all the evidence they had to go on, so the USS Thunder-A NCC 70605 headed to the coordinates of the missing ships and attempted to investigate the anomaly. Several probes were launched and lost, and fighters sent to investigate…until the anomaly began to grow and took two fighters to the other side…..

Return of the Victory

Empire of the Lost
  • Episode 24: Stardate 239106.01 - 239107.24
    • A secret mission to an Ancient planet yields a dangerous secret.
As the Future Burns
  • Episode 25: Stardate 239108.11 - 239110.07
    • The Victory of the Future warns of a coming apocalypse.
  • Episode 26: Stardate 239111.10 - 239201.05
    • A Cardassian ship has had an incident with a new species What will Victory do?
What Happened At Luxis III
  • Episode 27: Stardate 239202.01 - 239202.23
    • A singularity appeared over Luxis III crippling the Victory and Thunder.
Scourge of Romulus
  • Episode 28: Stardate 239203.13 - 239205.03
    • The Romulan Republic needs help to find a stolen vials of a dangerous virus.
The Spider's Web
  • Episode 29: Stardate 239205.18 - 239207.12
    • A long lost Starfleet vessel has been detected and pretty close to an unfriendly government.

Voyages on the USS Columbia

Stellar planet.jpg
Force of Nature
  • 12: Stardate 239208.05 - 239209.20
    • There are forces that we all need to be ready for.

Adventures Aboard the USS Doyle

And Every Hand Held A Blade
  • 4: Stardate 239212.14 - 239211.07
    • A mystery engulfs the USS Doyle-A.
Chains of Survival
  • 5: Stardate 239301.29 - 239303.15
    • Crashed and captured, will the crew escape slavery?
The Dream Master
  • 6: Stardate 239304.25 - 239306.07
    • No one knows who they are but something is afoot.

These are the Voyages of the Gorkon

Tyrellian Sector.jpg
The Devil's Expanse
  • 3: Stardate 239304.25 - 239306.07
  • 4: Stardate 239504.15 - 239506.01

Further Voyages of the Constitution-B

Federation vs. Jalana Rajel - SD.239704.14
  • 15: Stardate 239704.14 - 239706.30
    • Upon return to Starbase 104 from Zeltion IV Flt. Cpt. Jalana Rajel is arrested by Prosecutor Lt. Cmdr Skepus for breaking the Prime Directive. What will happen to the Captain and can the Crew find a way to help?
Bells of Paradise.png
Bells of Paradise
  • 16: Stardate 239708.28 - 239711.30
    • The vacation planet of Endaasi is full of wonder and relaxation but is something else going on?
Dilithium Digger.png
Dilithium Digger
  • Stardate 239802.07 - 239806.13
    • A simple mission to scan a nebula and check on a Dilithium mine. What could come of that?
Dead Men Boots.png
Pirates of the Marchlands: Dead Men’s Boots
  • Stardate 239810.06 - 239904.02
    • While enjoying some well-deserved shore leave during repairs of the USS Constitution, Commander Saveron was informed of the unthinkable: Commodore Jalana Rajel has been kidnapped in dim station light! For reasons unknown the Orion Syndicate subdued Jalana and flew off with her. The Crew of the Constitution of course would not sit back and wait, instead they go undercover to hunt after 'Momma Bear'. Can they convince the Syndicate that they are one of theirs? Will they find Jalana in time?
Sheer Bliss.png
Sheer Bliss
  • Stardate 239905.22 - 239912.22
    • The Crew of the Constitution at a state wedding? Don't mind if we do. The Daughter and Son of the Leaders of two Aquatic Xindi Species are getting married, a joyful occasion. The Conny Crew escorts the groom from his home planet to the ceremony and new home and is cordially invited to join the event. What could go wrong?
The Message Mission.png
The message
  • Stardate 240002.27 - 240006.10
    • Shore leave is interrupted when one group of officers - believed to be on a vacation trip - sends a distress call to the USS Constitution. Upon arrival they discover that their officers have been kidnapped by pirates of the Orion Syndicate who took over a civilian freighter carrying refugees. More than just lives of the officers is on the line. Can the Conny Crew help?
The Sincerest Form.png
The Sincerest Form
  • Stardate 2400007.10 - 240012.13
    • After the recent Syndicate Activity the Conny is sent on patrol through a sector in the Marchlands. It is pretty quiet and nothing weird happens, maybe a freighter had a flat ‘tyre’ or something but generally nothing is weird at all. When they believe that this is going to be the most boring mission ever - did someone hear about Jalana’s tone with Prendar and is now punishing them? - they receive a distress call. To their surprise the call claims to have been placed by none other than Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself and the Enterprise is in trouble!
Old Mc Bolen has a farm.png
Old Mc Bolen has a farm
  • Stardate 240103.10 - 240106.30
    • The USS Constitution receives a report from HQ, that one of the Paoike Colony on Drever IV has some issues. Their plant life has begun to get sick and die off, without external changes. What is happening in the colony and can it be stopped before food supplies run low and livestock suffers?

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