And Every Hand Held A Blade (Doyle-A)

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"What object is served by this circle of misery and violence and fear? It must tend to some end, or else our universe is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable." - Sherlock Holmes

Mission Began: 239212.14
Mission Complete: 239301.23

People of Note

  • Vladimir VonHusan - The murder victim who was killed in a corner of the Promenade on Deep Space 285.
  • PO3 Douglas Parker - Alleges that on his patrol he attempted to apprehend an assailant on the scene of the crime.
  • Gunhild Sparrow - Suspect in the murder of VonHusan.

Notable Information

  • Altoquinine - The poison that was found in the victim.
  • Khrovcet - A klingon biotoxin that was found in the hacked replicator.

Mission Synopsis

With their mission completed, the USS Doyle-A made it's way back to Deep Space 285 for rest and re-cooperation. The mission had been particularly hard on the crew and down time was a much needed commodity.

The ship's personnel were treated to a promotion and award banquet where everybody received a surprise when Captain Nugra arrived to promoted Commander Selene Faranfey to Captain.

That evening as the crew wound down from their activiites, they are rudely awakened by a report of a murder on the station, a passenger that they had rescued who might be more than he originally appeared.

If a murder on the station was not enough problems, Lt. Commander Tsuki Kazeyama discovered the replicator in Science Lab 1 had begun to malfunction and spew out a toxic and dangerous chemical. Working with Ensign Cassandra Ezi and Ensign Phlair, they were able to beam the replicator out a destroy it before it completely contaminated the ship. What made the situation much worse was that the scientists were able to identify the toxin as khrovcet, a known toxin used in Klingon bioweapons. The Doyle had been attacked with a bioweapon!

As the crew of the Doyle handled the bio attack, the investigative team had made some process with the autopsy identifying the poison that killed the victim as Atroquinine and their first suspect, Gunhild Sparrow.

Though the investigation team was getting close to the motive and perpetrator, including getting a suspect in custody, the Doyle crew were pulled off by the station captain and re-assigned. The answer to the problem would be discovered by Starfleet Security.