Force of Nature (Columbia)

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Force of Nature
239208.08 - 239209.20

People of Note

  • Chennel - Pirate leader presently based on Hemix.

Notable Information

Away Teams

Mission Synopsis

On the fringe of Operation 'Knife Point' being launched by the Fleet, the USS Columbia is sent to Hemix, a planet in the Skalur expanse (near the Zelia Gatis region), for a scientific and observation mission.

Three years ago, when the Romulan Republic studied Hemix, it was completely barren. Yet when Starfleet performed a survey of this planet earlier this year, it discovered a lush island, thriving with animal and plant life. An away team, led by LtCmdr. Rendal Rennyn, will be studying the planet strange ecosystem.

The USS Columbia secondary objective will be to confirm that there is no presence of a shadow organization called Sicarius or anything else that may hamper Knife point's mission. A combat orientated team, led by LtCmdr. Tyler Kelly will be in charge of this aspect of the mission.

After a 17 days journey, Columbia, piloted by Ensign Antero Flynn, reaches planet Hemix. Following a plan set by Didrik Stennes, three Class III probes are launched into orbit around Hemix and configured so that they can transmit telemetry to Columbia and to the away teams.

While LtCmdr. Kevin Breeman and Ensign Diego Beyett select the best site for the scientific team, LtCmdr. Kelly's team beamed to the planet's surface, equipped with EVA suits specially designed by Dr. Johanna MacLaren. As soon as they materialized, Lt. Theo Whittaker discovered a weird energy field, whose nature appeared to be both natural and artificial.

Elsewhere on the planet, Chennel, a Bolian pirate who operates on a ship called the Lightness of Being, has noticed the arrival of Columbia. After hiding her ship in a high polar orbit, Chennel decided to send a squad of fighters to the planet, which she will lead.

Also present on the planet is an ethereal spirit called Akee, who can control insects and who doesn't hesitate to kill what it perceives to be dangerous.

On Columbia, while the crew continued to make preparations for the Hemix' expeditions, a changeling called Que, working for the Sicarians, has taken the appearance of Crewman 2nd Class Thompson, and she mixes with a group of engineers.

Meanwhile, on the island, Chennel promptly captured Kelly, Ezo, Nugra (who had turned feral and had attacked Kelly) and Whittaker, whom she tortured.

Later, the 4th dimension creature attacked the pirates' ship to the point of destroying it. Thankfully its crew and hostages were rescued, in extremis, by Columbia.

On Columbia, Brek became the target of Que, who had taken Flynn's appearance, but Tribune Shiarrael, always on alert, diverted the attack. While the crew chased the assassin, (using a clever ploy devised by Dr. MacLaren), Breeman found a way to get away from the 4th dimension and the giant 'dandelions' that had invaded the ship. However on Hemix the 4th dimension continued to grow and grow. With an extreme amount of luck and ingenuity, the USS Columbia was able to break free and leave the system at high warp.