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Crew of Starbase 118 Ops


Lieutenant Nestira Aristren

“I am a cage, in search of a bird.”
― Franz Kafka

Lieutenant Nestira Aristren is currently serving as a Strategic Operations Officer aboard Starbase 118 Ops.


Childhood and Adolescense

Nestira was born in 2303 and, as the (slightly) younger of twin daughters, grew up in a stable and protected environment. From young age on, Nestira and her sister Elidi displayed above average telepathic abilities, and benefitted greatly from their family's encouragement to develop this gift further. Despite looking identical, Elidi was adventurous and impulsive like her mother, while Nestira seemed to have inherited her father's calm and calculating personality - and of course that caused some friction, but never malevolence, and they often referred to each other as their best friend.

Elidi was killed during an uprising against their Cardassian oppressors, and after a period of being angry at everyone and everything, Nestira felt obligated to experience what her sister had always dreamed of - leaving home and exploring the Galaxy. She left Basul Rodul II in 2361 and spent a decade traveling from one system to the other and quickly learned that her expanded lifespan and the experiences were a valuable resource to younger individuals. When she - largely on a whim - decided to join Starfleet Academy, her telepathy aided her through the entrance exams and interview questions. Her unconventional entry into Starfleet did, however, not mean that she wasn't a dedicated Cadet, interested in learning. As such, she graduated from Starfleet Academy as Counsellor four years later.

Counsellor aboard Starbase 118 Ops

Upon graduating in 2375, Nestira was posted to Starbase 118 Ops where she began working as a Counsellor. Disinterested in career advancement she progressed through the ranks slowly, and when she grew unhappy with staying at one place too long, she took a Leave of Absence during which she resumed traveling. Once she returned, she resumed her position as Counsellor and advisor, specialising in assisted memory recovery - something that helped people, and at the same time advanced her telepathy further. That was until she, in 2391, was sought out by Intel to assist in the recovery of vital information from an individual unwilling to provide it.

Career in Intel

// Classified //

Return to Starbase 118 Ops and Banishment from Basul Rodul

In 2398, Nestira returned to Starbase 118 as Advanced Interrogation Specialist. Having grown dissatisfied with living amongst species who were neither as telepathic nor shared her long lifespan, her aim was be able to return to Basul Rodul - and because the idea of a someone using their abilities to retrieve information didn't sit well with Rodulan society, Nestira quickly voiced the goal of returning to her role as Counsellor. She was given the position of Chief Counsellor in 2399.

In early 2400, Nestira was - against her will - moved back to intel and put on an undercover assignment on Miranda VII, an independent space station then infested by the xenophobic group Terra Prime. There Nestira sustained a concussion and other injuries. Doctor Katalina Moray, a physician and Terra Prime member, tended to Nestira, and a scan revealed that she was not human but a Rodulan. The Doctor was about to call the guards when Nestira, who was not fully in control of her telepathic abilities due to her injuries, commanded her to stop. Unfortunately, this caused neurodegeneration and left Moray effectively braindead.

Rodulan society is very strict on telepathic transgressions and violations, considering the outcome rather than the intent behind it. While Nestira has not formally been banned from Basul Rodul, returning there would currently result in such a ban.

Current Endeavours


Nestira was promoted to full Lieutenant after her mission on Miranda VII, and moved to the position of Strategic Operations Officer.


Nestira's business endeavours demonstrate her impressive ability to identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities. She claims to have 'the lobes for business', which surely has nothing to do with her ability to read business associate's surface thoughts. After leaving Basul Rodul more than 20 years ago, she sold personal Basotile projects to generate funds. She then used these funds to reinvest in businesses and research with the potential for exponential growth. Her keen eye for investment opportunities has paid off, as she now receives significant returns on her shares, which, amongst other things, finances her pricey apartment in Aventis Heights, the Residential section of Nuova Eleganza.

Friends, Colleagues, and Enemies

PCs on Ops

Other PCs, PNPCs and MSNPCs

  • Nacien Rixx was the person who saved Nestira from Miranda VII. She knows him under the name 'Alasafor' and has no idea of his history with Ops' crew or his... questionable hobbies.
  • Sa'sara Mayreath was Nestira's partner for a few years, until Nestira broke it off when she no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with the woman. Despite their separation, Sa'sara's death impacted Nestira heavily.
  • Yavir Moray and Nestira had a relationship while Nestira was undercover on Miranda VII. He has since found out that Nestira is not Human and caused his sister's death.
  • Trovek Arys was assaulted when Yavir tried to find Nestira, who blames herself for it. Their relationship is cordial.
  • Ivin Zumagi is someone Nestira met only briefly on Bajor, and then again when she helped him through a mental breakdown in sickbay.
  • Lukin Zorkal, the Cardassian Ambassador on Ops, and Nestira only spoke briefly when she assisted him on Bajor.
  • Ithri Sh'shelor worked briefly with Nestira while she was still in Intel, and Nestira visited her when the Andorian had gotten injured.
  • Lizanne Milton-Keynes is one of the teens Nestira met during her undercover mission. She feels responsible for the girl and wants to see her succeed.
  • Garev is currently working with Nestira on determining what to do about the effects of Xenozym-17 and finds him very much agreeable.
  • Alora DeVeau was Ops' First Officer. Nestira does not know her well, and holds her responsible for Sa'sara's death, which occurred why she had command of the station.

Missions and B-Plots

When a 1000 hours mission briefing with Sal Taybrim gets moved up last minute, the crew expects that such urgent news is not good - a suspicion that quickly proves to be correct. A tricobald bomb is found aboard the SS Belladonna, a massive passenger liner. Upon their arrival, Ops' crew begins evacuations but quickly realize that the saboteurs are still on board. Nestira remains at Sal's side throughout the mission and together with Tito uncovers the saboteurs identities.

Lieutenant Tito informs Nestira that Doctor Trovek's little daughter has been kidnapped. She helps him track her down and pilots the shuttle that brings Tito, Doctor Zumagi, and Ambassador Zorkal to her rescue and informs the Bajoran authorities.

  • Terror of Terra Prime

Despite having only recently taken the position as Chief Counsellor, Nestira is approached for an undercover mission on Miranda VII, which she infiltrates as Nyra Altman. When she discovers that their network has been compromised and her reports are not making it back to Ops, she takes matters into her own hand.

Nestira joins Sal Taybrim on the bridge as the Commodore decides to take action and end the threat of Terra Prime once and for all.

Research has discovered that materials provided during the post-Dominion War relief efforts are causing cancerous growths in Cardassia's hybrid population. The crew of Starbase 118 has been called in to handle negotiations and find a peaceful solution to the situation.

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Lieutenant JG SD 2398 - 2399 Starbase118 Ops
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Interrogation Specialist
Lieutenant JG SD 2399 - present Starbase118 Ops
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Chief Counsellor
Lieutenant SD 2400 - present Starbase118 Ops
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Strategic Operations

StarBase 118 Ops

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