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FNS Headlines


There is a traitor in Intel. This becomes clear when Nestira Aristren is removed from her position as Chief Counsellor and sent on an undercover mission on Miranda VII, where she remains over the span of several weeks.

During her time posing as Nyra Altman, she enters into a romantic relationship with Yavir Moray, and a working relationship with his sister Dr Katalina Moray. Both are part of Naystrim’s inner circle and therefore valuable connections.

When Aristren discovers that her reports are not making it to Ops, she elects to help the four teenagers Kayla, Lauri, Sam and Liz in repairing a shuttle to escape Miranda VII. The plan is to use the shuttle’s updated comms array to send an automated report to Ops.

Before the plan can come to fruition, an explosion in the medical facility injures Aristren. Katalina rushes to her aid and discovers that she isn’t human. In a moment of panic, Aristren uses her telepathy to keep Katalina from calling the guards, causing a brain aneurism in the process.

Aristren flees Miranda VII with help of 'Alasafor', another Rodulan she has met only a few weeks prior. Yavir finds Katalina effectively braindead and commits to finding out what happened.

He is contacted by Vivienne Hatfield, and informed that Nyra is in truth Nestira Aristren, and that she is Starfleet. Yavir leaves Naystrim’s group to confront her.

USS Narendra

Taybrim, McLaren, Tito and Aristren remain in reasonable distance to Miranda VII when they notice a damaged shuttle trying to flee the station. Over the comms, Aristren identifies one of the passengers as Kayla, and Taybrim orders the Shamu to assist the shuttle.

McLaren warns the bridge of four incoming ships, which Tito identifies as two Orion Corvette’s and two condor class Maquis Raiders. Despite Aristren’s concern, Sal orders to open fire and disables two of the ships.

That is when further ships emerge from the direction of the Jenatris Cloud, and moments later the crew faced a full dozen ships. Sal and his degree in science take care of two of them by catching one with a tractor beam and swinging it into the other. The next threat they face are two Vestri class ships armed with illegal plasma canons that can cause a chain reaction with the nearby Jenatris cloud, but luckily McLaren is able to retrieve the vessel's override codes to disable them.

No longer willing to sit back and wait, Naystrim's ship, the SS Farussi, begins charging weapons. While Taybrim, McLaren and Tito come up with the plan to defeat Terra Prime's leader, Aristren hails the Farussi and challenges Naystrim by implying that the woman does not truly wish to see Terra Prime build their promised paradise, as they would then no longer be in need of her. As the Rodulan offers protection for those who seek it, several of Naystrim's followers surrender or flee.

In the meanwhile, Taybrim decides to separate the Narendra's saucer section and engage the Farussi with the Stardrive. He and Tito make their way to the Battle Bridge where Ensign Nayavi is already waiting for them. While the saucer confronts two of Naystrim's fighters, Taybrim manages to force to Farussi to retreat. But as the vessel is headed towards the Jenatris Cloud, he realises that their charged weapons would cause a chain reaction that would likely destroy the ship. He hails Naystrim who ignores his orders. Before the Farussi enters the Jenatris Cloud, Naystrim is killed by one of her supporters and the Farussi surrenders.

USS Rahuba

DeVeau, Egil and Blackwell observe the IKS Lorthan’s deployment and send additional security to assist in the evacuation. As the ships from the Jenatris Cloud emerge, two of them head straight for the Rahuba and the Shamu. Dedicated to protecting the smaller vessel, they draw the attacking ships away from it. Just when they believe that they are successful, several crew members begin acting out. The computer detects a toxic compound in the air. Having to navigate between evacuating the civilians and keeping her crew in order, DeVeau eventually manages to do both.

ISS Koh’la’shamuu

Foster, Trovek and Zumagi spring into action when the injured Kayla and Lauri are beamed on board. Lauri has sustained severe trauma to his torso and suffers a dangerous brain injury, while Kayla has several third degree burns. It is discovered that Kayla is pregnant, and while Trovek tries to determine the other species of the hybrid, Lauri is rushed into the surgical suite. After Zumagi and Foster manage to stabilize Lauri, they join Trovek and decide on the best course of treatment for mother and child. While Trovek waits for the results of their measures, another casualty is beamed aboard the Narendra - Yavir Moray, posing as as civilian.

Trovek tends to the man and is taken hostage. Moray forces her to lead his to the cockpit. Once arriving, Trovek orders the pilot, LeVesque, to evacuate and seals the doors. Moray attempts to kill her but does not succeed, and eventually has the SS Dolores beam him off the Koh’la’shamuu.

Miranda VII

With the aim to get himself onto a Starfleet vessel and find Nestira Aristren, Yavir Moray poses as Elias Boucher and groups up with the evacuees. Liz discovers that the shuttle is gone, and that Kayla and Lauri have left without her.

Taelon, Sera, Sill-con and Green take the IKS Lorthan and manage to hack into Miranda VII’s security system to temporarily bring down the shields so they can beam onto the station. Sherlock, Willow and sh’Shelor follow suit.

Knowing there are several self-destruct mechanisms in place, the team splits up. Sera and Sill-con head to deck 13 while Green and Taelon head to one of the smaller shuttle bays to access a console there. Taelon and Green find Liz, who immediately begins to question them. Around the same time, Sill-con and Sera come across Sam, who offers his help. But before they can respond, a station wide announcement lets them know they have been discovered.

Moments later, the doors to shuttle bay burst open and several GenMods begin hunting Liz, Taelon und Green. Sera, Sill-con and Sam continue their mission.

Sherlock, Willow and sh’Shelor are tasked to handle the evacuation of Miranda VII’s remaining civilian population. As they set up the transporter enhancers that will allow evacuation to the Rahuba, Dara Paxton antagonizes them with a station-wide threat to leave now or suffer the consequences. In communication with the Rahuba, DeVeau promptly orders them to let additional security handle the evacuation and sends them to find Paxton and neutralize the threat. They come across Boucher and have him beamed up to the Shamu. Paxton, not amused at all by how things are going, opens another station wide communication and promises to follow up on her threats.

Liz, Taelon and Green begin disabling the self-destruct mechanisms, but are interrupted before they are successful. Several GenMods begin hunting them, and it is only because of Green's combat skills that they manage to escape.

Sera, Sill-con and Sam face similar struggles, and eventually are subjected to the toxic compound Paxton has released on Miranda VII. However, dedicated to their goal, they do manage to disable their part of the self- destruct mechanisms successfully.

Green, upon noticing the poisonous gas, leaves Taelon and Liz to find the others. Once the groups successfully disable all self-destruct mechanisms, they return to the shuttle.

Sherlock, Willow and sh’Shelor find Paxton and confront her. Before they manage to detain the woman, she manages to injure sh’Shelor by ripping off one of her antenna.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance)
Vanetta Naystrim Human Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim Vanetta Naystrim is the leader of Terra Prime.
Yavir Moray Human Alive Created/Simmed by Hiro Jones Yavir Moray was Terra Prime member and part of Naystrim's inner circle. However, when his sister Katalina was injured in a telepathic incident, his only purpose in life became finding out what happened to her.
Vivienne Hatfield Human Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim Hatfield decides to inform Moray of Starfleet's involvement in the attack on his sister. Why she does so is unclear.
Samuel (Sam) Human Alive Created/Simmed by Gogigobo Fairhug One of the teens working with Aristen to launch a shuttle meant to bring them to safety. Young Engineer with ambition to join Starfleet. His father is one of Naystrim’s less-loyal supporters, and works as engineer. Is in love with Kayla.
Lizanne (Liz) Human Alive Created/Simmed by Nestira Aristren One of the teens working with Aristen to launch a shuttle meant to bring them to safety. Leader of the group, but at the same time a bit of an outsider. Her parents are criminals who have left Miranda VII several weeks ago and not reconnected with her since.
Dara Paxton Human Psycho Alive (captured) Created/Simmed by Sera Is an evil psycho with degrees in in Xenogenetics and Bioengineering. Probably not a good thing.
Duke Human GenMod Soldier (probably) Dead Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim A genetically modified individual with inhumane strength and the inability to feel compassion.

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Alora DeVeau First Officer
Nestira Aristren Strategic Operations Officer
Theo LeVesque Helm/Comm/Operations Officer
Aine Sherlock Chief of Security and Tactical
Obsius Sill-con Security Officer
Haukea-Willow Security Officer
Ithri Sh'shelor Security
Prudence Blackwell Communications Officer
Egil Renot Engineering Officer
Sera Engineering Officer
Nayavi Tactical Officer
Shar'Wyn Foster Medical Officer
Trovek Arys Chief Medical Officer
Ivin Zumagi Medical
Taelon Science Officer
Isaac Green Marine Officer
Solaris McLaren Director of Intelligence
Vitor Tito Intel Officer