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FNS Headlines

Briefing and Arrival

With the crew fresh off of shoreleave and the Kapitol City Flower Festival behind them the senior staff meets to discuss a serious situation affecting the planet Cardassia's hybrid population. Materials provided by Federation in the aftermath of the Dominion War contained a compound, Xenozym-17, were proven to cause cancerous growths. With assistance from Dr. Garev, the crew of Starbase 118 has been called to negotiate a suitable solution and possibly research a cure.

Spitting into teams, Sal Taybrim, Nestira Aristren and Dr. Garev met with Dr. Vorrin Eera to navigate the tricky political waters of the situation. Lieutenant Vitor Tito, Lieutenant JG Egil Renot and newly arrived Ensign Sojtis Arake meet with Eskat Gil, a Cardassian medical researcher to support the ongoing negotiations while Lieutenant Aine Sherlock and Ensigns Haukea-Willow and Ksivi-Sava beam down to the planet to provide security for the negotiations, eventually meeting with Selen Malek, a Cardassian medical engineer, who eventually excuses herself from the group.

Arriving on board after the briefing were the station's Chief Medical Officer Trovek Arys and the stations new Executive Officer Gogigobo Fairhug. Dr. Trovek adjourned to the planet in the compnay of Ensigns Madison Marsh and Corey Wethern to start research on a potential cure, with Dr. Lesela Duran.

While the rest of the crew is on the surface Lt. Commander Solaris McLaren welcomes Commander Fairhug back aboard and brings him up to speed. The Narendra is soon approached by another shuttle, brinign with it Lt. Commander Rustyy Hael, recently returning from an LOA. As they are both brough up to speed the Narendra is nearly rammed by a Klingon shuttle participating in an unsanctioned race.

Body Swap

As the talks continue on, Eskat Gil, while working with Lieutenants Tito and Renot, secretly activates a device set up by her associate Selen Malek. While none of the Cardassians notice anything amiss, each of the groups hears a loud noise and experiences some discomfort. As the feeling passes they soon discover that they no long occupy their own bodies.

In the negotiations, Commodore Taybrim and Lt. Aristren has switched bodies and it is discovered that Lt. Tito is now occupying the body of Dr. Garev. Lt. Aristren, in the Commodore's body, contacts the rest of the groups and eventually advises that no one disclose thier situation to the Cardassians. The group excuses themselves and moves to a more private location, with Aristren seeking to help the Commodore with control over his new bodies telepathic abilities, the Rodulans abilities being much stronger than his Betazoid ones. Lt. Tito, in the body of Dr. Garev stands guard.

After the activation of the device, Eskat excuses herself from her group, disturbed by what she had caused, where Lt. Renot now occupies Lt. Tito's body and Dr. Garev occupies Lt. Renot's. The pair have a quick discussion with the rest of the groups before being rejoined by Gil to resume their research work.

Lt. Sherlock's group undergoes similar changes with Ensign Willow switching bodies with Lt. Sherlock, and Lt. Sherlock occupying the body of Ensign Ksivi-Sava, leaving Ksivi-Sava in Ensign Willow's body. They are soon approached by a journalist, Saveal Iru, who questions them on why the Federation is there.

Lt. Trovek, while working her group is one of the few Starfleet officers to not undergo a swap, however both Ensigns Marsh and Wethern arent as lucky, and end up swapping bodies. While they continue to work with Doctor Duran, Lt. Trovek leaves to seek out Commodore Taybrim to try and help solve their new problem.

Onboard the Narendra, Lt. Commanders Fairhug, McLaren and Hael chase after the Klingon shuttle and the rest of the racers, including a damaged Gorn shuttle. The crew managfed to beam the Gorn of their shuttle before it explodes and tractor the Klingon shuttle into their shuttle bay. Lt. Commander Faairhug heads to sickbay, accompanied by Lt. Masha Snezhana, to deal with the Gorn while McLaren and Hale head to the shuttle bay to inspect the Klingon shuttle. In sickaby the Gorn are none to happy about being beamed off their shuttle, preferring to die rather than accept charity.

In the shuttlebay, McLaren and Hael begine to scan the Klingon shuttle, discovering that it is mostly stripped down for racing, except for the engine which has been reinforced. Before they can get far one of the Klingons breaks free of the security team holding them and attacks Hael. McLaren subdues him and has both of the Klingons taken to the brig. She begins to scan the shuttle again while Rustyy is checked out by a medic before joining McLaren to continue their search. They discover something odd about the ships engine modifications and pry off the reinforced panel. Lt. Commander Hael begins to scan the engine modifications, wheil unbeknownst to him an AI stored in the system downloads itself to his tricorder. The AI also sets a silent countdown on the shuttle that goes unnoticed by either of them.

Race Against Time

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance)
Garev Vulcan Alive Simmed by Gogigobo Fairhug Starfleet Doctor
Vorrin Eera Cardassian Alive Simmed by Aine Sherlock High ranking Doctor on Cardassia.
Selen Malek Cardassian Alive Simmed by Nestira Aristren Cardassian Engineer.
Eskat Gil Cardassian Alive Simmed by Solaris McLaren Cardassian Researcher.
Lesela Duran Cardassian Alive Simmed by Sal Taybrim Director of Neurosurgery, Surgical Administrator
Saveal Iru Human (?) Alive Simmed by Rustyy Hael Intergalactic Journalist

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug Executive Officer
Nestira Aristren Strategic Operations Officer
Ksivi-Sava Helm Officer
Aine Sherlock Chief of Security and Tactical
Haukea-Willow Security Officer
Rustyy Hael Chief Engineer
Egil Renot Engineering Officer
Madison Marsh Medical Officer
Corey Wethern Medical Officer
Vitor Tito Science Officer
Sojtis Arake Science Officer
Solaris McLaren Director of Intelligence