Path of the Prophets

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Plot Summary

Part 1

A box of Geleth's belongings is delivered to Starbase 118, containing pricey jewellery with a distinct patter on bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Arys quickly realises that the jewellery resembles a bracelet her brother Aaron gifted her in the last year. It once more wakes the suspicion that Aaron had something do with with the death of Geleth's parents. Arys begins having nightmares that feature Kent, a past Terra Prime member, and Jeni, one of Arys' former friends. Jeni questions why Arys invests her energy into saving Kent from his false ideologies rather than trying to help her own brother to break free of their mother's influence. When the opportunity to travel to Bajor comes up, Arys signs up to go. Lukin, Geleth and Ferri decide to travel with her.

Trovek/Zorkal - Path of the Prophets - The Bracelet
Lt Trovek Arys - Path of the Prophets - Did you?
Trovek/Zorkal - Path of the Prophets - Family

Part 2

The Narendra makes it way to Bajor, and while Geleth visits Unity Temple with Lukin, Arys reunites with her brother Aaron who, after initial difficulty, accepts Arys' relationship with Lukin, and the fact that she adopted a half-Cardassian child. He invites her to his home, and a few days later, Arys follows his invitation. Upon visiting Aaron's home, Arys meets Jeni, who she had believed to be dead. Another girl, Hilja, gives her a tour through the house, where the only room locked is the 'Prayer Room'. When Arys talks to Aaron, she confesses that Geleth is their niece, and that she believes Sileah had the girls parents killed. Arys and Aaron decide in touch, and Aaron wants to meet Geleth.

Trovek/Geleth - Path of the Prophets - Unity Temple
Trovek/Trovek - Path of the Prophets - A Difficult Reunion
Lt. Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Hilja and Jeni
Trovek/Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Sileah's Betrayal
Lt. Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Promises

Part 3

When Lukin, Arys and Geleths explore the nearby markets, Jeni suddenly shows up. She warns Arys, who had planned to allow Aaron to watch Geleth while she and Lukin were spending their evening at a Gala. Following their conversation, Arys changes her mind and calls Ferri to watch Geleth instead.

Lt. Trovek - Path of the Prophets - A Warning
Zorkal/Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Decisions

Part 4

On the day before the Narendra is due to leave Bajor, Ferri and Geleth visit the market in front of Unity Temple. Ferri is distracted by Hilja and Geleth is kidnapped by several male Bajorans. As Ferri follows them, she gets shot and dragged into the same skimmer as Geleth. Arys and Lukin quickly notice that the girls haven't returned on time, and call Tito for help. Tito makes his way to the Narendra, and works with Lieutenant Vargas to locate Ferri's badge. At the same time, Doctor Zumagi visits Arys to discuss options for him to transfer to Starbase 118. When he notices Arys' distress, he offers his help and leaves with Tito and Lukin towards the location of the badge.

Ferri Emlott - Path of the Prophets - Distractions and Inconveniences
Zorkal/Trovek/Tito - Path of the Prophets - Gone Missing
Tito/Vargas - Path of the Prophets - Connection Established
Trovek/Zumagi - Path of the Prophets - A Helping Hand

Part 5

While Lukin, Zumagi and Tito are gone, Jeni visits Arys, who is blaming herself for being a terrible parent. Jeni convinces Arys to seek answers from the Prophets. Together they make their way to Unity Temple, where Arys speaks to one of the Vedeks. When the Vedek tells her that sometimes, all she has to do is open a door, Arys immediately thinks of the door to the 'Prayer Room'. The thought becomes almost intrusive, and Arys decides to follow her intuition.

At the same time, Tito, Zumagi, Lukin, and Lieutenant Aristren take a shuttle to the location of Ferri's badge, which is found in a forested area near a house by the lake, and looks like someone attempted to destroy it. Upon entering the house and finding a better vantage point, they see several white-clad Bajorans around the lake, and Ferri and Geleth at the pier.

Lt Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Seedling
Tito/Zorkal/Zumagi/Aristren - Path of the Prophets - Underway
Lt. Trovek - Path of the Prophets - An Open Door
Tito/Zorkal/Zumagi/Aristren - Path of the Prophets - Plan of Attack

Part 6

Arys arrives at Aaron's house, only to find it abandoned. She realises that Aaron had fooled her and screams at the empty hallways until a voice upstairs calls her name. She makes her way to the "Prayer Room" and finds Sileah locked inside it. She explains that Aaron took over leadership of their group, and has locked her inside the room. Arys doesn't quite believe her, but has both of them beam up to the Narendra. Lukin, Zumagi and Tito attack the group at the Lake. Aaron, standing with Geleth and Ferri at the pier, tosses the child into the lake. Ferri dives after her and manages to save her, but doesn't manage to pull herself back on shore. Lukin jumps into the water to rescue her. Tito kills Aaron by using his momentum against him, and letting him run into his own knife.

Lt. Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Fooled
Lt. Trovek Arys - Path of the Prophets - Boring, but Alive
Zorkal/Emlott - Path of the Prophets - Water's Icy Embrace
Dr Ivin Zumagi - Path of the Prophets - Hands That Heal, Hands That Hurt
Lt JG Tito: Path of the Prophets - Confrontation


Arys and Sileah meet for Aaron's funeral. Instead of a memorial or a grave, Aaron's ashes are spread on a field that once contained the house of his grandparents, aunts and uncles. When Sileah asks Arys how she found her, Arys replies that Jeni convinced her to seek answers from the Prophets. Sileah tells Arys that Jeni was killed in a fire several years ago.

Lt. Trovek - Path of the Prophets - Epilogue