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Sojtis Arake Ensign.png
Sojtis Arake
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Risian
Gender Maverique, pronouns are they/them
DOB 237608.19
Age 24
Birthplace Tolari, Risa
Writer ID O240007SA4

Ensign Sojtis Arake is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard StarBase 118 Ops.


  • Height: 5'6 (1.67 metres)
  • Weight: 223 lb (101.15 kg)
  • Hair: Wavy texture, black and side-swept with one shaved side
  • Eyes: Dark brown irises, near-white sclera
  • Build: Fat, rectangular - has no prominent muscles in limbs


  • Ktezic (Civilian, NPC)

Sojtis Arake has been in a queerplatonic relationship with Ktezic since 2394, and both Ktezic and Arake have maintained an often long-distance relationship due to them being used to constantly moving. Ktezic is a Remmilian, and is the daughter of an environmental engineer named Rtek'z and a civilian transporter chief named Qt't-ev, with her small family moving to Risa in 2383 to help with reconstruction efforts. Ktezic met Arake while the two were both attending a secondary school in Tolari on Risa in 2391, and quickly became friends - Ktezic was very interested in information sciences and chemistry, and Arake was interested in civil engineering and sociology, and combined, both of them were able to quickly go through courses, with the two eventually becoming inseparable as friends as they regularly communicated with each other regardless of distance. Eventually, this developed into a mutual queerplatonic interest between the two - when Ktezic and Arake were both 18, they both admitted that they were interested in the other in a queerplatonic way, and their relationship has been ongoing for 6 years, remaining stable despite frequent moving on both Arake and Ktezic's sides - this being the case for Ktezic due to her job as an information technology analyst on Risa often taking her to numerous places across the planet that needed regular analysis, maintenance, and enhancement of information systems, as the even in 2400, the effects of the Borg Attack of 2381 had resulted in many of these information systems being heavily damaged and often being primarily refocused around the Borg not taking the information even when Risa was reconstructed, resulting in the systems needing to be modified more for the far calmer current situations they were in rather than being kept as adjusted primarily to the volatile situations they were in during the time when Risa had not recovered much at all from the Borg Attack of 2381.

Ktezic herself is similar to Arake in some ways in regards to her personality, which is likely why the both of them gravitated towards each other. Ktezic is as ambitious as Arake is, and like them, often aims for goals that are hard to achieve, and is quick to pick up on details. Ktezic is also very blunt and honest, often tending to say exactly what she's thinking about others, and additionally tends to say the truth, even if it is the worse idea in a situation, with her only lying when absolutely necessary. She also can very much pick up on non-verbal signals to an extreme degree and is fully aware of this, often saying that since people can be read like books, the logical extent of her book comparisons would be her being a literary critic who can pick up on every subtle theme within a novel.

  • Inte (Starfleet, NPC)

Sojtis Arake became friends with Inte, a Lenarian student at Starfleet Academy also wishing to become a science officer, during their first training cruise. Arake and Inte bonded over their shared interests in sociology, with Arake supporting zir endeavours to find out what the Lenarian homeworld was like. Arake was friends with Inte for long enough to recognize whenever ze was very focused - that being whenever Inte spun around in a seat and spoke at the same time. However, Inte and Arake had both begun focusing highly on graduating in 2398, with their relationship eventually declining to a point where Arake did not learn that Inte had graduated from Starfleet Academy and had become a science officer, and Inte similarly also didn't know that Arake had graduated as a science officer either. Both Arake and Inte want to reconnect, but so far, this is a hypothetical - both Arake and Inte believe that they're both too busy to contact each other right now.

Inte zirself has an acerbic and sociable personality, having become friends with Arake via talking the most with them during the training cruise where they met, talking about sociology and how people ignored the field sociology at their peril. Ze also is very much resolute, and is very much determined to finish whatever tasks ze gets to the best of zir ability, which often results in zir being exhausted and needing support from zir friends. Inte being determined to graduate also stressed zir out, with zir often feeling alone and isolated while aiming for graduation from Starfleet Academy - zir stress regarding being a Starfleet Science Officer also is primarily tied to zir having trouble balancing work and socialization.

Background, Personality, & Career History

  • Born in August 19, 2376 as part of a baby boom that occurred on some worlds in the United Federation of Planets after the Dominion war, Sojtis Arake initially was raised in Tolari, a city containing the Tolari Tower prior to the Borg Invasion of 2381.
  • Unfortunately, the Borg Invasion happened when Sojtis was only 5. The Arake family, consisting of them, their mother Jejte Arake, and their parent Suray Arake, had to evacuate Tolari extremely quickly, with Sojtis being unaware of what was happening until witnessing the Borg slag Risa from orbit, seeing Tolari, alongside the rest of Risa, destroyed as their shuttle left the planet, leaving Sojtis and the other members of the Arake family mentally scarred from the Invasion, and in the case of Sojtis, physically scarred, with a large scar on their left cheek (from their perspective - others would see it as their right cheek.) from falling debris from a collapsing skyscraper that never fully went away, even in their adulthood.
  • The Arake family sought refuge on Remmil VI, and Sojtis, alongside their family, lived on the planet during most of their childhood. Sojtis attended grade schools on Remmil VI, and was educated in a way similar to how children were educated on Risa prior to the slagging of the planet.
  • When Sojtis was 13, their family moved back to Risa, specifically the city of Tolari, as the damage had been finally repaired enough for Sojtis to be able to attend secondary education on Risa. Sojtis generally did fine in their school, but notably took an interest in pilgrimages to the still slagged parts of Risa, not wanting to forget what happened to their planet, and during this time, became friends with Ktezic at 15 thanks to their personalities being incredibly similar and their interests combined often resulting in the two doing amazingly in school courses regarding their interests.
  • Sojtis Arake eventually gained a mutual queerplatonic interest in Ktezic, with the two admitting this to each other and beginning a relationship in 2394, when both of them were 18. The two became essentially inseparable, although both of them tended to flip between their relationship being long-distance and not being long-distance, as both of them often were not even at the same parts of Tolari, with their locations changing frequently.
  • Sojtis eventually gained a wish to join Starfleet to explore the galaxy - or at least parts of the Beta and Alpha quadrants - and decided to attend Starfleet Academy to fulfill this wish at the age of 19, promising to regularly keep in touch with Ktezic before leaving Risa for Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. During their time at Starfleet Academy, they took a major in Science, specializing in Sociology and Anthropology & Archaeology, as they wanted to study Risa's history, especially how Risian society changed when climate stabilizers were introduced, as well as wanting to examine the societies of seemingly extinct species in order to avoid the mistakes they made, such as the Dinasians, Iccobar, Dewans, and Iconians. They also had two cadet cruises, making their time of attendance at the Academy 6 years long.
  • Sojtis' time at the Academy resulted in them becoming friends with Inte on a training cruise. They often provided support to Inte - both related to work Inte was doing and related to emotional support that Inte needed due to frequently working zirself far beyond zir own limits - and worked together with zir. However, as the two began focusing on graduation, they drifted apart, with their relationship beginning to fragment in 2398, with neither Arake nor Inte even knowing whether or not the other person had graduated from Starfleet Academy by Stardate 240007.18.
  • Sojtis attended training at Starbase 118, graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2400 as a Science Officer.
  • Sojtis Arake is currently a person who hides many of their emotions, having had to suppress their memories of Risa’s slagging and the stories their parents told them about it, as their parents unwittingly passed on the trauma of Risa’s slagging to Sojtis. Anger, however, is an emotion Arake often is not too successful in hiding, with their right eye twitching being a very clear sign of this.
  • Sojtis currently attempts to seem very serious in an attempt to come off as a “model” Starfleet officer, but in reality, does have what they consider to be a decent sense of humour and is often not very serious around people they’re close to, with them often joking to their friends about a resort extremely wealthy tourists who understood nothing about Risian culture went to going under in 2399 due to a lawsuit regarding the resort’s horrid gardens, commenting that the owner of that resort “must be very proud” of the resort’s failure. In addition, Sojtis thinks that it’s funny to lie about what their Ja’risia is, especially given that people outside Risa seem to be unaware that ja’risias in general tend to just be small discs, with some ja'risias being tattoos. This attitude, however, also has a genuinely serious part - Arake is a harsh critic of the commodification of Risian cultures, with them particularly disliking the commodification of horga'hns and the warped version of jamaharon that has emerged alongside this commodification of the horga'hn.
  • Sojtis also experiences trauma from the Borg Invasion of 2381 - they attempt to suppress this, but are often unsuccessful, given that this was one of their formative memories. This has manifested in their behaviour via being extremely concerned for the well-being of others, and most often choosing "flight" when in a "fight-flight-fawn" situation, preferring to avoid conflict, as "flight" was the only option they really had during the Borg Invasion of 2381, given that fawning would be useless and fighting would be futile. They currently attend group therapy sessions on Risa, often attending alongside other survivors of the destruction of Tolari and other people who were forced to flee their homes due to the Borg invading.
  • Sojtis’ relationship with Ktezic is currently doing well, with them having met up on Risa with each other after Sojtis graduated from Starfleet Academy, and promising to continue to keep in touch with each other.

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2394 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240007.18 - Present Starbase118 Ops
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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