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FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

When a 1000 hours mission briefing with Sal Taybrim gets moved up last minute, the crew expects that such urgent news is not good ones - a suspicion that quickly proves to be correct.

Commodore Taybrim informs that an internal power struggle had resulted in new leadership of Terra Prime. He shows a recording of Commander Naystrim, the new leader, who demands the Federation concede the system of Ivulos to Terra Prime’s control, and consider it freeworld territory outside the jurisdiction of the Federation and the protection of Starfleet. Of course, that is not an option - Ivulos is a strategically valuable location that opens up a trade way between Federation and Klingon territory, and which would allow free trade with the Orion Syndicate, as well as a good launching place for aggressions against the Gorn Hegemony, the Klingon Empire and the Federation. In addition, Taybrim explains that the IKS Chang-Vor'ch, a Klingon vessel disloyal to the Klingon Empire and allied with the Tal Shiar, procured a high-yield tri-cobalt warhead. The Chang-Vor'ch’s signature was tracked momentarily uncloaking at Miranda VII, and it is assumed that Terra Prime has acquired the warhead.

Taybrim’s hope to be proactive rather than reactive is shattered when an updated report informs that a single, solitary ship has launched from Miranda VII, and according to calculations, it will crash into Ivulos’ sun. With the suspected amount of tri-cobalt, the star will explode and destroy everything in the system with it.

Together with three other ships, the Narendra is dispatched to follow the ship launched to Ivulos. The goal is to find the warhead, and diffuse it before it reaches any populated destination.

Act I

In preparation for their mission, Commander DeVeau works with Lieutenants Tito, and Sherlock in order to find a way to scan for the tri-cobalt device, and information on how it may be shielded. They decide to set up a moveable tachyon grid that would react with a tricobalt-containing ship when it passes through, and a radiation beam that will reveal the ship if it’s using metaphasic shields.

Marine Captain Luthas, Doctor Trovek and Ensign Renot, have less success in their assignment to develop a plan on how to do surgery on a tri-cobalt device and diffuse it. With very little to go on, their approaches are theoretical at best, causing tension in the group. Eventually, they decide on a signal jammer and get to work analysing the possible devices and the different ways of disabling them.

In the meanwhile, Lieutenants Blackwell and Bailey join Taybrim in his ready room, and begin sifting through what is known of Terra Prime’s personality and previous encounters. Bailey is reminded of her abusive uncle, and highlights the potentially narcissistic aspects of Terra Prime members, while Blackwell suggests that Commander Naystrim, who has lost her mother to a broken defence line on Betazed during the Dominion War, feels like she is protecting humanity from alien influence.

Before they can come to a conclusion, Taybrim is made aware of a distress call from the SS Belladonna, a passenger liner on its way to Betazed.

Act II

On the Bridge, Taybrim makes contact with the SS Belladonna’s Captain Fransix Leski, who informs him that they discovered a bomb on his ship - connected to the warp core, and triggered if they drop below warp 3.

The crew is informed of what has transpired, and Taybrim takes action. He orders Commander Dal and USS Prophesy to follow the Narendra and rendezvous with the SS Belladonna. Their goal: Disable the bomb, and evacuate the almost 25 thousand people on board. Dal, Bailey and Trovek decide on a plan for the evacuation, deciding that they will need to funnel the passengers by first beaming them onto the Narendra and then the Prophesy, and all three of them begin to make preparations. DeVeau calls the groups to action: Sherlock, Luthas and Renot are sent to disarm the bomb, Bailey and Blackwell are to take care of the evacuees beamed to the Narendra, while Noxwyn, Trovek and DeVeau beam onto the SS Belladonna to help from there. Tito is tasked to review the passenger list of those who boarded the Belladonna on its last stop. Tito approaches Trovek and hands her a phaser. He is aware that she will be part of the away team, and wants for her to be able to defend herself.

Once Taybrim gives the go-ahead, DeVeau, Noxwyn and Trovek beam on the Belladonna. They end up in a crew lounge and make their way to the first evacuation point, where they are handed a list of stragglers to hunt down. Luthas, Sherlock and Egil arrive in the Belladonna’s engineering department and begin inspecting the bomb. Sherlock questions the Chief Engineer Asta, but before they get far, their tricorders suddenly stop working. Blackwell, Dal and Bailey are in sickbay, preparing for the arrival of the evacuees. They have a triage plan in place, and Dal makes sure to remind them that there is at least one saboteur aboard the Belladonna, and might very well beam over to the Narendra.

In the meanwhile, Taybrim is joined by Tito and Lt. JG Aristren. Together, they review the group of 50 passengers who joined the Belladonna on their recent stop, finding not one but several suspects who might have something to do with the bomb. After some further research, they learn that someone with Lowell’s face joined the Belladonna, while the real Lowell was tossed into a matter reclaimer. They agree to alarm their away teams, but before they can take further action, they receive a call from Leski, who lets them know that someone is threatening the release the escape pods unless Sal Taybrim agrees to speak to her. Knowing that ejecting the escape pods at warp will likely destroy both the Narendra and the Belladonna, Taybrim agrees.


DeVeau, Noxwyn and Trovek discover a technical issue that is causing the ship to heat up. They call Engineering, and end up summoning Lowell who agrees to help them. They have no idea that he is the saboteur, and before DeVeau reads the message on her triPADD, she sends Noxwyn off with Parvana. Trovek and Alora, now alone with Lowell, investigate the source of the heat.

After a small argument, Sherlock sends Luthas away with Asta to investigate the potential radiation leak. She encourages a freaked-out Egil and they begin making a plan to disable the bomb.

Aboard the Narendra, Blackwell, Dal and Blackwell notice increased gamma radiation present in the evacuees. They argue whether or not to tell them the truth, backed into a proverbial corner by Kollo, a civilian Tellarite who doesn’t believe in the ion-storm story they’ve been told.

On the Belladonna, civilian Henry Maxwell, brother of Arturo Maxwell, decides not to follow the evacuation plan, and instead tries to figure out what is going on. He runs into Megan Carter, one of Terra Prime’s members, who takes him hostage.

On the Narendra, Taybrim begins negotiations with the mysterious woman, who accuses him of preferring his own species over anyone else in need of his help. After all, the Commodore is here now, protecting Betazed, when he sat in his comfy office while Utopa Colony was attacked. That hint, in addition to a visual Tito can get from the Belladonna’s surveillance system, allows the group to discover the truth: The woman is Lieutenant Meryel Harris, a former Starfleet Officer who recently retired and moved to Utopa Colony - together with her partner and two vulcan-human hybrid sons, who fell victim to Terra Prime’s compound.

DeVeau finally reads the message of her triPADD, and hands it over to Trovek. Now both aware that Lowell is a Terra Prime member, Trovek tries to make up an excuse that would allow them to leave, but DeVeau decides to confront Lowell instead. The terrified man pushes both of them into a maintenance room and seals the door shut before he starts running away. While DeVeau decides to climb through the vents to find a way out, Trovek stays behind to talk to Kent via the comms in order to keep him from remote-detonating the bomb. He reveals that he just wanted to belong somewhere and that Terra Prime made him belong - and most importantly, he reveals that he does not want to die.

Suddenly, due to an impulse drive malfunction, the Belladonna jerks forward, and thanks to Zel, the Narendra is just about able to follow and not spin out of the warp bubble - which would have been fatal. Taybrim, still in a conversation with Meryel, checks up on her. Maryel switches into ‘Starfleet Officer’ mode and makes her way to the activated escape pods in an attempt to manually deactivate them.

In the maintenance room Trovek is locked up in, a console explodes. Trovek is injured as she suffocates the fire, and is rescued out of the room by DeVeau. Kent makes his way to the impulse core in order to help with repairs, and Arys stays in contact with him.

On her way to the escape pods, Harris runs into Carter and Maxwell. As Carter once more indicates her plan to kill Maxwell, Meryel pulls her phaser on her. The two women find themselves in a standoff. Back on the Narendra, Taybrim coordinates the away teams while Aristren and Tito monitor both Kent and Meryel. While they do have a transporter lock on Kent, they can’t do more than send a message to the away teams to get Meryel help.

Act IV

Harris and Carter are still in a standoff, while Maxwell does not take the situation seriously. Carter pretends to spot children behind Meryel, and uses the moment of distraction to shoot her. She then shoots Maxwell in the shoulder and is about to execute him as the severely injured Meryel manages to kill Carter by shooting her in the back.

As Maxwell, affected by gamma radiation poisoning, asks Meryel what this is all about, rather than lending aid, Trovek and DeVeau, having been sent by Taybrim, appear. Alora recognizes Henry but can’t take any chances, and Arys tends to Meryel. Unable to do much from where they are, they are beamed up to the Narendra’s sickbay. Henry is taken into custody and questioned by Blackwell and DeVeau, who determine that yes, he is the real Henry. Meanwhile, Doctor Bailey in sickbay is overwhelmed by the emergency situation, leading to Commander Dal taking charge. He had Trovek manage to put Meryel into a stasis unit.

Sherlock and Luthas, now teamed up again, attempt to dismantle the bomb, while Renot and Asta try their best to wait for Kent to enable them to repair the impulse core. Once the bomb is dismantled, they get in touch with Taybrim who decides that the best course of action is to shut off the Belladonna’s impulse engines, which however requires the evacuation to halt, and the Narendra to exit the warp bubble. Tito and Aristren discuss where to safely detonate the still active tricobald explosives, and eventually find a location far away from everyone that could be harmed.

Renot and Asta manage to shut down the impulse engines and return to the Belladonna, together with Kent who is taken into custody, while Trovek and Dal decide on a plan to handle the rest of the evacuation. The remaining passengers are evacuated and treated, and the Belladonna is escorted to Starbase 118.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae
Adon Kent Human Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim Adon Kent is a saboteur, sent by Terra Prime to replace Engineer Lowell and plant a tri-cobalt device on the SS Belladonna. In truth no longer faithful to the cause, he decides to switch sides and assist Ops' crew in securing the Belladonna.
Megan Carter Human Deceased Created/Simmed by Alora DeVeau Megan Carter was a saboteur, sent by Terra Prime to replace an unknown crew member and make sure the passenger liner would reach its destination of Betazed. Megan was killed by Meryel Harris.
Meryel Harris Human Alive Created/Simmed by Trovek Arys Meryel Harris is a former Starfleet Officer who lost her family during Terra Prime's attack on Utopa Colony. She infiltrated the organization to take revenge, but open hearing that the USS Narendra was intercepting the Belladonna, demanded a conversation with Taybrim. After agreeing to help Ops' crew, she was shot by Megan Carter, who she in turn managed to kill before being transported to the Narendra's sickbay.
Sadie Asta ?? Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim An Engineer aboard the Belladonna, who worked with Renot, Luthas and Sherlock to dismantle the tricobald device and shut down the impulse engines.
Kollo Tellarite Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim A civilian security specialist who aided Blackwell, Dal and Bailey in the evacuation of the Belladonna.
Captain Fransix Leski Human Alive Created/Simmed by Trovek Arys Captain of the SS Belladonna

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Alora DeVeau First Officer
Ishreth Dal Marine Liason Played by Sal Taybrim
Luthas Marine Captain
Aine Sherlock Tactical Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Op Officer
Egil Renot Engineering Officer
Parvana Science Officer Played by Alora DeVeau
Nella Noxwyn Security Officer
Trovek Arys Chief Medical Officer
Sheila Bailey Medical Officer
Vitor Tito Intelligence Officer
Nestira Aristren Intelligence Officer Played by Trovek Arys
Henry Maxwell FNS Reporter

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