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Ithri Sh’shedor is a Marine Intelligence Officer on the USS Oumuamua.

Crystalflower.png Ithri Sh’shelor Crystalflower.png
USS Oumuamua

"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Fullname Ithri Sh’shelor
D.O.B. 237104.04
Birthplace Andoria
Occupation TBD
Specialties Combat & Intelligence
Rank 2nd Lieutenant (Equivalent to Ensign)
Height 1.68 m (5' 5")
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Silver
Fluent Lang. Graalen, Klingon, Standard
Hobbies Learning new skills, reading, crocheting, combat, martial arts  
Crystalflower.png Appearance Crystalflower.png

Blue as a Terran sky, her skin is smooth and blemish free and casts its hue over rolling curves. She is not particularly tall, but she holds herself strength, and though her body seems delicate, provocative, there is more strength there than meets the eye. Long supple fingers move with a grace but also a deftness and quickness that speaks of a hidden durability. Hair pours over her shoulders and down her waist like molten latinum, framing a delicate oval face. A gently curved nose is set above full lips that, for the most part, remain in an uncaring line upon her face. But the eyes, those large, sky blue windows, the same hue as her skin, gaze out from under thick, silvery lashes, seemingly cold and uncaring, bely the depths of emotion that stir deep within.

Crystalflower.png Personality Crystalflower.png

Typical of her race, Ithri feels deeply, holding a flame of passion within her as much as any other blue blooded Andorian. She can be quick to anger, but she is not unreasonable, nor is she unintelligent. Keen of eye, she notices small things, subtle details that others will miss. A very detailed oriented person, she does not like things out of place and prefers to play by the rules. Although she keeps much to herself, when she considers a person a friend, there is little she will not do to protect those whom she cares about.

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