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USS Juneau
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John Kendrick
Position Security Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237508.11
Age 23
Birthplace Kendrick’s Palace
Writer ID J239801JK3
Commemorative Coins
Per Aspera Ad Astra Commemorative Coin.png Year of the Commodore Commemorative Coin.png
Player Achievements
Friends in high places
What's up, doc?
Penny for your thoughts
It's all in the details
Follow up appointment
A face for the name
Data hound
These things happen
Met a dragonfly
Into the Wilds we go
That's no Spike!
Part of the team
That was awkward
Friend in need
It takes two
These things happen

Lieutenant John Kendrick is currently serving as a Security Officer aboard the USS Juneau.



  • Height: 1.8m
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Athletic


Family Background

John was born into a wealthy family, living in a sector just outside Federation controlled space. His father, Bill Kendrick, leads the Universal Trading Company (UTC) which unites 47 independent freighters in search for business, trading and transport.

Being the eldest son, John was expected to take over the company just like his father before him. But John wasn’t cut out for the world of business. He is an adventurer, an explorer.

At age 18, John left his home and family behind to study at Starfleet Academy.

Road to Starfleet

Throughout the Federation and beyond, a Starfleet officer has the aura of a 24th century renaissance man or woman. The so-called miracle workers. In reality however, only a small percentage of officers graduating from the Academy are truly gifted to excel in just about everything.

John falls in the category of those who, with limited talent but with hard work, managed to struggle their way through those four long years at the Academy. Observe and learn. That’s what his mother always told him.

Having no great love for the sciences and already having basic engineering and piloting skills (he got his first shuttlepod from his father at age 12), he chose to major in Starfleet Academy Survival Training (both Security and Tactical). A security officer has front row seats when it comes to first contact missions or diplomatic conferences. He’d go crazy if he had to sit at the helm of a starship all day or if he was being confined to engineering.


The Kendrick Family

  • William “Bill” Kendrick, Father
  • Elisabeth “Lizzie” Kendrick, Mother
  • Eric Kendrick, Brother
  • Nathalie Kendrick, Sister

Academy Years

  • Gabriella Morientes: His best friend at the Academy.

USS Juneau

  • T'Lea: During their imprisonment aboard Daimon Kaybay's vessel, the FMS Gold Feather, T’Lea used a faux nerve pinch on both John and doctor Rel Cassi (mission:The Brave Ferengi) . Unbeknownst to the both of them at the time, it had created a bond between John and T’Lea which eventually drew them together once T’Lea could no longer fight the effects of Pon Farr. Driven by both lust and his duty towards a fellow officer in need, John mated with T’Lea. Currently both of them do not know how to proceed after what happened between the two of them. With T’Lea being his superior officer, it will certainly complicate things even more.

The Wanderer

John befriended the crew of the transport ship The Wanderer – a freighter in service of his father’s company – after helping them get back their shipment of stolen honey.

  • Charles Hennessey: Age 85. Human. A man who is used to do his own thing and listens to no one. Has been an independent freighter captain for over 50 years, working for the Universal Trading Company. He’s got a lifetime of experience. He is a father figure to his crew. Honest and honorable. Likes his bourbon.
  • Moa Andersson: Age 29. Human. Lived most of her life on transport ships. Raised by her mother. Never knew her father. Her crew is her family, a bond thicker than blood. Her ship, her crew against the rest of the galaxy. Position: first mate and pilot.
  • Tolena: Age 20. Bolian. At age 3 kidnapped while a passenger transport was attacked by Orions. Sold to a rich family on a border world. A living doll for their children to play with. As she became older, she was sold off as a house slave. Met a local thug in her teens. She managed to escape. It was Hennessey who saved her from this miserable life on the streets. Gave her a new goal in life. Position: mechanic
  • Brikane: Age 55. Cardassian. He is the son of a high ranking Legate. Though born into a family of distinguished career officers, he was just a foot soldier in the Cardassian infantry. This makes him a failure in his father’s eyes.He hates violence and the military. It brings back cold memories of his father and family. He rather runs away from a fight than starting one. He only pulls out a gun when his life is threatened. Some 20 years ago, he got stranded behind enemy lines during the Dominion War. He took the opportunity to flee from his miserable life. It was Hennessey who offered him a new life, far away from everything Cardassian. Position: cook and nurse

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 239401.04 - 239801.03 Starfleet Academy
link=Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 239801.04 - 239806.22 USS Juneau
Security Officer
Lieutenant JG SD 239806.23 - 239809.15 USS Juneau
Security Officer
Lieutenant SD 239809.16 - present USS Juneau
Security Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239801.04
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 239803.12
USS Juneau
Awarded for his efforts in saving the sentient Mithgiln vessel Ma’al.

Mission:Visitors in the Night

Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239803.12
USS Juneau
Awarded for his contribution in finding a way to help heal the sentient Mithgiln vessel Ma'al.

Mission: Visitors in the Night

Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239806.23
USS Juneau
Awarded for his help in establishing a peace between DaiMon Kaybay and the Jem'Hadar colony on Aturn VII.

Mission: The Brave Ferengi

Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239806.23
USS Juneau
Awarded for his help in establishing a peace between DaiMon Kaybay and the Jem'Hadar on Aturn VII.

Mission: The Brave Ferengi

Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Prisoner of War Ribbon 239806.23
USS Juneau
Awarded for being held as a prisoner aboard the FMS Gold Feather by DaiMon Kaybay.

Mission: The Brave Ferengi

Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239806.23
USS Juneau
Awarded for sustaining an injury on Aturn VII.

Mission: The Brave Ferengi

Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239809.16
USS Juneau
Awarded for making first contact with the Ix'O.

Mission: Return to the Ring

Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239809.16
USS Juneau
Awarded for exploring the city of Deolia on Ring 42.

Mission: Return to the Ring

Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239809.16
USS Juneau
Awarded for finding and rescuing the missing crew members of the USS Grace Hopper in the city of Deolia 2.

Mission: Return to the Ring

Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239811.18
USS Juneau
Awarded to the crew for securing the ship during the mission – even when they were stressed out by having to deal with the hallucinations caused by a small orb, one of the Cagnal artifacts.

Mission: The Pied Piper

Starfleet Investigation Ribbon.png
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon 239811.18
USS Juneau
Awarded to the crew for figuring out the Cagnal orb was resposible for their halluciantions.

Mission: The Pied Piper

Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239902.11
USS Juneau
Awarded for exploring the planet Anadasa.

Mission: The Silent Monster

Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239902.11
USS Juneau
Awarded for helping free Lieutenant JG Falt from an Anadasan prison.

Mission: The Silent Monster

Starfleet Investigation Ribbon.png
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon 239905.07
USS Juneau
Awarded for his part in tracking down the Artifact and, the investigation surrounding those efforts.

Mission: Finders Keepers

Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239905.07
USS Juneau
Awarded for the crew in combating piracy in the Wilds

Mission: Finders Keepers

Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239905.07
USS Juneau
Awarded for going above and beyond to save the freighter crew.

Mission: Finders Keepers

Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239905.07
USS Juneau
Awarded for sustaining an injury trying to rescue survivors of a freighter.

Mission: Finders Keepers

Missions & Shore Leaves

Visitors in the Night (239801)
The crew of the USS Juneau is investigating a black hole circling a quasar, when probes pick up evidence of a derelict vessel on the verge of being pulled in. Closer inspection shows it to be a pair of vessels, a large vessel of unknown origin and a smaller but still large Mithgiln vessel.
Shore Leave (239802)
John visits Lightside Station for the first time and goes to Fusion Haven where he chooses to take a mud bath to relax a little bit after his first mission aboard the Juneau. Unfortunately his day out to the spa is suddenly interrupted as Captain Han contacts him, informing him about the disappearance of both doctor Indobri and science officer T’Lea. John joins the SAR-mission to Orstand III to find their missing crew members.
The Brave Ferengi (239803)
The Jem'Hadar found a new home on Aturn VII, a planet claimed by the Ferengi DaiMon Kaybay. Captain Oddas is called upon by First Bekanar’Klan to mediate a peaceful resolution.
Shore Leave (239805)
After another intense mission, John is debriefed by First Officer Iovianus. After that he joins a training session at the phaser range aboard Juneau, organized by Major Han. Showing off his skills as an excellent marksman, Lieutenant JG Silveira nicknames him Bullseye Kendrick. He also attends a counseling session with Counselor Tierney, discussing his difficult relationship with his family. Before the Awards Ceremony he meets up with Commander Williams from Starfleet Intelligence, who just recently transferred to the ship, to discuss how they could improve the ship’s sensor internal sensors to detect weapons that can’t be filtered out by the ship’s transporter.
Return to the Ring (239806)
Captain Melchor of the USS Grace Hopper contacts the USS Juneau after their Away Team has gone missing on Ring 42 in the Dialran system.
Shore Leave (239808)
While visiting Lightside Station, John has an unexpected encounter with the crew of The Wanderer – a freighter in service of his father’s transport company. As their Captain - Hennessey - offers John a tour of the ship, they discover that their cargo has been stolen. With no help from the authorities, John decides to help the crew get their stolen cargo back. Their journey leads them to the fifth moon of Orstand III (Orsung) where they find their stolen cargo in a warehouse located in the center of a Balerian settlement. In an attempt to avoid bloodshed, John offers the Balerian leader named Orzuc a trade: Wanderer’s shipment of honey in exchange for an ancient chronowatch. The Balerians agree and after The Wanderer sets course back for Lightside Station, John receives an urgent message from Lieutenant-Commander T’Lea. Realizing her life is in danger, John asks Hennessey to alter course for the planet Phorth. Once there, they beam the Commander aboard – together with her mother (Raivus) and a Romulan male named Ajen. John suddenly finds himself fighting for the right to mate with T’Lea – the ancient Vulcan ritual of Kal-If-Fee. After he’s knocked down by Ajen and is about to lose the fight, Ajen is stunned down by Moa, ultimately making John the winner. As they conclude the ritual of Pon Farr, John is left with more questions than answers. Are they in a relationship now?
The Pied Piper (239809)
After successfully concluding the peace process between the Caglan and the Zik, the Juneau sets course for nebula DE-678912 - dubbed the Dirty Elbow Nebulae by the locals - after receiving a distress call from an old Cardassian listening post, claiming Nauscican pirates are targeting transport vessels in one of the most prominent trading routes in the Aavaro Wilds.
Shore Leave (239810)
John and Intelligence Officer, Commander Williams, join Commander T’Lea on an archaeological expedition deep in the jungle of Hendrikspool on Bajor. They accidentally meet up with Science Officer Ensign Falt and his father Erik, who were on a camping trip, and continue their journey through the jungle. Their search for a crashed Cardassian transport vessel some eighty years ago, at the beginning of the occupation, eventually leads to the discovery of a settlement of the survivors - all followers of the Oralian Way. T’Lea manages to convince their Bajoran protector, Vedek Re, to return to the civilized world to treat his medical condition.
The Silent Monster (239811)
As the Juneau is surveying the planet Anadasa, an M-class world inhabited by a pre-industrialized civilization, the Tactical Department detects a crashed Borg ship deep within the planet’s ocean.
Shore Leave (239901)
As Juneau arrives at Ring 42 to help the crew of the Grace Hopper with the construction of their research facilities, John spends his free hours reading and analysing padds upon padds on Security and Tactical procedures to improve his skills. His study is interrupted by Commander Qinn’s request to join Engineering officer Velehk Careno and Ensign Thand – one of the Grace Hopper’s linguists – to explore one of the ancient labs they discovered on Ring 42. As three of them try to make sense of the installations inside the lab, they accidently activate one of the devices and are shifted out of phase with normal space. Unable to contact their ships, they start exploring the lab until they stumble upon what looks like a turbolift car, octagonal shaped, but without a door. They conclude it is some kind of teleportation device. Ensign Thand is able to figure out its mechanics and realizes it’s a device built to transfer people in and out of phase. Relieved to have found a way out, he three of them step onto the pad and activate the machine to return to normal space.
Special Mission (LOA 239902.16 - 239903.18)
After the Awards Ceremony aboard Juneau, John receives an urgent call from Starfleet Command. Apparently Command wants him to join the security detail of a Federation diplomatic mission to the Kalari Republic. Starfleet has only recently made first contact with this reptilian race, but his family’s company - the Universal Trading Company - already established a trade route deep into Kalari space years ago, which means Starfleet believes John’s knowledge of the Kalari could prove to be invaluable to the success of their mission. Unfortunately - as John had tried to warn them beforehand - the Kalari weren’t interested in any real diplomatic relationship with the Federation. To them, the Federation and - according to their propaganda - its military instrument, Starfleet, was a virus that infected the galaxy, imposing their rules and values on other civilizations.
Finders Keepers (239902)

Denali Station Crew

NPC Listing   ·   Denali Station Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Oddas Aria.png
Commanding Ofc.
Oddas Aria
Kalia Qinn.png
Kalia Qinn
Karise Indobri.png
Chief Med Ofc.
Karise Indobri
Tomas falt.png
Chief Science Ofc.
Tomas Falt
Ens aratta.png
Science Ofc.
Aratta Eriddu
Chief Sec/tac Ofc.
John Kendrick
Engineering Ofc.
Sera ensign.png
Engineering Ofc.
Engineering Ofc.
Zaaia Leix.png
Marine Ofc.
Zaaia Leix
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