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Denali Station
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Position Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Aurelian
Gender Male
DOB 236705.02
Age 33
Birthplace Alurian City, Aurelia
Writer ID J239802D12

Lieutenant JG Om-Zora is currently working as a medical officer on Denali Station


  • Name: Om-Zora
  • Age: 32
  • DOB: 236705.02
  • Race: Aurelian
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 7’0 (2.1m), not counting the head feathers.
  • Wingspan: 20ft (6.1m)
  • Weight: 162lbs (73.4kg)
  • Feather colors: Primarily various shades of sunflowery yellow, with very small touches of turquoise mixed in here and there, mostly on his hands, and in his head feathers.
  • Eyes: His eyes are a vibrant green color, and appear to be all iris, with no visible pupils.
  • Build: Tall, lithe.
  • Uniform (on duty): He wears a form of the uniform that is only altered to allow for his wings, and a full range of motion. Any differences from the typical uniform otherwise are not very noticeable as he is decidedly precise about the professionalism in the uniform department when he can be.
  • Taste in clothing (off duty): It's not usually overly styled. Just enough to be presentable to the general humanoid population and it's usually neutral colors like whites, beiges, greys, or blacks. Occasionally the medical blue color to better indicate his medical background if he is going to wear something more colorful. If he can get away with it, he doesn't necessarily wear shirts when he doesn't need to. Easier on the feathers that way.
  • Voice: Interestingly low, has a strange but pleasant accent. Though he usually talks with an almost monotone inflection due to his years served on Vulcan-heavy crews in the past.

Personality and Background

Om-Zora wanted to do his education off-world but didn’t initially join Starfleet in favor of trying a slightly different path first. Given some of his family's social connections, and being notably upstanding and level-headed in specific ways educationally, he was given permission to study on Vulcan and has worked on various ships with Vulcan-heavy crews for years. During those years he worked in tandem with Starfleet a few times, so he wasn't unfamiliar with the experience. Relatively recently, however, he was encouraged to officially become part of Starfleet at the suggestion of a higher-up for the benefit of stretching his wings and having more diverse experiences to better expand his medical skill set. He agreed it was time, and so far that has been a very good choice for him. It didn’t take much to get through the additional Starfleet-specific education necessary given he had quite a bit of field experience. He's glad he joined when and how he did. He still has some interesting personality quirks, and a tendency to say things are logical or illogical from his extended time with Vulcans, though.

He was on a Starship for a good while; initially as a form of off-campus schooling, and later as an official Starfleet residency. But eventually, an opportunity to transfer to Denali Station to help out with their growing population and crew presented itself, and he decided to take it. As a bonus, it turns out he already knows someone on the Station.