Take Me Somewhere Else (Denali Station)

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As Fleet Captain Oddas starts making the necessary preparations to welcome the delegations from Mitandar and the Cardassian Union, Chief Science Officer Tomas Falt comes across an interesting report about the recent discovery of a mysterious hall underneath one of the Spires located outside the Administrative Area.


Senior officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Oddas Aria Fleet Captain
Kalia Qinn First Officer
John Kendrick Chief Security and Tactical
Marcus Barric Security Officer LOA as of 239910.07
Alex Forsyth Tactical Officer Joined 239910.03
Dekas Head of Infrastructure Development
Kettick Engineering Officer
Tomas Falt Chief Science officer
T'Lea Science officer
Karise Indobri Chief Medical Officer
Vermillion Vox Medical Officer Joined 239909.23, LOA as of 239910.12
Ashley Yael Counselor
Gogigobo Fairhug Marine Captain Joined 239910.03
Name Position Notes
Ebiss Ton Intelligence officer on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Oddas Aria
Neshala HCO on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Karise Indobri
Daimon Kaybay Owner of Aturn VII MSNPC simmed by Kettick
Illani Dakir Diplomat from the Cardassian Diplomatic Corps MSNPC simmed by John Kendrick
Lanin Kir Mithgiln Diplomat, and Adjudicator of the Appellate Council MSNPC simmed by Kalia Qinn
V'Las Deranged Vulcan survivor in the lab MSNPC simmed by Dekas



Soldotna, Science Department. After a short briefing Lieutenant Falt, joined by T’Lea, Kendrick and Kettick, are beamed over by the USS Eagle to one of the Spire buildings located in the North East district of the city. As they enter the ivory colored building, they make their way to a staircase that leads to an enormous, white hall underneath the Ivory Spire.

Meanwhile at Anchorage, Fleet Captain Oddas has gathered a group of officers to discuss the arrival of the delegations from Mitandar and the Cardassian Union. Intelligence Officer Ebiss Ton informs them that the Cardassian representative is said to have links with a dissident movement called ‘Cardassia First’.

Act One

White Hall

Lieutenant Falt and his team explore the white hall beneath the spire, but have no idea what the function of the room is. The length of the hall, on both sides, has alcoves with seating built into the wall while on the short sides there is one large frame built into the wall and opposite it two small frames but with no apparent entrance or exit. As they detect a heat signature behind the walls, Ensign Kettick sets up a sonic generator to try to pierce through the wall and find the power source behind it. As he checks the readings on his instrument, he discovers that they might have accidently activated something. That something soon translates into a rumbling moving through the floor plates of the hall. As Kendrick and T’Lea quickly take shelter by taking a seat in one of the alcoves, they find the walls slowly moving, converging to the center until they come to a full stop and a flash of light fills the hall.


As Fleet Captain Oddas welcomes a newly arrived medical officer named Vermillion Vox, from the corner of her eye she notices a puff of smoke in the distance. She is contacted by Gunnery Sergeant Hesan aboard the USS Eagle who informs her that sensors have picked up a spike at the location of the Ivory Spire. Just as the Captain orders a beam-out of Lieutenant Falt’s team, the Spire crumbles down.

Guest Residences

Per order of Fleet Captain Oddas, Lieutenant Dekas, accompanied by HCO Officer Neshala and newly arrived Security Officer Ensign Barric make a tour of the guest residences to see if everything is up to spec.

As they inspect the residence of the Cardassian delegation, they find a lizard-like creature in one of the closets. After they manage to get the lizard out of the room and are about to finish up the inspection, they receive an urgent call from Commander Qinn with the order to report at the shuttle Penobscot.

Daimon Kaybay

The Daimon pays a surprise visit to Leyisa Yhanne, telling her he’s here to do business. Just then they hear an explosion and Yhanne suspects the Ferengi has something to do with it. Kaybay swears he has nothing to do with after which Yhanne agrees to put him into contact with Oddas.

Act Two

Underwater Lab

Disorientated, Falt and his team find themselves in a corridor deep underwater. As the path behind them is blocked by debris and smoke, they have to follow the corridor in the hope of finding an exit. They soon come across a door that leads to another room but are unable to open it.

Suddenly they hear glass breaking behind them. They turn around and watch as some sort of gigantic sea creature crushes the corridor. Realizing they’re running out of options, Kendrick uses a device to overload the door’s circuitry and manages to push it open with his bare hands. They make it inside the doors just in the nick of time and realize they can't go back the same way they came in.

But upon looking closer, the space is a derelict and abandoned science lab, with specimens in various states. T'Lea senses some sort of Telepathic Braille as she reads an otherwise untranslated label that says "Project T-29: Group C. Subject 103. DNA altered. Telepath enhanced." Fortunately for the team, the thing inside appears to be dead.

Unfortunately, the lab itself is getting colder.

Lieutenant Falt keeps things on track, taking the time to prioritize what needs doing and the teams briefly split up with Falt and Kettick going to locate a system interface, and T'Lea and Kendrick to search for a potential means of sending out a communication signal if they even can.

Falt and Kettick find a crawlway and the light glow of a console that is unfortunately up too high to reach without taking unnecessary risks to get to it quickly.

T'Lea and Kendrick find conveyance transports on some of the tanks in the lab, smaller than those that brought them to the lab, to begin with. Suddenly T'Lea picks up an energy reading on her tricorder.

Not long after, they all agree to regroup to figure out communications.

Diplomatic Dignitaries & Intel

As the rescue operation is set into motion, the Cardassian and Mithgiln delegations arrive at the situation.

The Cardassian representative, Illani Dakir, is welcomed by Intelligence Officer Ebiss Ton while Counsellor Yael is assigned to the Mithgiln delegation. The diplomats and crew meet together in Captain Oddas' Conference room. And not long into the process, Daimon Kaybay joins them in the conversation. Kaybay's strangely convenient arrival leaves the Captain wondering if the explosion prior to the talks was such an accident.

With the arrival of the Daimon, Yael, in an attempt at diplomatically lightening the mood to some degree, suggests a later game of Tongo with them. Something that causes a little bit of a stir in the meeting from various parties for various reasons. They decide to take a quick recess to the Replimat.

Around the same time, Ensign Alex Forsyth arrives at the Station and is assigned to work with Lieutenant Stelek to see if they can either prove foul play on Kaybay's part or rule it out and help sort out what might have happened otherwise. They choose to speak with Leyisa Yhanne, the owner of Club Mobius as a starting point.

Search & Rescue

Dekas, Neshala, Barric, Qinn, and Vox meet Gunnery Sergeant Nan Hesan at the site of the explosion to search for the missing crew members. Only a little way into the search, an unexpected cave-in occurs; injuring Commander Qinn in a way that she is unable to continue forward even with a little help from Medical Officer Vermillion Vox. Dekas contacts the USS Eagle and they beam Qinn to the med bay, leaving Dekas now in charge of the search team.

As they continue down, they find a set of ornate, solid blast doors. Lieutenant Neshala helps to open those doors, and they step into a strangely pristine room before another cave-in happens, leaving them unable to go out the way they came in, and needing to rely on either an alternative exit or the help of the Eagle as it's still in communications range.

They find an inset doorway with Glyphs in an unknown language, and Lt. Commander T'Lea's tricorder in the room when Marine Captain Gogigobo Fairhug makes his way to the station and is assigned to assist in the search and rescue.

Once introductions are out of the way, Fairhug, Vox, and Hesan continue to check for possible clues into the whereabouts of the missing people when Medical officer Vox finds an older style uniform of an unfortunate, and proof of the mysterious death of a previous potential research team member from before Denali was inhabited again.

The only thing Dekas is able to glean from the Glyphs up front from T'Lea's tricorder is the word "convey" which he takes to mean the definition of "Making an idea understandable" rather than "to carry or transport somewhere." Gunny Hesan suggests that since they won't find much more there, that they take to the Eagle to gather better intelligence, and the team decides this is the right idea. Dekas contacts the Eagle, and they are transported aboard to do just that.

Act Three

Underwater Lab Survival

As T'Lea and Kendrick search for the source of the anomalous energy reading, they end up in another room. The room itself is octagonal in shape with at the center something that looks like some kind of basin. Scans reveal a the presence of a dive module. In the process of figuring out communications, the team begins hearing strange sounds around them. Things that don't sound like the lab creaking.

After some time, a suspicious Vulcan called V'Las stumbles into the room they're searching and is bleeding terribly from lacerations and glass, having evidently fallen at some point. It is quickly noted that V'Las has been trapped alone in the lab for a very long time. Longer than he can remember.

He has a strange, somehow angry fixation on Tomas Falt who looks far too similar to a previous person who was with him called Tobias Falen, and in his isolation somewhat believes Tomas to be Tobias.

The team looks around and finds a way to work with the underwater pods to get out and find the horribly decayed corpse of Tobias Falen.

It doesn't fit everyone so T'Lea, Tomas, and V'Las go first.

As they move, V'Las takes that as his chance to try to mind-meld with Tomas, make him feel the pain he's felt for so many years. But Tomas has a protector... Enni. And V'Las is quickly booted out of Tomas' mind unconscious, but not dead. Where he will eventually be forced to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Diplomatic Dignitaries Continued

In the Replimat for a recess, Cardassian Diplomat Illani Dakir takes her chance to talk to Yael. Mithgiln Adjudicator Lanin Kir, along with Daimon Kaybay, speaks with Fleet Captain Oddas.

Rescue Team: The Eagle Assists

Already on their way to the bridge, the rescue team gets a communication from the officer on watch about an odd transmission coming from somewhere on the ring. They go to the location, and upon scanning the area, they get reading of a Cardassian ship, the Ba'tan following them. It takes a few hails to get them to answer, and they make vague threats once Dekas tells them it's just a "survey mission" at the suggestion of Hesan. But soon enough the Cardassian's head off. For now.

They also find the lab, and readings tell them it's made of a Kelbonite alloy, which makes it difficult to simply beam the missing team out of the lab, but they are thankfully able to get in communication with them to tell them as much, and wait for them to make it out of the structure in a pod to get them.

In the end, they get them back on the Eagle and head back home to the station.