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USS Garuda
Dre'lith Chaun
Position Helmsman & Pilot
Rank Lieutenant
Species Andorian
Gender thaan (masculine male)
DOB 2361
Age 39
Birthplace Andoria
"See, that's something I missed. The sound of laughter. ...especially from a woman."
–Chaun, chatting up Danielle Vistain and Roshanara Rahman

Dre'lith Chaun is a 39-year-old Andorian helmsman and pilot aboard the USS Mercury.


Born in 2361, Chaun previously served aboard the USS T'Plana-Hath, the only Andorian amongst a mostly Vulcan crew. On SD 238909.16, he was reassigned to the USS Mercury. While waiting for his new assignment to arrive at StarBase 118, Chaun struck up conversation with fellow transferring officers Danielle Vistain and Roshanara Rahman. The Andorian thaan (masculine male) tried unsuccessfully to convince them to join him for some "adventure" in the holosuite.

Noteworthy SIMs

Memorable Quotes

Chaun: "Are those spots I see hiding under there? We didn't meet in a past lifetime did we?"
Rahman: "I'm afraid it must not have been that memorable..."

Additional Information

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