Rebecca Gilaars

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USS Garuda
Rebecca Gilaars
Rebecca Gilaars

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Lieutenant JG Rebecca Gilaars, a Terran/Betazoid, currently serves as medical officer aboard the USS Garuda.


  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: 5'7

Family History

  • Mother: Carla Gilaars
  • Father: Berad Gillars
  • Siblings: Garin( brother), Nali (sister)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Personal History

Rebecca was born, to Berad and Carla Gilaars, while they served on DS 38. She was the quiet one of the three children, preferring solitary activities. Even so, she made a few close friends, at the schools she attended.

As soon as Becky became aware of her Betazoid traits, she was determined to use them wisely. There were times when she struggled with her dual heritage, but she kept it to herself, not wanting to burden anyone else. It was during her teen years, that Becky became more outgoing and, at times, mischievous, influenced by her peers. This allowed her to be more open about her dual heritage, which helped ease her struggles, as her family helped her understand the human and Betazoid heritages.

Being an above-average student, Ms Gilaars was readily accepted to Starfleet Academy. Although a good student at the Academy, Becky had a hard time with Math and some other classes, but excelled in Psychology and has a knack for solving sticky problems. Served on Luna for 18 months, as a Security Officer.

Upon graduation from starfleet, Rebecca was commissioned as an Ensign and served on Luna Base, as a Security Officer. She then served on several ships, for short stints, before receiving orders of transfer, once again. Professional History

Starfleet Academy - 4 years - Majored is Ship and Planetary Security, minored in Diplomacy and Sociology

USS Delano - 1 year - Served as Security Officer

USS Amagosa - 2 years - Served as a Security officer, for one year, before being assigned as acting ACOS

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