Ivani Gupta

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Ivani Gupta
Fullname Ivani Din Gupta
Titles Enlisted Crewmember
Position Teacher/Historian
Father Din, Jainil
Mother Din, Bandhavi
Date of Birth 235804.12
Place of Birth India, Terra
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5' 1"
Weight 50 kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Lang. Hindi, Standard, Cardassian
Petite of frame as well as height, Ivani was often teased by her six foot husband for her short stature. A sweetly round face contains large almond eyes surrounded by ebony eyelashes. A softly triangular nose guides the eye down to a well formed mouth that contains just a hint of pink. Her hair is kept to a length usually just past her shoulders and its onyx hue has never been touched with any sort of highlights or dyes. Thin but not without curves, she dresses fairly conservatively, usually in darker hues. Her fingers are petite as the rest of her, her nails kept well manicured.
Ivani was always the smartest of her sisters, and the one who sought to do more with her life. Stubbornness had always been a part of her makeup, but she learned to hide her true feelings. She is more of an introvert than the man she married and while she'll not go out of her way to avoid large groups, social situations on a larger scale wear her out. She can be argumentative, particularly when she believes in something. She's respectful to her superior officers, but it not afraid to speak her mind.
235904.12 - Birth
237605.10 - Meets Alagarasu
237608.03 - Alagarasu enters Starfleet Academy
237708.10 - Alagarasu and Ivani are married by a Captain at the Academy.
237704.02 - Alagarasu and Ivani move aboard the USS Ranger-A
2388 - Duronis riots claim Alagarasu's life.
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