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USS Veritas
Position Command Master Chief
Rank Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Species Denobulan
Gender Male
DOB 2306
Age 90
Birthplace Denobula

REEZ: I would have said, "Don't jump!" but seeing as how you already did that the last time a warp core was ejected, I guess I should say, "Don't jump again!"

RAHMAN: Are you done?

REEZ: Wait, I think I've got one more... ::grabs onto the railing:: "Don't pull me down with you this time!"

Reez tries to "make sangrias out of lemons" for Roshanara Rahman as they stare down the abyss where the Mercury's warp core used to be.
"Respect" - SD 239012.27

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Reez: "And he returns triumphant with our princess."
Rahman: "Don't you mean your queen?"
Reez: "Sorry, your majesty."
-Reez congratulates Xio on retrieving the chief engineer of the Mercury, SD 239002.12

Reez is the 90-year-old Denobulan command master chief petty officer aboard the USS Veritas.


A veteran of the service, Reez had previously served aboard the USS Tempest and was severely injured during a major accident aboard that ship in 2383. The engineers had been working on refinements to the ship's intermix chamber. The core began overheating to critical levels, despite the engagement of all plasma coolant tanks feeding into the system. When Reez and another engineer named Roshanara Rahman began evacuating the warp core compartment in preparation for ejection of the core, one of the plasma coolant tanks cracked, blinding Reez.

Rahman went back to Reez's aid, and both engineers were now trapped in the isolated compartment. Facing an imminent core breach, Lt. Commander Montanez, the chief engineer of the Tempest, continued with the warp core ejection, knowing that the two engineers would face painful, horrific deaths once the actively feeding plasma coolant system ruptured. Fortunately, Rahman's quick thinking protected the two engineers from the subsequent flood of plasma coolant.

Afterward, Reez underwent rehabilitation along with Rahman on Medical Starbase 253, and he was outfitted with ocular implants to give him his sight back. He eventually returned to active duty, this time aboard the Venture. In late 2389, upon learning that Rahman had become chief engineer of the USS Mercury, he sought transfer to that vessel, fulfilling a promise he had made to her after the accident. He later followed her to the USS Garuda, and USS Invicta.

In 2396, Reez transferred to the USS Veritas to reunite with Rahman once again, this time serving as the senior-most enlisted officer aboard her ship.

The 90-year-old Denobulan is a father and married to three wives, one of whom is an engineer herself.

Noteworthy SIMs

  • "Making The Call" - SD 238909.25 (Reez is saved by Rahman after they both are left to die by their department chief.)
  • "Love—well, something—is in the air" - SD 238911.27 (Reez and Rahman are reunited aboard the Mercury.)
  • "Respect" - SD 239012.27 (With the Mercury in tow back to DSX, Reez and Rahman reminisce about the last time they experienced a warp core ejection.)

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