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Joseph Washington
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Joseph Washington

Joseph Washington is the 53-year-old Commander of Starfleet Operations along the Tholian border, including the Shoals. He previous served as commanding officer of the USS Invicta and USS Pioneer.

A decorated veteran of the Dominion War, Joseph Washington comes from a long line of Starfleet officers going back to the original Earth Starfleet. Though his ancestors thought of themselves as explorers, Washington's experiences during the Dominion War fundamentally changed the way he viewed the purpose of Starfleet and the larger Federation, especially following an ambush on his ship the USS Yuan Tseh Lee, in which most of the command crew were killed. As the ship's operations officer at the time, then-Lieutenant Washington took command of the vessel from Main Engineering and managed to save the rest of the crew. Afterward, Washington became a strict military officer, determined to hone discipline among those under his command because he had seen far too many friends and colleagues die on the front lines and the harsh frontier.

Washington was assigned as chief tactical officer of the USS Pioneer in 2382 and was then promoted to first officer in 2385, under Captain Jodhani. After Jodhani was promoted to commodore in 2388, Washington assumed command of the Pioneer. He was reassigned to take command of the USS Invicta in 2393. After the Invicta Expedition concluded in 2395, Washington was reluctant to take on another tour of duty aboard a starship and away from his family, and the seasoned officer considered finally retiring from Starfleet. However, following Admiral sh'Hiel's unceremonious sacking after the USS Astraeus incident in the Shoals, Washington agreed to assume sh'Hiel's previous post of Commander of Starfleet Operations for the Tholian region and was promoted to rear admiral. In 2398, he was promoted to vice admiral.

Stats & Service Record


Full Name Joseph Washington
Pronunciation Jo-sef WAH-shing-tuhn
Nickname Joe
Species Human
Date of Birth 234502.23
Age 53
Place of Birth Detroit, Earth, Sol Sector
Gender Male

Starfleet Career

Serial Number: EF - 108 - 117
Training Facility Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2363-2367
Major Tactical
Minor Operations
Commissioned 2367
Current Rank Vice Admiral
Current Assignment Commander for Starfleet Operations - Tholian Region
Service Record (partial)
USS Pioneer, 2382 - 2393
  • Chief Tactical Officer, 2382 - 2385
    • Lt. Commander
  • First Officer, 2385 - 2388
    • Commander, promoted 2385
  • Commanding Officer, 2388 - 2393
    • Captain, promoted 2388
    • Commander, demoted 2391
USS Invicta, 2393 - 2395
  • Commanding Officer, 239304 - 2395
    • Commander
    • Captain, reinstated 2393
Tholian Region, 2395 - Present
Starfleet Command.png
  • Commander of Starfleet Operations - Tholian Region, 239506 - Present
    • Rear Admiral, promoted 2395
    • Vice Admiral, promoted 2398


  • Height: 193 cm (6'4")
  • Weight: 95 kilos (210 lbs)
  • Eye Color: Brown


  • Spouse: Martina Shevchenko
    • Martina served as chief engineer of the USS Yuan Tseh Lee during the Dominion War. After the two became the highest ranking survivors of a Jem'Hadar attack on their ship, the two began a romantic relationship and eventually wed in 2375, shortly before the war's end. After the war, Martina left Starfleet to take a job in the private sector while Joseph remained in the service. The two settled on the planet Coridan, where their first child Anton was born.
  • Children:


  • Claire Ellis, the chief science officer of the USS Yuan Tseh Lee who was killed-in-action in 2373. Claire and Joseph shared a strong friendship together on the Yuan Tseh Lee.
  • Grant Ellis, Claire's surviving son, to whom Joseph remains close.
  • Rosa Carrero, the former commanding officer of the USS Veritas who was killed in 2393. She and Joseph served together in the Dominion War and remain friends.
  • Roshanara Rahman, the commanding officer of the USS Veritas who previously served as the assistant chief engineer of the USS Pioneer. Washington served as somewhat of a mentor for Rahman, the two sharing an appreciation for Starfleet's rich history, protocol, and traditions.
  • Tristam Core, a former engineer on the USS Pioneer, Core became Washington's unexpected first officer shortly after he assumed command of the Invicta. The two shared an unusual yet surprisingly effective working relationship, with Washington's stricter style contrasting sharply with Core's more casual demeanor.

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