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USS Veritas
Position Helmsman & Pilot
Rank Lieutenant
Species Risian
Gender Female
DOB 2358
Age 38
Birthplace Mount Parohi, Risa
Maravosh: "Ikara! 'All that is yours is mine.'"
Zhou: "I don't think that's how that saying is supposed to go."
–Maravosh beats Zhou Tai-Sheng at a board game, SD 238906.16

Maravosh is a 38-year-old Risian helmsman and pilot aboard the USS Veritas.


Maravosh was born in 2358 in the city of Mount Parohi on Risa. While countless outsiders consider Risa a premier tourist destination, the young Maravosh found growing up in "paradise" restless. After earning her pilot's license as a teenager, she began civilian work by flying tourists around the various sights of Risa before eventually venturing further out into space. During one such "tour" in 2374, she was introduced to a group of Nausicaans, one of whom named Harkenna would become somewhat of a mentor for her.

After a few more years of working in the private sector, Maravosh joined Starfleet for a chance to pilot the latest ships of the line. Following graduation from the Academy, she received her commission in 2385.

While stationed aboard Starbase 301, she met Zhou Tai-Sheng, a security officer. A bit of a ladies man, Zhou initially tried to impress the Risian soon after he arrived on the starbase in 2387. He quickly found out, however, that he was not her type in more ways than one. Despite their awkward first encounter based on this misunderstanding, Zhou and Maravosh soon became close friends, and the pilot adopted Zhou as her wingman for her own social encounters. When Zhou later transferred to the USS Tiger in mid-2389, Maravosh requested time off to personally pilot the runabout USS Euphrates that brought him to his new ship.

A few weeks later, Maravosh herself sought active starship duty and transferred to the USS Drake. In addition to her regular helm duties, she also was assigned as a relief pilot for the 103rd Marine Search & Rescue Squadron aboard the Drake. She was later reassigned to the USS Garuda in late 2390.

Noteworthy SIMs

  • "Wingman" - SD 238906.16 (Zhou tries to pass the time while Maravosh takes him to his new assignment.)
  • "Sightseeing," Part 1 & Part 2- SD 238908.29 (When Maravosh is shot down on a desolate shard on the edge of the Ishkarian system and a Nausicaan mercenary attempts to capture both her and her shuttle, she remembers her first encounter with another Nausicaan fifteen years prior.)

Important Relationships

Memorable Quotes

Maravosh: "Okay, can we play something else now? Please!"
Zhou: "I thought you'd enjoy playing this game."
Maravosh: "I did. Five times in fact."
Zhou: "This is actually our seventh game."
Maravosh: "Exactly."

Maravosh: "We need to get your companion to a hospital."
Harkenna: "No, he is dead. Take us here."
Maravosh: "And what if I say no?"
Harkenna: ::laughs:: "Then I see you in jail. Maybe we will be roommates. Can do each other's hair."
Maravosh: oO Just great... a Nausicaan with a sense of humor. Oo

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