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USS Veritas
Position Specialist, SCE
Rank Petty Officer Second Class
Species Rodulan
Gender Male
DOB 233302.19
Age 63
Birthplace Kishmar Frontier, Basul Rodul
Telepathic Status: T6 NR
Any species, no contact required.
  • Due to his four-lobed brain, he is also a non-readable entity to most other telepaths and empaths.

Garuda NPCs: Engineering
About the Writer
"Every moment is a song sung by countless voices around me. Every person, a singer. The entire crew, a chorus."
-Xio, in a rare moment of sentimentality, describes the experience of Rodulan telepathy, SD 239102.23

Xio is a 63-year-old Rodulan engineering specialist attached to the SCE and currently aboard the USS Veritas. Though he looks young by Human standards, Xio is actually 63-years-old and a Dominion War veteran.


Xio first joined Starfleet in the early 2370s during the Dominion War to oppose the threat of the Dominion's invading forces gaining permanent stronghold on the Alpha Quadrant and beyond. Although most Rodulans tend to prefer keeping to their own affairs, Xio grew up during the occupation of his homeworld Basul Rodul and decided he would not stand by and allow his children to be subject to such a fate if he could help it. Having worked as a civilian engineer for much of his life, he chose to enlist in Starfleet rather than apply to the officer's academy to get aboard a starship as soon as possible.

Starfleet Career in the Dominion War

His first posting was the USS Venture in 2374, where he made a good impression with his efficiency and skills. However, the powerful telepath found interacting with his non-Rodulan crew members could be difficult at times because of their lack of control over their emotional impulses and fleeting thoughts. In turn, some of his colleagues found working with him a bit unsettling because of the Rodulan's startling all-black scleras and his overall quiet and detached personality. Still, through the trials of war, he grew to appreciate the diversity across the Federation species that he encountered, gaining even a fondness for some of their more excitable attributes, though he keeps such sentimentalities to himself.

Nisara, Xio's youngest daughter

It was from his war experience that he also developed a firm bond among his fellow enlisted engineers, and although he acknowledged the training exhibited by the officers, he sometimes felt they lacked a certain real world experience in dire situations where one had to rely less on superior resources and theoretical knowledge and more so on honed skills and intuition.

Return to Family

After the war, he left Starfleet to return to Basul Rodul to finish raising his children. When his youngest daughter Nisara left home to begin her university studies in 2386, Xio decided to work again with Starfleet, this time as a civilian associated with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

By 2389, he was reinstated as an enlisted engineer and was working on the rehabilitation of Deep Space 10 in the Menthar Corridor when the station became contaminated with an unknown pathogen that infected both the SCE crew and the station's horde of cybernetic maintenance spiders. Of the 56 officers and crewmen sent to DSX, only 13 survived. Xio and the others remained in hiding waiting for their eventual rescue, which came by way of the USS Mercury. With DSX once again functioning, Xio elected to remain aboard the Mercury for the time being.

After the Mercury was sent back to Federation repairs in late 2390, Xio was reassigned with most of her crew to the USS Garuda in late 2390.

In 2393, Xio was assigned to the USS Veritas.

Noteworthy SIMs

  • "Broken Dreams" - SD 239002.12 (Xio is sent to babysit his new department chief—or at least wake her up from her beauty sleep.)
  • "Unusual Request" - SD 239004.14 (Xio considers the luxuries of being an officer.)
  • "Rage" - SD 239102.08 (The Kubarey learn an important lesson: Don't make Xio angry.)

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