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Arrow Mission Archive

Season 1 (2397-2398)

  • Episode 00: Stardate 239706.22 - 239707.12
    • Finding the USS Arrow adrift and abandoned, the USS Juneau transports a boarding team aboard her to restore order and investigate the mysteries of it's presence in the Wilds.
Evading Mist
  • Episode 01: Stardate 239707.22 - 239708.31
    • The sudden appearance of millions of distress signals in a remote region of space sends the Arrow and Starbase 821 crews rushing to repair the vessel and investigate.
A Scouring of Stars
  • Episode 02: Stardate 239710.09 - 239712.02
    • Caught in a political storm with rapidly growing tensions both within the system as well as outside, the Arrow Crew must figure out how to keep the peace and uncover the mystery of the Sheliak and Theta 122.
The Ultimatum
  • Episode 03: Stardate 239801.08 - 239802.24
    • The Sheliak have arrived at Theta 122, right as the mystery of a signal underground is starting to heat up. With an ultimatum to clear the planet, and powerful weapons to bring to bear on the planet's population, the Sheliak aren't going to wait for Arrow to figure out a solution.