Amity Outpost Layout

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Grand Mezzanine

  • Three Stripes - Upmarket spirits and cocktails bar
  • Custom fashion retailer using cutting edge holodeck and replicator tech
  • Brew Continuum - First location in the Delta Quadrant (possibly one of several on Amity)
  • The Glommer and Beagle Pub
  • Wet Goods Tavern & Karaoke Bar
  • A ship sales place (new and used)
  • An "entertainment" leisure holodeck run by an Orion (who is officially above board but questionable)
  • Art gallery
  • Antiquities store
  • Medical center (Has two auxiliary sickbays attached for emergencies)
  • Federation Diplomatic Corps/embassy office
  • Federation History Museum
    • Three exhibits: Early Galactic History, First Contacts & The Federation's Founding, and Recent History
  • Lorqui’s Shop

Other Locations

  • Habitat Ring - same level as the big “docking bays”
  • Section 3 - where research lab complex was located and near docking bays
  • Main large docking bay is labeled “Bay 12”
    • Same width as a Galaxy or Sovereign class main shuttlebay
  • Peace Park - area dedicated to interfaith and multi-cultural harmony, featuring many symbols from different faiths, cultures, and communities. The park itself is a botanic garden cared for by the outpost's botanists and gardeners and is populated by small organic offerings from across the Federation. Small openings throughout the garden host holographic panels programmed to display religious or cultural symbolism. The objective of the peace park is to provide a refuge of peace and serenity for all. It may be of service to many beings. It also serves as a venue for teaching.