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The Amity Lifestyle


Getting around Amity Outpost

Amity Outpost is the Federation's floating city in the Delta Quadrant, a space station that includes a train system and terminals for visiting vessels. The primary method for people to get around the small city is via the "Corkscrew" Train System train system. As such (and unlike a starship) that means there are no turbolifts between the different sections of Amity - to go from one section to the other requires people use the train.

Within each section there are methods to get between floors (such as elevators, or turbolifts in the more Starfleet oriented sections such as Engineering). There are stairs between the Ground Level and Mezzanine Level of the Grand Mezzanine. There is also a luxurious glass elevator that leads up from the Mezzanine to the Spire.

Living on Amity

Crew, civilians, diplomats and guests all live or stay on the outpost in apartments or hotels. A Starfleet officer will typically live in an apartment in the Habitat Ring rather than cramped quarters that would be found on a starship!

The Spire

Eiffel Tower-like communications array, capped with three tall thin structures. Directly underneath the array is an observation deck and a restaurant called "Lighthouse"

Lighthouse Restaurant

Very upmarket, silver service. Situated next to the Observation Deck. The entire restaurant Including the observation deck) can be exclusively reserved by the Diplomatic Corp for official diplomatic functions.

Grand Mezzanine

The Grand Mezzanine is a lavish section located at the topmost part of the station under The Spire. It consists of a Mezzanine level and a Ground level.

The top half of Copernicus Center runs vertically through the middle of the Grand Mezzanine.

The Spire is visible through the transparent roof of the Grand Mezzanine.

Mezzanine Level

The Mezzanine level contains establishments against the outer wall of the station. The inner part of the "ring" contains a large walkway, and a rail that allows for viewing of the ground level below.

Two flights of steps leads from the Mezzanine level to the Ground level below.


  • Three Stripes - Upmarket spirits and cocktails bar
  • Custom fashion retailer using cutting edge holodeck and replicator tech
  • Brew Continuum - First location in the Delta Quadrant (possibly one of several on Amity)
  • Wet Goods Tavern & Karaoke Bar
  • The Glommer and Beagle Pub - Smaller than Wet goods, it has a modern decor, to the point where it was almost plain and drab - save for the massive illustration of a Glommer on one the long walls, and a Beagle (with "Porthos" handwritten in small letters underneath) on the other. The bar area is situated in the center of the pub, with tables and chairs around the outside of the area. There are many stools that are lined up around the entire long bar.
  • A ship sales place (new and used)
  • An "entertainment" leisure holodeck run by an Orion (who is officially above board but questionable)
  • Art gallery
  • Antiquities store
  • Medical center (Has two auxiliary sickbays attached for emergencies)
  • Federation Diplomatic Corps/embassy office
  • Federation History Museum
    • Three exhibits: Early Galactic History, First Contacts & The Federation's Founding, and Recent History
  • Lorqui’s Shop
  • Show Rhihv - A novelty clothing store run by a Romulan refugee named Zerod. The name of the shop is Romulan for "warm subject (Hot Topic)." Another outlet exists on Starbase 224.
  • Neelix's - a restaurant that is a recreation of the USS Voyager's mess hall. A Talaxian impersonator takes on the role of Neelix, Voyager's Chief Morale Officer, chef de cuisine, and legendary guide to the Delta Quadrant. The restaurant serves fast-casual fare and offers both seated service and counter service for some grab and go items.

Ground Level

  • Provides access to Terminals A, B, and C.
  • Entrance to Copernicus Center, Level 7 Reception/Foyer.
  • Janaran Fountain: Oval shaped fountain located near Copernicus Center upper entrance, named after Betazed’s Janaran Falls in honour of Amity’s first Ambassador Rivi Vataix.
  • "Mezzanine" train stop.
  • Glass elevator that leads up to The Spire observatory and Lighthouse restaurant.

Copernicus Center

The Copernicus Center is essentially a "skyscraper" located within the outpost that has retained its original name as a tribute to the station's previous life. The structure rises from the bottom of the shuttle bay, up into the Grand Mezzanine all the way to the top of the station, where it meets with the base of the Spire. 66 metres (216 feet) height. 15 floors, Ambassador Rivi Vataix’s office is located on the 15th floor. Starfleet Ops is located on First Floor.

Levels 1 to 6 are assigned to Starfleet, and look out onto the Shuttle Bay. Levels 7 to 15 are assigned to the Federation Diplomatic Corps, and look out onto the Grand Mezzanine.

Federation Diplomatic Corps have access to all Starfleet levels, and vice-versa.


  • Level 15 (Top)
    • Chief of Mission's Office (Ambassador Rivi Vataix's office). Overlooks the mezzanine.
  • Level 14:
    • Diplomatic staff work area (open floor plan), internal meeting rooms (A and B)
  • Level 13:
    • Conference Rooms
  • Level 12:
    • Embassy Row (upper)
  • Level 11:
  • Level 10:
  • Level 9:
  • Level 8:
  • Level 7 (Mezzanine Ground Level):
    • Reception area and Foyer, accessible from Ground Level of Grand Mezzanine.
    • Elevators to all 15 floors
  • Level 6:
    • Situation Room
  • Level 5:
    • Holodeck 1 (Copernicus)
    • Holodeck 2 (Copernicus)
  • Level 4:
    • Astrometrics
  • Level 3:
  • Level 2:
    • Situation Room
    • Briefing Room
  • Level 1 (Bottom Floor):
    • Starfleet Ops

Starfleet Operations Center ("Ops")

Ops is located on Level One of Copernicus Center (this is the equivalent of the bridge on a starship).

A large main viewscreen is located in Ops, similar to that of a Starship.

Ops has easy access to the shuttle bay, and has windows looking outside to the shuttlebay.

Upper Terminals

The Terminals are primarily used for the transit of passengers and freight, but do contain some smaller eating venues and food outlets. Each of the three terminals are nicknamed "A Town", "B Town", and "C Town" respectively.

Terminal A - Passenger and Transport Terminal

  • Transporter Center 1
  • Ten access gates A1 - A10
    • The USS Independence-B is usually berthed on top of the terminal. Access is via Gate A1. Access to the gate is via a flight of stairs, or use of the elevator, to reach the platform.
    • A7 is VIP gate.
  • Train stop
  • Circles of Delight: Tiny vendor outlet that sells donuts named “Circles of Delight”, a lit up coloured booth that contains a single attendant in a tacky uniform.[1]

Terminal B - Ship Construction and Repair Terminal

  • Civilian ship engineering section
  • Starfleet ship engineering section (restricted area)
  • Transporter Center 2
  • Train stop

Terminal C - Freight and Logistics Terminal

  • Transporter Center 3
  • Train stop
  • Edna's Chat n’ Chew: "Greasy spoon" diner located in the Terminal; A lot of the freight haulers eat there. Not much to look at, but food’s for eating. Good waffles.[2]


Contains all Starfleet auxiliary craft, excluding the Independence-B which is located on Terminal-A.

3x shuttlebay entrances, situated under the Grand Mezzanine section. Exclusively Starfleet area, civilians need clearance to enter.

Each bay entrance is about the width of a Galaxy or Sovereign class main shuttlebay.

The three docking bays lead into one circular "donut" shaped docking bay, the space inside is all connected. The lower half of Copernicus Center (including Starfleet Ops on the bottom floor) is located at the centre of the shuttlebay.

The shuttlebay is divided into three connected sections - Alpha, Bravo and Delta.

Supplies can be stored for ships operations, and repairs can be conducted if a ship is so badly damaged that repairs on the outside of the Outpost could be slower than made in a pressurized atmosphere.

The shuttlebay is 575 meters (1886 ft) in diameter.

Habitat Ring

Habitat Ring Districts

The Habitat Ring contains apartments and different named districts. Each district contains a different theme, and can contain different environmental conditions. Most districts are named after significant places in the Federation, with the exception of Paxau which is named after a region on Talax. 392 metres in diameter. 49 metres in height. Artificial sunlight

Palais-Bourbon, Beijing, Marakech and San Francisco Bay districts are serviced by the "Archer" train stop. Laibok, ShiKahr, Rixx and Paxau districts are serviced by the "Sarek" train stop.

Palais-Bourbon District

French themed. Named after the 7th quarter (“arrondissement”) of Paris

  • Wil Ukinix apartment - Apartment 12-56, 12th floor Warehouse style apartment, half level sleeping area that overlooks lounge area. Has balcony that overlooks district.[3]
  • Small Pâtisserie located in centre of district
  • Cobble stoned lanes

Beijing District

  • McLaren's Apartment

Marrakech District

  • Iko And Paarus apartment

San Francisco Bay District

Named after location of Starfleet HQ and Academy

Laibok District

Named after where Parliament is located on Andoria, a founding member of the United Federation of Planets.

  • Kiyaini's apartment

ShiKahr District

Named after the major city and birthplace of Ambassador Spock major on Vulcan, a founding member of the United Federation of Planets. District with higher temperature and gravity.

  • Ceciri's Apartment

Rixx District

Named after Betazed Capital.

Paxau District

Named after region on Talax.

  • Talaxi Palms Hotel, with Main reception for check in
  • Contains a pool area
    • Half Olympic size pool with lanes (25 meters in length, four lanes)
    • Resort style pool, with large jacuzzi
    • Children’s shallow pool
  • Gymnasium

Merchant District

This small area acts as a "sub-district" within Paxau, and is located located on the outer edge of the greater district. It contains a small amount of vendors that could not get a retail space on the Grand Mezzanine, chiefly because their wares are considered "alternative".[4]

After an initial security incident in the district involving Ikaia Wong and Jaxon Fargo[5], security arrangements were doubled, making the Merchant District safe. It is routinely patrolled by Starfleet security, their appearance acting as a deterrent to any potential crimes being committed.

Hotels and shops:

  • Flight Inn: A basic hotel with small, deliberately simple hotel rooms for people that simply want a place to sleep. Fake grass leads out of the hotel. It has a non-descript and drab gray foyer. There is a small park bench located at the edge of the grass. Its opening was delayed due to it being under construction for far longer originally planned.
  • Fortune Teller
  • Junk Dealer
  • Massage Therapist
  • Kim’s Natural Remedies
  • Betazoid Bob’s Yacht Emporium: Luxury Starship vendor. His advertising includes a jingle that claims that Betazoid Bob is "the best around" and sells "the best yachts in town".

Peace Park

The park itself is a botanic garden cared for by the outpost's botanists and gardeners and is populated by small organic offerings from across the Federation. Small openings throughout the garden host holographic panels programmed to display religious or cultural symbolism. The objective of the peace park is to provide a refuge of peace and serenity for all. It may be of service to many beings. It also serves as a venue for teaching.

One section of peace park contains Washington DC cherry blossom trees (which were originally gifted to Washington DC from Japan centuries earlier) The park is divided into several "Micro-climates" to cater for different types of flora from different regions (equivalent of multiple botanical gardens)

Situated in section directly under the habitat ring. Approximately 205 meters diameter at the base, and 220 meters at the roof. 32 meters in height.

Area dedicated to interfaith and multi-cultural harmony, featuring many symbols from different faiths, cultures, and communities.

Security & Medical Section


  • Brig

Medical Center

  • Full hospital
  • Counseling care center: Staff and junior counselors.

Main Engineering

  • Level 8:
    • Secondary computer core (upper)
  • Level 7:
    • Secondary computer core (mid)
  • Level 6:
    • Secondary computer core (lower)
  • Level 5:
    • Main computer core (upper)
  • Level 4:
    • Main computer core (mid)
  • Level 3:
    • Main computer core (lower)
  • Level 2:
    • Main Engineering (upper)
  • Level 1:
    • Main Engineering (lower)

27 metres in height, 200 metres in diameter

Main engineering area for station (not ship construction/maintenance - that’s Terminal B)

Mining Exploration, Engineering and Operations (MEEO)


Dedicated mining section that houses civilian organizations that mine the Solar nebula and surrounding larger nebula. Located in the middle of the lower terminals D, E and F. Currently it is home to many mining companies, but the biggest one being the Benamite Crystal Mining Operations tea, which is currently led by Evelyn McLaren.

Lower Terminals

Terminals D, E, F - dedicated for use by Mining Exploration, Engineering, and Operations (MEEO).

Vast majority Civilian personnel

Science and Research Section

Colloquially known as "The Basement” due to its location at the tip of Amity’s ventral tower.

Amity's Science and Research Section includes a number of labs which have been modified from their original purpose (Borg research) to suit other fields. As such, lab spaces remain somewhat flexible and modular.

Two elevators in a circular shaft run through the middle of the entire section, allowing access to each floor.

81 meters in height. 108 meters diameter at the base, 128 meters at the top. 24 levels.

  • Level 19
    • Starfleet Labs
    • Meeting Room A
    • Meeting Room B
  • Level 18
  • Level 17
    • Stellar Cartography (upper)
  • Level 16
    • Stellar Cartography (lower)
  • Level 15
  • Level 14
  • Level 13
  • Level 12
  • Level 11
    • Holodecks (upper level)
  • Level 10
    • Holodecks (lower level)
  • Level 9
    • Train Station[6]
    • Main Entrance
    • Elevator Foyer, elevators to rest of levels
  • Level 8
  • Level 7
  • Level 6
  • Level 5
  • Level 4
  • Level 3
    • Medical Sciences Lab
  • Level 2
  • Level 1

"Corkscrew" Train System

Amity "Corkscrew" Map

Amity is serviced by an automated train system that travels from section to section by traversing the perimeter of the outpost (inside the hull). It is nicknamed "The Corkscrew". It runs two train services: Upper Terminals Service ("Purple Line") and Amity Service ("Blue Line").

Each section of the Outpost has a train stop.

List of Train Stops

  • Mezzanine (Grand Mezzanine, Ground Level)
  • Archer (Habitat Ring): Services Palais-Bourbon, SF Bay, Beijing, Marrakech districts (stop named after Jonathon Archer, Federation Ambassador to Andoria)
  • Sarek (Habitat Ring): Services ShiKhar, Laibok, Rixx and Paxau districts (stop named after Ambassador Sarek)
  • Peace Park
  • Security & Medical
  • Main Engineering
  • MEEO
  • Terminal D
  • Terminal E
  • Terminal F
  • Science and Research: Station is located on Level 9 of the Science and Research section[6]


There are two train services to allow people to get around Amity.

  • Purple line (Upper Terminals Service): Service that is dedicated to people in transit to/from Amity Outpost. It ferries people from the Upper Terminals to the Grand Mezzanine and the Habitat Ring. It stops at:
    • Mezzanine
    • Terminal A
    • Terminal B
    • Terminal C
    • Archer
    • Sarek

  • Blue Line (Amity Service): Service that is designed to allow Outpost inhabitants and visitors to reach all areas of Amity (excluding upper terminals). It stops at:
    • Mezzanine
    • Archer
    • Sarek
    • Peace Park
    • Security & Medical
    • Main Engineering
    • MEEO
    • Terminal D
    • Terminal E
    • Terminal F
    • Science and Research



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