Ginnin T'Nik

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Amity Outpost
Ginnin T'Nik.jpg
Ginnin T'Nik
Rank Civilian
Species Tellarite
Gender Male
DOB 235403.12
Age 47
Birthplace Tellar Prime
Writer ID A239905NR1

Ginnin T'Nik is a civilian Tattoo Artist aboard Amity Outpost


  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Build: Muscular


Ginnin has never been one for the constant debate and argument that is customary on Tellar Prime. He descovered tattooing and body modification while visiting Earth as a teenager and brought this new hobby back to Tellar Prime to share with his fellow Tellarite. He was able to make a decent living for many years until things kind of 'dried up.' He heard of an opportunity of a Space station that Starfleet had moved to the Delta Quadrant. Packing up his things, Ginnin boarded the first transport he could for the Delta Quadrant, and made his home on Amity Outpost that he affectionately has called The Tusk.