Tidrid Vataix

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Tidrid Vataix

Tidrid Vataix (née Chaxx) is a Betazoid test pilot and the husband of Ambassador Rivi Vataix.

Tidrid stands at an impressive 194 centimeters (6'4") and has the muscular physique to match. Back on Betazed, he'd followed the usual path of men in the nobility, serving on the boards of various charitable organizations and cultural institutions.

Although like his wife he'd been too young to join Starfleet or the local defense force during the Dominion War, seeing the devastation the Dominion invaders had inflicted upon his homeworld gave him a very concrete goal of ensuring that Betazed would never again be unable to defend herself from foreign invaders.

He chose not to join Starfleet (a decision he felt validated after the USS Constitution's hijacking and attack on Ohmallera in 2388), instead joining Betazed's restructured (and heavily expanded) planetary guard. After serving for several years as a pilot, he later became a test pilot for a Betazoid aerospace corporation and had personally overseen the design and construction of the Vataix family's personal yacht.

Personality and personal views

Tidrid often reacts with resigned amusement at his wife's antics. To be the spouse to the next head of a noble house was to accept that things were not under his control. He viewed it as his job to support his wife and all her endeavors, professionally and personally.

He has a warm, gregarious personality, which serves him well when he's called upon by Rivi and the Federation Diplomatic Corps to serve as "First Gentleman" of Amity and represent the Ambassador and the Federation at various functions and events.

While Tidrid certainly does not blame any of the Starfleet officers on Amity or elsewhere for the attack on Ohmallera in 2388, he still has not yet totally forgiven Starfleet the organization.

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