Three Stripes

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The sign that hangs outside above the door of the bar

Three Stripes bar is an upmarket wine, spirits and cocktail bar located on Amity Outpost's Grand Mezzanine. It is owned and managed by a Vulcan woman with coloured burgundy hair named T’plotuk.

The bar serves the finest sprits, liqueurs and wines from across the four quadrants. It is also known for serving cocktails that are a "perfectly symmetrical work of art as much as they are a beverage of the finest ingredients."

T'plotuk claims that she is "purveyor of the finest beverages in the Barossa sector."

The bar does not advertise its name on the outside. Over the bar's door hangs a clear square sign with blue lines imprinted on it.

It is situated next door to The Glommer and Beagle pub.

Layout and Decor

The bar only takes up half an allocated vendor space on the Grand Mezzanine, which makes it very narrow.

Upon entering there is long main bar on the left, which is made of a blue polished material - the same color as the stripes on the sign outside. Ten single stools are positioned in front of it, each evenly and perfectly spaced. On the right-hand side opposite the bar sits a row of 6 blue "U-shaped" lounges that have clear tables situated in the middle of them. Each lounge acts as a booth that seats approximately 6 to 8 people. The walls, carpet and roof of the bar are a dark grey. The decor of the entire bar is simple, clean, and modern.

Behind the main bar is shelving that is metres high. Each shelf is made of a clear material and has a dull blue glow, which makes the hundreds of different bottles on display eerily lit up.