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USS Veritas
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Katy Toliver
Position Ship's Counselor
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 235006.19
Age 50
Birthplace California, Earth
Writer ID C238703HP0

Katy Toliver is the counselor aboard the Amity Outpost.


  • Full name: Katy Ann Toliver
  • Date of birth (Age): 235006.19 (50-years-old)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Green
  • Height: 157.48 cm (5'2")

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Lieutenant 2392 - 239806 USS Galaxy
Ship's Counselor
Lieutenant 239806.XX - Present USS Veritas
Ship's Counselor


  • Mother: Commander Evelyn Toliver (Retired)
  • Father: Dr. Roger Toliver
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: One son, Oliver, deceased



Katy was born at home with her father present at her birth, a stroke of luck since his medical practice often called him to be off world for months at a time. Her mother was assigned to Starfleet Tactical on Earth at the time, and until her retirement, never went back to starship duty.

Katy proved to be quite a handful, walking in six months and pretty much ran everywhere after that. Even now she wastes no time getting from Point A to point B, her enthusiasm almost infectious to anyone who comes in contact with her.

Her curiosity about what lies beyond Earth was kindled by a trip to the Starfleet Museum orbiting above Earth when she was six years old. Sitting in the command chair of a Constitution class starship and having her picture taken there was something she kept, and hung in her quarters when she enrolled at the Academy.

University studies and Starfleet commission

From that point on, Katy decided that she could honor both her father and mother by becoming a clinical psychologist and then joining Starfleet as a commissioned officer. She enrolled in the University of California in 2368, earning a bachelor's degree in psychology and minoring in anthropology in 2372. She then went on to earn a Master's degree in psychology in 2374.

Upon graduation, the Dominion War raged throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Her mother was on duty working at Earth Spacedock, and her father was treating wounded Starfleet personnel, bouncing between several medical facilities on Earth. Katy felt the pressure to do her part to save the Federation. Luckily, Katy was a quick and able study after being accepted into Starfleet Academy Officer Candidate School. She was commissioned as an ensign in 2375.

As a newly minted Ensign, she underwent more training as a Counselor, working with senior counselors as they worked with Starfleet and Starfleet Marine officers and enlisted personnel to help them with PTSD and POW situations. She developed a bedside manner in which she already knew something about the person she was seeing, often not even visiting the topic she was seeing them for. For her, therapy had to be as natural as putting on a pair of boots, and there were some who needed a bit of “tough love” before they were able to come to grips with their personal situations.

What Katy found out was nearly everyone in Starfleet was seemingly suffering, and that there were not enough counselors to go around. During that two years, she had managed to see so many who had either lost someone, suffered a grievous injury, or were severely depressed that it was beginning to prey on her as well.

USS Excalibur

Newly promoted to Lieutenant JG in 2378, she was now seeing patients on her own and embarking on her first starship assignment, as Counselor on board the Sovereign Class USS Excalibur. The ship was crewed by many Dominion War veterans, and she continued to hone her skills to help those she could.

All in all, it became too much. Two years later, while the Excalibur was on shore leave at Freecloud, Katy tried snakeleaf, a highly addictive substance which made its users paranoid. She was initially able to hide her paranoia from her shipmates and patients, but after six months of increasing dependence and its resulting paranoia, Katy asked her commanding officer for a leave of absence to take care of her addiction. With her LOA secured, Katy left the Excalibur for treatment on Earth.

Addiction and recovery

By now, she was suffering from full blown paranoia, almost smoking the plant constantly. Arriving at Starfleet Medical on Earth, she began a lengthy rehabilitation program, and while it was the greatest challenge in her life up until then, going through painful withdrawals and relapses, she eventually was able to emerge in late 2380 on track to rebuild her life.

Tragedy and Deep Space 17

Early 2381, Katy was on track to be reinstated into Starfleet, but a chance fling with an old boyfriend left her pregnant, delaying her application to reinstatement. In January 2382, Katy gave birth to a son, Oliver, and she began the process to rejoin Starfleet once again, a process which she completed, her parents fully supportive of her rejoining Starfleet and once again practicing her specialty.

In June 2387, Katy and the father of her son were transiting through Deep Space 17 when the Vaadwaur attacked the station, overwhelming its defenses, the Starfleet personnel putting up a fearsome fight, but were woefully unprepared for the battle. It was the first time in her career Katy had been under fire, and the trauma of seeing her Starfleet brethren being literally slaughtered as the fight went on. A Vaadwaur torpedo destroyed her quarters, killing her son Oliver and his father, their bodies vaporized in the blast. The last thing Katy wanted to do was to leave the station, but a medical officer tranquilized her and put her on board on one of the retreating ships.


The loss of her son and his father almost broke Katy, and she once again retreated to the solitude of the mountains, consumed with grief and rage. This time, it was her father who gave her the “tough love” that she needed, and while the pain of losing her son will always be there, she only now truly understood what those who she had counseled with PTSD truly felt, along with those who willingly put their lives on the line to save her life and others. Once Deep Space 17 was retaken, Katy threw herself into the work of counseling those who had been taken captive by the Vaadwuar during its occupation. She understood them in a new light, because by counseling them on their losses and feelings, she was also counseling herself on her losses during that conflict. It was a job she would do for the next two years, earning several commendations and a promotion to Lieutenant.

For the next several years, Katy roamed around the Federation, filling in on several starships and starbases when their regular counselor was either on LOA or had been reassigned. She liked roaming the fleet, as it gave her contact with more of the various species which crewed starships and their varying mental needs. She was a vagabond, and enjoying it immensely.

In 2392, she returned to a long-term ship assignment, serving as ship's counselor for the USS Galaxy. In 2398, she was returning from an expedition with the Galaxy when the ship stopped along its way back to the Federation at Star Station Esperance, out in the Shoals near the Tholian border. A Starfleet vessel assigned to the area, the USS Veritas was in need of a counselor, and after being informed about the need by the Galaxy's chief medical officer Dr. Charles Sampi, she decided to take on the position. Although the Starfleet contingent was much smaller on the Veritas, she wanted to assist the Starfleet personnel there who had been without a counselor for quite some time. Some would have considered the assignment a come down, but Katy looked at it as a challenge, one which she was going to master.

Now assigned as counselor and promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Katy was now stationed on board Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant. Being assigned on a space station reawakened a fear for Katy of being trapped on a space station in case of attack, a fear she has harbored ever since the attack on Deep Space 17. She considered transfer, but she knew such a thing would never hold water with her father. So, she was determined to tough it out, to defeat the demon of fear always lurking in the back of her mind along with the occasional craving for snakeleaf. Katy was determined to defeat them both.

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