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The Brew Continuum is a chain of coffee shops, first created aboard the USS Veritas by Geoffrey Teller. The name of the shop was crowd sourced and the winner was provided by Valoru - 118Wiki ( in late 2018/2395.

Grand Opening Sims

  • "Slowly Roasted" - 2398 - Commander Teller opens a new location aboard the USS Thor.

Existing Franchise Locations

  • USS Veritas - Original Location - Deck Four, Section 8 - Originally constructed by Ensign Geoffrey Teller in 2395, the first Brew Continuum started life as a rarely used conference room and adjoining storage closet. With the authorization of his Captain, Roshanara Rahman, a coffee afficionado herself who wished to encourage friendly socialization among her crew, construction began. All the original materials were scrounged, from unused supply canisters converted into standing tables to a lab bench serving as the "coffee bar." Building everything by hand, Geoff put his heart and soul into each and every cup that goes through the laborious roasting, grinding and infusing process.
  • USS Astraeus - Pagrati Lounge - Deck Ten, Forward - While on a medical leave of absence and working at his Uncle's Seattle based coffee shop on Earth, Chythar Skyfire is contacted by his old CO and friend, Captain Mei'Konda Delano, with an opportunity to design an open a combined coffee & tea lounge aboard the recently refitted USS Astreaus.
  • USS Juneau - Field Improvised Location - Deck 15, Section 7 - The new Warp XV core of the Juneau wasn't the only power source aboard when Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller, on special assignment to the Capstone project as the Juneau's Chief Engineer, hastily constructed a modest location in unassigned labspace near the Juneau's engineering department.
  • USS Gorkon - Standalone Shop - Deck Nine, Section 4 - Established after Valesha Sienelis and Christopher Johns met and served with Teller during the Warp XV Capstone project, it is tactically located near one of the main arteries of the turbolift network, close to the centre of the ship.
  • USS Constitution - Deck 8, Section 4 - Opened in 2397 by Max Harmon the Constitution's franchise of the Crew Continuum has already become a hotspot on the Galaxy Class Ship. Situated near the famous hair salon and make-over headquarters "Chéz Georgio" the clientele enjoys their coffee not only on the run to work, but also while getting their hair done or after, as a fresh start of a new look. With baked goods and caffeine fixes all-around nobody can escape its pull.
  • USS Thor - Deck 13, Section 23 - In orbit of Vulcan and recently reminded of his passion for all things caffeinated, Commander Geoffrey Teller opened a location with panoramic views and the signature brew for which the Continuum is well known.
  • USS Chin'toka - Deck 10 Port Observation Lounge - Opened by coffee-jockey Chythar Skyfire during a trip to Deep Space 26 as a surprise for their captain, who was conveniently not aboard for the finishing touches.
  • Amity Outpost - Grand Mezzanine - The bustling Grand Mezzanine of Amity Outpost marks the franchise's first appearance in the Delta Quadrant.
  • USS Artemis-A - Deck 3 - Opened in 2400 by it's Tamarian franchisee / barista, Javaris[2].

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