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Writing time aboard Amity Outpost is divided into two major blocks: missions and shore leave. Missions involve one or more central objectives and generally take place on Amity and associated the outpost, ships, planets, etc. Missions are generally six weeks in length, though this may vary!

Between each mission, the Amity crew has about two to three weeks of shore leave, though again this may vary. During shore leave, there is no central plot and no general objective (or at most, a low-key "routine" mission that stays in the background) and is instead a great time for character development, individual character subplots, and smaller "B-plot" type stories going all at once.

To use on-screen Trek examples, missions are plot-focused stories like "The Best of Both Worlds" (TNG), "Children of Time" (DS9), and "Timeless" (VOY). Shore leaves are akin to character-focused episodes like "Family" (TNG), "You Are Cordially Invited" (DS9), and "Someone to Watch Over Me" (VOY).

Year 1 (2398)

Amicitia Vera Illuminat
  • 1x01 - Prologue: Stardate 239809
    • Newly designated Federation Ambassador Rivi Vataix arrives aboard Amity Outpost to take charge of the Federation’s latest diplomatic outreach to the Delta Quadrant. The USS Thor is tasked with transporting the ambassador and her staff to the outpost.
  • 1x02 - Mission 1: Stardate 239810-239811
    • TBA
  • 1x03 - Shore Leave: Stardate 239812
    • TBA
An Eye for an Eye
  • 1x03 - Mission 2: Stardate 239901-239902
    • TBA